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Brlesque Star Miss Zorita aka Kathryn Boyd

Stage Name

Real Name

Miss Zorita

Kathryn Boyd

aka: Miss England | Ada Brockette | Savage

        Zorita was adopted by Methodists as a child, by the time she was fifteen years old and "built to the hilt for her age" she would be doing stag parties, then nudists colonies (San Diego Worlds Fair) and finally turned to burlesque. Her routines would contain the use of snakes (Pythons & Boa Constrictors) as a gimmick with her most remembered routine being called "the consummation of the wedding of the snake." Cabaret Magazine (9/1957) reported that she taped the Pythons mouth shut during act, Also used Macaws in an act to undress her.

    Another of her routines was called the Half and Half (by Vernon Castle) whereas the dancer/performers costume was half designed as a male and the other half as a female design. The dancer would usually don make-up to reflect the same, and Zorita became famous for her provocative rendition.

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    Zorita was  'Queen of the flashers,'  meaning that when the cops were not in attendance looking for a reason to shut it down, the audience would see a lot more than the PoPo would. Zorita liked women more than men and never married but did date certain men and used them for all they were worth. She became very famous in the world of burlesque and by 1954 had retired from strip-ping while owning her own burlesques nightclubs (Showbar) in the New York and Miami areas. Sometime around In 1974 she moved to Florida where she bred Persian cats and retired from the Burlesque world entirely.

Birth Place

Birth Date




Youngstown, OH8/30/1915-11/12/2001Never Married (Lesbian) 5'-6" | 39"25"36" Tawny
    Hair: Blonde or Black w/ Streak 

Dance Types/ Routines

Dance Partners

Music Title

Consummation of the Wedding of the SnakeElmer and Oscar - Her Snakes Zorita (Fields-Madera Orchestra)
Dance of the Wandering Hands  
Fan Dance (used Sally Rands fans)  
Half and Half dance  
Her Sacred Snake Dance  

Night Clubs



606 Club (1944)n/aSan Diego Worlds Fair
Famous Door, the  Zorita's Cuban Circus Revue
Gaiety Club  
Peppermint Lounge (social)  
Zorita's Show Bar    

Video Clips (pop-up)




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1949 - I Married a SavageHBO's "Pretty Things" 4/4/1937 - Pittsburgh Press
Video Clip not available at this time1959 Naughty New York (aka Eve or Apple) [DVD]  2/22/1939 - Miami News
Video Clip not available at this time1969 - Judy's Little No-No (aka Let's Do It)  5/13/1944 - Gotham Life Magazine
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1974 - Lenny   1946 - Bits and Pieces Magazine
Video Clip not available at this time   1963 - High Heels magazine v3 #3
Video Clip not available at this time   1963 - Pepper Magazine
      2004 Book - Burlesque (by Jane Zimmerman)


Various ZORITA Photo's
Burlesque stripper - ZORITA photo Burlesque stripper - ZORITA photo (Half and Half: Bride and Groom) Burlesque stripper - ZORITA photo Burlesque stripper - ZORITA photo Burlesque stripper - ZORITA photo Burlesque stripper - ZORITA photo

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