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Rita Alexander - The Champagne Girl Striptease egendary artist
Rita's Autograph

Stage Name

Real Name

Rita "the Champagne Girl" Alexander

Rita Alexander

      The world-famous Bourbon street in New Orleans was known for its many striptease clubs featuring live entertainment, Burlesque and Strippers and Rita was one of the most successful. As a young girl Rita was shipped off to boarding school because of her mischief at wanting to hang out in the "French Quarter" of New Orleans and finally sent to a reform school by her Grandmother but by the time she reached seventeen, she would be back at the French Quarter, this time not as a School Girl but a full fledged stripper. Lilly Christine was a big influence in her life.

   She started at 18 at the Silver Frolics, then she went to work at the Sho-Bar doing intermissions at first. After she got some coaching from her lifelong friend "Tee Tee Red" there was no stopping her. Becoming a very popular Burlesque performer she would be known for an act where she would balance filled champagne glasses on her breasts, gently lifting a glass with her lips, tilting her head back, and drinking the champagne using no hands, thus becoming known as "the Champagne Girl". But that was not her only routine, she had others such as "Goldfinger" to you guessed the Goldfinger theme song.

After leaving Bourbon Street, and New Orleans, she made her home in in California and Las Vegas performing in the Follies Bergere.  Yes there have been more than one Champagne Girl to hit a runway, but Rita was the original. Upon retiring from the Burlesque Theater, she had a few small acting parts on Television shows, created a cat sanctuary and becoming a paid "psychic".

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   Platinum Blonde (Bouffant)

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Follies Bergeren/an/a
Sho Bar  

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1967 - Hot Thrills and Warm Chills (as Toni) 1976 - Charlie's Angels (as Mary Phillips in "Angels in Vegas")
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1982 - Fake-Out - Trailer (as Showroom Lady) 1976 - Switch (The Girl on the Golden Strip )


Various Rita Alexander Photo's
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