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Tajmah, Jewel of the Orient

Stage Name

Real Name

Tajmah, Jewel of the Orient

aka: 'The Platinum Cat' 

       Tajmah came to New Orleans with her mother from Connecticut. Having had no professional dance training, she started her career in 1956 as an exotic dancer in Bourbon Street nightclub called the 'Torch Club' where her mother worked as a waitress by emulating the other dancers and watching dance movies at the mere age of thirteen!.

      She was not the first to be an underage stripper but being underage with a fake I.D. was sure to gain attention. She ventured onto the burlesque stage and wouldn't take her to long as being younger than most of the other "legal" strippers. This gave her a big edge on the competition. No doubt she would be reported by the other women, but back then all you needed was a decent fake I.D. to halt any further police investigations. Not so easy today.

Tajmah perfected the art of the exotic dance to become "The Spider and the Virgin". The newspaper ads called it the "most unusual stage

production ever seen," and described the act thus: "monstrous spider casts a hypnotic spell over a bayou beauty." With a large 3-D spider in a giant web as she performed behind her, Tajmah would portray a young maiden who is sacrificed to the spider in this ritualistic act and at the time she performed in "The Spider and the Virgin," she was not portraying a virgin, she really was a virgin.

Tajmah danced in the clubs performing an exotic "Jewel of the Orient" number which she became well known. Tajmah's mother, Tina Marie decided to follow in her daughter's footsteps and put a strip act of her own together and performed a novelty comedic strip act. Tajmah attended church regularly at St. Louis Cathedral, and even sought successfully to get her act approved by the Catholic Church!. Tajmah respected Lili Christine and copied some of what she did on stage. Tajmah hated being considered a stripper... She preferred the term "exotic dancer." Tajmah considered her exotic dance as an art, regardless of what may be in the minds of the audience.

Tajmah married a drummer by the name of Louis Dillon and had two Children.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Connecticut1943Louis Dillon (d.1994)n/a
  2 children 

Dances / Dance Acts

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Jewel of the Orientm/an/a
The Spider and the Virgin  
interpretive Oriental  

Night Clubs



500 ClubOld French Opera Housen/a
Torch Club   





For more Info on Tajmah see: Eccentric New Orleans site.
Various Tajmah Photo's
Burlesque stripper - Tajmah photo Burlesque stripper - LILI ST. CYR photo


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