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Vintage Burlesque Stripper, Dance Star: "Divena"

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Devina (the Aqua Tease) Burlesque dancer photo 1


Burlesque Striptease Artist Divena. aka: Divina. Divena's main claim to fame was her fight with Evangeline, the Oyster Girl (Kitty West) at Stormy's Casino Royale club in New Orleans in 1949. This photo is real and is part of her aqua strip act where she swims around in her water tank pretending to be a mermaid. (courtesy © 1949 Life Mag.) 4/19/1952 Billboard magazine* wasn't to impressed with her act.

Other girl water tank acts were 'Neptune' and 'Sirena'. Divena danced at the Club Boheme, Stormy's, Casino Royale, Chanticleer Club, The Roxy, Riptide club,

B/W Photo 1: Miss Divina is seen here floating down to the bottom of her 300 gallon Aqua Tank she used in her act. She is removing a stocking from her leg. Her costume is a white burlesque Bikini.

  • Real Name: Clarice Murphy
  • Birth Date: n/a
  • Birth Place: California? USA
  • Married: n/a
  • Films: n/a

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