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Vintage Burlesque Stripper, Dance Star: "Hinda WauSau"

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Hinda Wassou Burlesque dancer photo 1

Hinda Wassau ... "the Sheba of Shimmy."

Burlesque dance, Striptease Artist. aka: 'The Tunisian Temptress,' 'The Blonde Bombshell,' The Girl Who Quakes, Shivers and Shakes,' ''Blonde Blitzkrieg', 'The First Lady of Burlesque*' 'That Glorious Brazillian Beauty' (also various spellings): Wassou, Warsaw, Warshaw, Wassa, Wauson. (Note: There was a Burlesque 'Babe Wassou' - Eltinge theatre 1942). Billed: 'And Her Hindu Belles'. Some report that she may be the first American stripper by accident, after this, 'Stripper' was an official word.

By 1927 she already had an 'indecency police report'. Professionally danced at the 'Alvin', 'Rialto', Howard Athenaeum', 'Globe', 'Steel Pier,' 'Leon and Eddie's, 'Capitol Theaters etc.' Wausau was also known for her 'Shimmy' style of dance and Billy Rose likened her to Gilda Gray, another Shimmy dancer. She trained in Ballet with Albertina Rasch.

B/W Photo 1: Platinum blonde Miss Wausau is seen here standing next to a Vase, she is wearing ankle-strap high heels and a feather covering.

  • Real Name: Hinda Warshaw
  • Birth Date: 1906-1980
  • Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut (maybe Milwaukee) USA
  • Married:Rube Bernstein
  • Films: n/a

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