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Photo of Burlesque Dancer: Kalatan Stripper history of Mary Ellen Tillotson aka Miss Kalantan bio

Stage Name

Real Name

Miss Kalantan , Sherrie Knight, Aileene DupreeMary Ellen Tillotson | Mary Ellen Bromfield
the heavenly body Goddess of Love and Beauty | Sweetheart of the Follies Bergere

       Burlesque dancer and Strip Tease star ... Kalantan was the youngest of five children born to Frank V. and his wife Edna J. Tillotson. Miss Kalantan would became your typical 1950's Hootchy-Cootchy dancer who could actually dance. She got into the Burlesque business under Lillian Hunt's tutelage in a chorus line of the   Follies Theatre  in Los Angeles, California. While performing her Striptease in Mexico, She says: "it was the Mexicans who named her Kalantan, meaning heater," (said to not be true tho.)

   She was billed as an "interpreter of Afro-Cuban dance" in one of her Burlesque 16mm stag stripper films, but didn't really posses the Latin rhythms needed to pull it off,  however her Burlesque Striptease interpretations were danced well even if not very Latin in nature.

   Kalantan had a very nice and firm body that she used well on the Burlesque stage as well as nude modeling. Kalantan Danced and stripped in various Burlesque nightclubs and mainly in New Orleans "Bourbon Square," seeking to stay away from the prostitution type burlesque clubs. She soon found her way to Los Angeles, namely Hollywood, California and in 1946 made her big screen debut in the 1946 Burlesque film.

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"Hollywood Revels" was her first film and her last film in 1955 "Son Of Sinbad" along with Nejla Ates and Lili St. Cyr dancing in the desert doing a Pole Dance routine.

   She would also be known as 'Aleene Dupree' - the ‘Sweetheart of the Folies Bergere’. Cherry Knight I believe is a different person than Sherri Knight. Towards the end of her short career in Burlesque, she would eventually marry Bromfield and retire from the business to Palm Springs, Ca. until Bromfield's death in 2005.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Fresno, California (Merced)b.3/13/1928John Farron Bromfield (1963-2005)36"23"36"
  Adolfo Martinez 

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Buddha Dance Routinen/an/a
Cobra Dance (son of sinbad)    
Fire Dance  
Pole Dance  

Night Clubs



AtlantaBurbank TheaterFollies Theatre (NY)
California (as Aleene Dupree)El Rey Theatre (Oakland) Sleepy Hollow (Samll Wonder)
Florida (Clover Club - Miami)  Mis Liberty (Irving Berlin)
Las Vegas (Silver Slipper)  
Mexico City  
New Orleans (Bourbon SQ.)  
500 Club (Bourbon SQ.)  

Films Section



Video Clip not available at this time1946 - Hollywood Revels (as Aleene) Hollywood Revels Poster [11x17]
Video Clip not available at this time1949 - Midnight Frolics (as Aleene) Sid Ceaser TV Show.
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1955 - Son of Sinbad 
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1950's - Kalantan: The Exotic Fire Dance


Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1950's - Kalantan: Exotic Buddha Dance 6/26/1953: San Mateo Times (page 12)
Video Clip not available at this time16mm film "Fire Dancer" 4/1949 - Eyeful Magazine (says born 1930)
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
Dance of Desire 
Video Clip not available at this time Sunset Strip Vol. 2  


Various Kalantan Photo's
Kalantan Burlesque Photo Kalantan Burlesque Photo Kalantan Burlesque Photo  

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