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Vintage Burlesque Pin-up Star and model: "Betty Brosmer"

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Betty Bossemer Burlesque dancer photo

Betty Brosmer

Betty is known as a Pin-Up Queen during the 1950's appearing on the cover of over 200 magazines. Here she is one of her more popular photo shoots across the web laying back on a couch in a black and white summer outfit with high heels.

She won a Beauty contest in the 1950's making her 'Miss Television'. Billed as: 'Hollywood's Most Curvaceous Model'. Betty made some 8mm/16mm films including: 'Late Date' | 'First Movie' | 'Pasha's Passion' and 'Tempest'. She later became an active health and fitness guru and author (Shape mag).

  • Real Name: Betty Brosmer
  • Birth date: 8/2/1935
  • Birth place: Pasadena California USA
  • Married: Joe Weider (Body Builder)

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