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Vintage Burlesque Dance Star: "Sherrie Britton"

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Sherrie Britton Burlesque dancer photo

Sherrie Britton

Her first job at 13 was at the People's Theater (Bowery.) Sherrie danced Burlesque in clubs, performed for the USO Shows for the soldiers, did Broadway plays and more. She worked for many years in the burlesque circles. She was a headliner at the infamous Minksy's Gaiety Theater (NY) as well as Leon and Eddie's and was even banned from the 1964 World's Fair. She managed the Best of Burlesque Road Tour in 1966.

Miss Britton is seen here walking onstage in her Burlesque costume. Basically a sequined Bikini and
shear train in back to the floor and high heels. Very long hair.

  • Real Name: Edith Zack
  • Birth date: 7/28/1918-4/1/2008 (age 89)
  • Birth place: New Brunswick, NJ. USA
  • Married: Robert Gross (married twice)
  • See More: Sherry Britton Here

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