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Burlesque dance: Dorian "Dee Dee" Dennis

Stage Name

Real Name

Dorian Dennis ? Dorian Rene Dennis ?
"Double Dynamite" | "Dee-Dee" (DD) | "Miss 'French Riviera"

        Dennis was no raven-haired dummy that just happened to come along to Burlesque. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from New York University. Prior to her Burlesque dance days ... Dennis liked to play the "hard girl" role, and portrayed them very well in her many 1950's Mens Magazine modeling shoots by Irving Klaw, She was quoted as saying "You can have the 'goody-and-sweet' type. It's the mean gal's role that pays."

    Dorian started stripping in nightclubs around 1953 with her first being the Hudson Union City according to Billboard Magazine and quoted as saying " Her brand of Strip routine should and her among the top-notchers." It also said she was working small Bistros, etc. before this date.

     Dec 19, 1953 Billboard magazine was very impressed when she first started out saying, just four months ago she was just starting out in the parade at the Hudson (being her first) and her form of strip should brand her among the top notchers!.

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     She eventually would be in the top 15 exotic dancers in the nation. Dorian mainly danced in New York and Florida but occasionally performed abroad at up to $1200.00 dollars a week. Dorian retired from the Burlesque world around 1969 and her last show was at Zorita's Show Bar on the Collins Ave. Strip.

    Dorian past away in her early 40's of Cancer at Broward General Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, FL. on December 8th, 1970.


Birth Place

Birth Date



Colorado (some report Brooklyn, NY.) 1924-12/8/1970n/a 112 lbs. | 5'6" | 40"D
   Black Hair

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles


Night Clubs



2 O'Clock Club (Baltimore)Hudson Union City, N.J.n/a
Club 23    
Copa City Lounge  
Gaiety Club, the    
Havana Madrid club (Key West)    
Latin Quarter (NY)    
Place Pigalle ... see clubs lists    


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Video Clip not available at this timeRevealing Strip Tease by: Dorian DennisMAG12/19/1953 - Billboard Magazine
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Video Clip not available at this time Revealing Strip-Tease Art I&II MAG 8/1956 - Glamour Parade
   News 11/6/1958 - Times Daily
    News 12/8/1959 - Miami News
    HDC 2011 - Dolls of Burlesque (Slaughter)
    News 12/8/1969 - Miami News

Dorian Dennis Dorian Dennis Photo Dorian Dennis Photo Dorian Dennis Photo Dorian Dennis Photo Dorian Dennis Photo


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