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Burlesque dancer Sherry Britton

Stage Name

Real Name

Sherry Britton

Edyth Zack

Billed as: Stripeasaurus Sex | Great Britton | One of the world's 10 best undressed women | Miss Sherry (Fabulous Body) Britton

        Sherry was the daughter of Charles and Esther Dansky Zack; the family name was later changed to Britton. Her mother left when she was a small child, and she lived in foster homes or with her aunt and uncle, who were vaudeville performers. She never attended high school (she did graduate college at age 60). Sherry started her career bumping and grinding at the young age of thirteen at a small theatre called "Bowery's People's Theatre" with her ?mom? going everywhere with her for many of her years acting as her chaperon. Sherry was a long slender beautiful human being who had just what it took and the skill to go with it.

    Sherry used her long, jet black hair as her gimmick when she danced, she would use her hair to conceal, titillate, surprise, hide and tease the audience. Sometimes her act (a gimmick) consisted of peeling off a chiffon evening gown to Tchaikovsky or sometimes she balanced glasses of water on her breasts.

    She would eventually headline at most of the major clubs. Julie Oshins was Sherry's fiancée. Sherry was married 3 times ... divorced from her first husband; her second marriage was annulled and finally a widow to Robert Gross.

    Britton was performing in Washington, D.C. clubs as late as 1958 (at or near age 40). She was barred from appearing at the 1964 New York World's Fair, because she was too risqué. She instead became a cabaret singer and appeared in many theater productions. When burlesque was fizzling out due to NYC Mayor Fiorello La Guardia's ban in 1940, Britton turned to the stage doing plays, eventually appearing in almost 40 total, plus 14 musicals, as well as Television. Britton also spent much time during WWII entertaining troops.

    Britton died at the age of 89 of natural causes in Manhattan on April 1, 2008.

Birth Place

Birth Date



New Brunswick, New JerseyJuly 28, 1918 - April 1, 2008 Robert Gross5' 3" | 38"18"33"
--(2x's)Jet Black Hair

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Striptease (Strip Tease | Strip-tease)n/a Best of Burlesque by Sherry Britton (LP)

Night Clubs



Clover Club1957 - Carnegie Hall PlayhouseA Girl Named Daisy
Leon and Eddie's-Guys and Dolls
Broadway's Marriott Marquee hotel- 1957 - Best of Burlesque
Minsky's Gaiety- 1958 - Drink to Me Only
People's Theater (1933)--




2010 - Behind the Burly-Q1954 - The Mask (Murder in the Burlesque House) 12/7/1945 - Yank Magazine (Stolen Stripper)
-1959 - Jack Parr Tonight Show1968 - Striparama 13 Spring
-1981 - The Best of Burlesque The Stripper by Sherry Britton
-2005 - Pretty Things (TV documentary)-


Various SHERI BRITTON Photo's
Burlesque stripper - Sherry Britton photo 1 Burlesque stripper - Sherry Britton photo 2 Burlesque stripper - Sherry Britton photo 3 Burlesque stripper - Sherry Britton photo Burlesque stripper - Sherry Britton photo 4

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