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Vintage Burlesque Stripper, Dance Star: "Jadin Wong"

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Jadin Wong: Asian Burlesque dancer photo 1

Jadin Wong ...

Vintage Asian Burlesque dancer, Striptease, Singer, Comedienne, Model: Jadin Wong (pronounced as: JayDean). Billed as: The Moon Goddess, and Dragon Lady'. Ran away from home at the age of 17 to start a dance career. She grew up in Stockton, California and later danced at the Forbidden City Nightclub in San Francisco. Performed with Bob Hope in a U.S.O. Tour in Vietnam and was featured on the cover of Life Magazine.

B/W Photo 1: Miss Wong is seen here in a 3 picture promo. She is wearing classic for the time Asian Split leg dress, then a one piece bathing suit type costume, and also low cut black leather top showing her cleavage. Her black hair is in ponytails.

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