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Vintage Burlesque, Dancer, Actress: "Ana May Wong"

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Ana May Wong Vintage Actress and Burlesque dancer photo 1

Anna May Wong... "The Dragon Lady"

Vintage Burlesque, Model, Actress: Anna May Wong, AKA Wong Lew Song. Was a laundryman's daughter who became the first Chinese American woman to transcend social barriers by breaking into Hollywood in the early 20th century. She was not a Burlesque star but played the role in many of her movies, mainly as sinister or bad girl roles, as well as an actress on Broadway and Television.

Anna's first film role was as an uncredited extra in Metro Pictures 'The Red Lantern' in 1919. She danced in the film 'His Supreme Moment' (1925) and Piccadilly (1926) and appeared in over 50 American, English and German films in her career. She even got her own TV series, "The Gallery of Madame Liu-Tsong" in 1951, on the Dumont Network, playing a Chinese detective in a role written expressly for her, a character who was even given her real Chinese name.

B/W Photo 1: Miss Wong is seen here in one of her costumes during a dancing pose.

  • Birth Name: Wong Liu Tsong
  • Birth Date: 1/3/1905-2/2/1961
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA. USA. (on the outskirts of Chinatown.)
  • Married: Never Married.
  • Clubs: n/a

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