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Vintage Burlesque Stripper, Dance Star: "Diane Ross"

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Diane Roir and SQUEEKY Burlesque dancer photo 1

Diane Ross...

Burlesque Striptease Artist Diane Ross. AKA: Diana Roir. Billed as: 'Dainty Diane Ross' ... the Flame of New Orleans. Prior to stripping, she was originally a Circus performer (hence the monkeys), a dancer and Emcee. By the mid 1945 Diane was using one of her two pet monkey's known as 'Tweak' and 'Squeak' to disrobe her in her act or the Monkeys would also disrobe themselves copying Diane.

Another of her acts was the impersonation of a Mae West parody. Danced with the Shorty-Stinky unit of the Hirst Circuit in the early 40's. Was a team mate to Eva DeVoe in 1939.

B/W Photo 1: Miss Roir is seen here sitting on the edge of a chair with her faithful Monkey "Squeaky". She is wearing a black satin blouse, black stockings and lace up high heels.

  • Real Name: Diane Roir
  • Birth Date: n/a
  • Birth Place: USA
  • Married: n/a
  • Films: Shock-A-Rama

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