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Vintage Burlesque Dance Star: "Brandi Martin"

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Brandy Martin Winters Burlesque dancer photo

Brandi Martin

Billed as: "The intoxicating Brandy Martin", "She Goes to Your Head," "The Socialite Stripper", and "The Society Stripper." Loney Lewis wrote a song for Brandy entitled 'Brandy Is Good For You.' The photo on the left shows this beautiful Burlesque dancer wearing ankle strap High Heels and a custom white fluffy top and Bottom type Bikini.

  • Real Name: n/a
  • Birth date: 1933
  • Birth place: New York, USA?
  • Married: n/a
  • Clubs: Minsky's | The Adams | Town Hall | Mayfair Club (Rochester) | Del Rio | n/a

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