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Burlesque stripper - Frankie Parham (San-San) photo

Stage Name

Real Name

San San

Frankie Parham

aka: "Bridgit Bardot of Burlesque"

        American born Burlesque dancer and strip-tease star. Frankie's mother was a Charleston dancer on the old 'Orsenic Minstrel Circuit', and the singer James Welton was her second cousin. Frankie had a warm, natural personality and a sense of humor. Parham went to Kenlard finishing school in Daytona Beach, majoring in commercial art, however by the time she graduated high school it was apparent her gorgeous figure would draw attention.

    She would model and spend her spare time doing rhythm Tap dances at military installations where she was hailed over all others. She met a man by the name of Sid Leonard who encouraged her to get into Stripping. Her first Night Club ...

was the "Five O'Clock Club" in 1956 at the age of 22.

    When she began her Burlesque dance career she originally had black hair, with a blond streak, which could change at any moment. Her eyes were blue with a come-hither flicker and had a 'Vampire Dance routine' that was very popular with the audience. Frankie took her Burlesque Stripper name from the "Mon de strip" which comes from the French word "sans" meaning, without, which means in this case without clothes. Later her hair would change to Blonde where she took the moniker 'the Bridgit Bardot of Burlesk'.

At the time she was not aware but San-San was headed for the 'Strippers Hall of Fame' with her other sisters of the skin. [Link]

Birth Place

Birth Date



Moultrie, Georgia1934n/a36"-22"-36"
---Black Hair | Blue Eyes

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Vampire Dance--

Night Clubs



Five O'Clock Clubn/an/a




NOTE: Link
Various SAN-SAN Photo's
Burlesque stripper - Frankie Parham (San-San)  photoBurlesque stripper - Frankie Parham (San-San)  photo Burlesque stripper - Frankie Parham (San-San)  photoBurlesque stripper - Frankie Parham (San-San)  photoBurlesque stripper - Frankie Parham (San-San)  photo
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