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Vintage Burlesque, Stripper, Model: "Manuela Damarr"

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Manuela Damarr Vintage Burlesque dancer photo 1

Manuela Damarr ... "The Toast of Two Continents."

Vintage Burlesque Model, Striptease artist: Manuela Damarr. Billed: 'She'll stand on her head to entertain you!' Hailed as a curvaceous Sapphire brunette. She danced what was hailed as "her original Cat Dance'*. She danced at many clubs throughout the US at the Club Colony and Casino in N.Y. but also danced in Europe and Asia as well. She did model for Gene Laverne (photo). Her name is often spelled with two 'L's'.


Pittsburgh Gazette* wrote in 5/4/1963: "Casino Stars Manuela Damarr, a raven haired German Fraulein, spotlights a galaxy of well known burlesque exotics now at the Casino. A former night club dancer, Fraulein Damarr recently arrived in this country from West Germany where she set a record solid two years engagement at Club Nactionale, one of West Germany's night spots." (note: ads are back to 1958 for Manuella).

B/W Photo 1: Miss Damarr is posing with pasties and a fur boa held around her hips. Strapless medium heels.

  • Birth Name: Emma B. Biberger
  • Birth Date: 1931-4/22/2009* (78 years old)
  • Birth Place: Munich, Germany.
  • Married: Mario DeGuglielmo
  • Films: n/a

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