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Vintage Burlesque All Girl Dance Troupe|Group: "Jonel Dancers"

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Jonel Dancers Bio promo Vintage Burlesque dancer photo 1

The Jonel Dancers ... "dancing girls"

Vintage Burlesque Dance Troupe/Group: Usually three to the group.
Vera 'Dolly' Faust (the Studious One)
Bettye 'Sammy' Kearse (the Comedian)
Betty 'Allie' Clark (the Swing Girl)
Charlotte 'Charlie' Lilly (the Boss).

Photo 1: Shows various poses of the Jonel dancers. Also listed is a brief bio, names and contact representitve: Jonel Durant for the group.

  • Birth Name: Jonel Dancers
  • Birth Date: 1940's
  • Birth Place: Philadelphia, PA.
  • Married: n/a
  • Clubs/Theaters: n/a
  • Films: n/a

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