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Lily Christine
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Stage Name

Real Name

(Lilly) Lilli "the Cat" Christine Martha Theresa Pompender
'Za Za' | The Cat Girl

     Bio: Luscious Martha grew up in the home where her father was a physical education instructor and instilled a proper diet and exercise regiment and later would become a vegetarian. Her body was fit as a fiddle and had Blonde hair, but occasionally went red.

     Beautiful Lilly (Lilli) Christine's moniker was "The Cat Girl" and ZAZA in the Burlesque world of dance. Lili was one of the most publicized Burlesque dancer / Strippers of all time. She gained her Cat Girl moniker from her unique muscle control and suppleness of a cat. Was famous for her scantily clad Voodoo (Mambo) dance, but did other themes as well such as French, African, Indian, Native Indian and others.

     Lilly started her career in legitimate films such as "Irish Eyes are Smiling," but these films took her nowhere fast. Lily also did a few Broadway plays but her main gigs were on Bourbon Street as a Burlesque Striptease dancer and namely the "500 Club."

     Lilly got into Burlesque around 1948 by dancing in various clubs in New Orleans and later was by Bert Lahr, whom he cast in the stage play "Burlesque" in 1950. By this time she was making a name for herself and started to put together her Nightclub act which had her moving on stage as a stalking feline cat, exuberating male dominance with every move of her Pelvis and Hips with the highlight being her beautiful stomach movements that were akin to a Belly Dancer.

     Lilly is said to have never performed on-stage nude but considered herself "an interpretive dancer, not a stripper. .. Ok! lol" Lilly passed away in Broward County, Florida, USA. of peritonitis (a stomach line inflammation).

Birth Place

Birth Date


Measurements | Stats

Dunkirk, New York1928 (1924?)1/1965Divorced37C"-22"-35"
Lily Quote: "Men, Men ... the indispensable catus felis! ... I love them all!"

Dance Types / "Routines"

Dance Partners

Music Titles

African Dancen/an/a
Cat Girl dance    
danse du ventre ("dance of the stomach") Belly Dance  
"Getting Gertie's Garter"  
"Harem Heat"  
Oriental Dance  
Strip Tease  
"Voodoo Love Potion Dance"  

Night Clubs



500 Club1950 - Winter Garden (Todd's Play)1950 - 'Burlesque' (Lahr's)
El Rancho (Vegas) 1950 - Old Howard (Boston) 1950 - 'Peep Show' (Michael Todd's)
Sho Bar (New Orleans) 1956 - 'Strip for Action'




1944 - Irish Eyes Are Smiling [DVD]n/aBook: Queens of Burlesque
1946 - Two Guys from Milwaukee 5/1952 - Esquire Mag
1947 - My Wild Irish Rose [DVD] 10/1952 - Photo Arts Mag
1948 - Two Guys from Texas 11/1952 - Photo Arts Mag
Catgirl 12/1952 - Photo Arts Mag
  6/1954 - Stare Magazine
    1954 - True Mystery Magazine
  5/1956 - He Magazine
  7/1956 - Gala Magazine
  10/1960 - Gala Magazine
  1996 - Tease Magazine


Various Lili Christine Photo's
Lili Christine Photo Lili Christine Photo Lili Christine Photo Lili Christine Photo Lili Christine Photo Lili Christine Photo
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