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Burlesque Dancer: Georgia Sothern The Human Dynamo

Stage Name's

Real Name

'Georgia Southern' | 'Georgia Sothern' Hazel Eunice Anderson
'The Tiger Girl,' | The Sizzling Tornado' | 'The Human Dynamo' | 'The Red Headed Rebel' | 'The Red Headed Bombshell' | 'The Bone Crusher'

            Bio: The fiery red-headed (sometimes blonde) Burlesque sensation, Georgia Sothern, started her career in Vaudeville when some say she was only 12 (some say 13) years old and had a book-full of clippings by the time she hit Minsky's Burlesque. Because of her young age she was known for the movements of her hips moving rapidly from side to side which got her the moniker "The Human Dynamo" because of her vivacious style of fast-dancing she would perform. Sothern was also one of the first to use the new term "ecdysiast" coined by H.L. Mencken in her billing and did some work to try to raise the publics view of her Burlesque.

      Ann Corio described her performances in the book "This was Burlesque" (1968): Georgia stripped and teased, but that was only a minor part of her act. Her music "Hold That Tiger" was played by the orchestra at full blast... and Georgia came on stage in full flight ... and she'd work up momentum. Faster and faster the music would roar, and Georgia would be at the front of the stage, one hand cascading her long red hair over her face, the other outstretched to keep her balance as her hips blurred back and forth at a fantastic tempo ... Corio stated: "The mere sight of this red hot red-headed temptress tossing her hips in fantastic abandon to the wild Burlesque music of the

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band caught everybody up in its spell"... By the time she was finished, the whole theatre seemed to explode in a sigh. The audience was almost as exhausted watching as Georgia was performing her act.

      She was once the main dancer in 'Michael Todd's' "Star and Garter" show which featured the likes of Gypsy Rose Lee, Lily St. Cyr, Ann Corio etc. at one time. She is quoted as saying: "I have a style all my own," said Georgia Sothern in an interview at the Old Howard Athenaeum. "Most teasers, just take off their clothes and parade around for their audience. Now I really work for my fans." She once even used an Elephant in a Minsky routine until she earned how to spin and twirl about.

      She eventually entered the Carny (Carnival) world and joined the "James E. Strates Carny tour" for a period of 28 weeks. Altho successful, this was exhausting for her but taught her more on the business end. She would now start to produce her own touring shows such as "the Top Hatters" and "Sothern's Red-Headed Revue," etc. Hiring her own Strippers, Comics, Dance acts, Magicians, Musicians and more to tour these houses, with her as the headline.

      One of the most influential critics of the 1920's and 1930's was H.L. Mencken. He created the expression "Bible Belt" to refer to the ultra conservative South. Georgia wrote to him and asked him to create a new word to use for the profession. His response to Ms. Sothern: "I sympathize with you in your affliction. It might be a good idea to relate strip-teasing in some way to the... zoological phenomenon of molting,...which is ecdysis. This word produces... ecdysiast." She ran with it, however Gypsy Rose Lee was not very impressed and upon hearing of the new term responded thusly: "Ecdysiast, he calls me! Why, the man... has been reading books! Dictionaries! We don't wear feathers and molt them off... What does he know about stripping?".

      It has been said repeatedly that Georgia was the hardest working stripper in the Burlesque business and with a career that lasted from 1922 till 1977 when she finally retired at age 67, does show something. Georgia Sothern passed away in New York due to Cancer in 1981, she was 71 years old.


Birth Place

Birth Date



Dunganon, GA1910-10/14/1981 (Libra) Harry Finkelstein | John J. Diamondn/a
   (married 4X)Red Head
Sothern Quote: "After all, If no skill were required, any one could get up and disrobe."

Dance Types


Music Titles

EroticHurly Burly [Poster]Clap Your Hands (sang: star & Garter)
Gymnastic Strip-O-Rama PosterHold That Tiger (her Theme Song)
Stripper  Georgia On My Mind

Night Clubs



Casino Burlesk (Hollywood)Adams Theatre (Newark, NJ)1940 - "Top Hatters (Variety Theatre)
Club Samoa (Manhattan, NY)Blackstone Theatre (Chicago)1942 - Star and Garter (Michael Todd's)
Minsky's Burlesque (NYC)Empire Theatre (Newark)1955 - Sothern's Own Red-Heads
  Hudson Theatre1964 - International Playgirl
  Gaiety Theatre A Girl In Blue
  Music Box Theatre (Star & Garter) Cavalcade of Amusements
  Old Howard Theatre (Boston 1951) Naked Genius, the
  Variety Theatre (Pittsburgh) Night on Broadway Revue
  Star & Garter Revival (Straits)

Films Section



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1942 - Star and Garter1935 - Billboard Magazine
Video Clip not available at this time1951 - Hurly Burly2/24/1940 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Sothern's Top Hatters)
Video Clip not available at this time1952 - Cavalcade of Burlesque10/6/1941 - Life Magazine
Video Clip not available at this time1953 - Strip-O-Rama [VHS]9/14/1942 - Life Magazine (Gypsy Weds Kirkland)
Video Clip not available at this timeA Girl In Blue3/15/1948 - Time Magazine (cops shut her down - Samoa club)
Video Clip not available at this time 10/30/1948 - Billboard Magazine
Video Clip not available at this time 2/17/1955 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Sothern's Red-Heads)
Video Clip not available at this time 6/1963 - Escapade Magazine (titled 'Prima Donna of the Strip')
Video Clip not available at this time 9/16/1966 - Life Magazine
Video Clip not available at this time 1972 - Georgia: My Life in Burlesque
Video Clip not available at this time This Was Burlesque (Ann Corio)

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Georgia Sothern Georgia Sothern Georgia Sothern Georgia Sothern
Georgia Sothern

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