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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper: "Baby Scruggs"

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Baby Scruggs ... "Sensational" and "Sexsational."

The daughter of Blues singer Irene Scruggs (aka: Chocolate Brown, Dixie Nolan.) Baby was considered a shake dancer who would twirl tassels on her breasts while she danced. Danced and featured in the Folies BergeĢ€re show 'Paris to Piccadilly' (April, 1952) which is really where she became famous, mainly in Europe however.

Irene and her daughter also had a Mother/Daughter act... These generally did not work out too well as promoters tended to pay for the act, not per person. Baby's breasts were insured by Lloyd's of London, (Baby was one of the first to do so.)

Photo 1: Miss Scruggs is seen here in her Paris to Piccadilly costume with Headdress and fingerless Opera Gloves.

  • Birth Name: Leazar "Baby" Scruggs
  • Birth Date: n/a
  • Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • Married: n/a
  • Parents: Irene Scruggs (nee Brown)
  • Clubs/Theaters: Prince of Wales Theatre |
  • Magazines: Jet (5/1952, '53) |

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