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Vintage Burlesque Model, Dancer, Singer, Actress: "Joi Lansing"

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Joi Lansing, American Pin-Up and Burlesque model, nightclub singer, B-Movie, film and television actress photo 1

Joi Lansing ... "Television's Marilyn Monroe" The Queen of Candy!."

The whole Mormon family up and moved to Los Angeles from Salt Lake City in 1940 and Joi took up modeling (as Joy Loveland) and by age 14 was on a MGM contract. This platinum-blonde bombshell was not a burlesque dancer, but was an American Pin-Up and Burlesque Model, Nightclub Singer, B-Movie, Film and Television actress who by 1956, had appeared in more than 200 television shows, including Superman as his on screen wife.

She was a lady of class, dignity & grace, but was typecast for only her looks. Did some of the 'So You Want To Be a ...' short subjects titles. As a Burlesque model, she did quite a bit, even some cheesecake and nudes in various men's magazines. Appeared on the cover of 3/28/1959 Life Magazine. Around 1966 she was a model and client for Scopitone (Tel-A-Sign, Inc.) 'Carousel of Stars' 16mm film machines¹ which were a video jukebox (see song links below).

Photo 1: Miss Lansing is seen here in a very sexy and revealing top. Wowza! ... With her looks and talent, she should have been a bigger star!

  • Birth Name: Joyce Renee Brown (Joyce Wassmansdorff)
  • Birth Date: 4/26/1928-8/7/1972 (breast cancer due to implants)
  • Birth Place: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
  • Married: Jerome Safron (1950–'50) | | Lance Fuller (1951–'53) | Stan Todd (1960–'72).
  • Parents: Virginia Grace Shupe, Jack Glenn Brown, Vernon Loveland
  • Clubs/Theaters: Carrousel Inn (Cinn) | Copacabana (NY) | Cork Club (TX) | Diplomat (FL) |
    Fiesta Room (LV) | Living Room Club (NY) |

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