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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper: "Chesty Morgan"

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Chesty Morgan Vintage Burlesque dancer, Actress photo 1

Chesty Morgan... "the Zsa Zsa Gabborr of Burlesk!," "Miss Deadly Weapons," "Lillian Stello"

Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper, Actress: Chesty Morgan. She began her career as an exotic dancer in the early 1970's, along the way did some men's magazine modeling and made a few films with Doris Wishman. Her breasts are in the Guniness Worl record, (they are natural.) She has a very heavy Polish accent.

Her first husband was killed when two armed robbers herded her husband and two employees into a refrigerator and shot and stabbed them to death¹. Tabloids called the crime "the icebox murders.²''

Colored Photo 1: Miss Chesty is seen here in a poster promo for the Movie 'Deadly Weapons in which she was the star attraction .

  • Birth Name: Liliana (??Lubna Piers Ogromny??)
  • Birth Date: 10/15/1937-
  • Birth Place: Potworny, Poland.
  • Married: Dick Stello (1974–1987) | Joseph Wilczkowski (?–1965) 2 daughters
  • Parents: Leon and Eva
  • Clubs/Theaters: n/a
  • Films: Blue Vanities ('96) | Casanova (Fellini's '76) | Deadly Weapons ('74) | Double Agent 73
    ('74) | Family Of Lust ('81) | Serial Mom |

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