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Vintage Burlesque Stripper, Dance Star: "the Hilton Twins"

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the Hilton Twins: Vintage Burlesque dancers photo 2

the HILTON Twins ...

Vintage Vaudeville and Burlesque dancers, Strippers, Musicians and Singers: the Daisy and Violet 'Hilton Twins' aka: 'The United Twins,' 'Dancemedians' (with Bob Hope), 'San Antonio's Siamese Twins'.

These two were conjoined or also known as 'Siamese twins' they were fused at the lower spine (hips and buttocks). Violet was a skilled saxophonist and Daisy was a violinist. Daisy dyed her hair blonde and wore different costumes to be identifiable. Moved to Texas at the age of eight (8) and Adopted, raised and exploited by a pub owner turned raconteur and, later, a Melbourne-born self-taught showman.

They were very famous in their day. Yes, they were very sexually active. Two Broadway plays were developed about them 1) Twenty Fingers Twenty Toes and 2) Side Show 3) As Bee's in Honey Drown. Their story is one of Heartbreak, Love, Sex, Joy, Pain, Scandals and Exploitation... the books are a great read.

Sepia Photo 2: The twins are standing back to back in their Ballet dance costumes holding tutu's.

  • Birth Name: Daisy Skinner and Violet Skinner (daughters of Kate Skinner)
  • Birth Date: 2/5/1908 – 1/4 1969 (died of the Hong Kong Flu)
  • Birth Place: Brighton, England
  • Married: Harold Estep (Buddy Sawyer).
  • Films: Freaks (1932) | Chain for Life (1951) | Bound by Flesh (Documentary 2012)

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