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Daphne Lake - The Marshamellow Girl
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Stage Name

Real Name

Daphne Lake "Miss Elegance"sorry, n/a
... Daphne Lake "The Marshmellow Girl" | Daphne Lake "Ecdysiast Extraordinaire" | "Jezebelle"
          She originally worked as a knife-thrower's assistant around 1963 prior to peeling. The long legged Miss Lake began Burlesque dancing professionally in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1966, under the name "Jezebelle." As she grew more comfortable in her role, she added a chair, a rug, and tassels to her act. Jezebelle appeared at Burlesque theaters and night clubs, until 1969, when she retired from striptease temporarily. She was hailed as a 'Muscle Control Expert'.

     In 1970, Jezebelle re-entered the Burlesque entertainment world, at The Body Shop, in Atlanta, Georgia. After an extended stay, she returned to the road, as "Daphne Lake - Ecdysiast Extraordinaire," during her career, she also appeared as "Daphne Lake, Miss Elegance" and "The Marshmallow Girl" (which referred to one of the routines she performed.)

       Daphne dropped the tassels, but continued to use a rug and a chair, in her act. She also added feathers, fire, the Marshmallow Routine, and a "Scrub Lady" comedy act, to her show. During her Burlesque dancing career, she worked Stripper night clubs and theaters throughout the United States and Canada. Her favorite "stops" were the Rainbow Club in Nashville, owned by the late Skull Schulman; the Roxi Theater in Cleveland, Ohio; the Victory Theater in Toronto, Ontario; and the Flyers' Club in Gander, Newfoundland.

       In 1972, she signed a long-term contract, with the Le Marquis Club, in Washington DC. After her stay there, she appeared at the Merry Land and the Gold Rush clubs, in DC. After her extended run, in Washington, she was reluctant to go back on the road. Even though she loved her career and the audience's appreciation of her skill, the stress of constant travel combined with the rapidly diminishing Burlesque circuit, required her to make a difficult decision.

Daphne Lake retired in Washington, DC in 1973.

Birth Place

Birth Date




Buffalo, NY.
n/an/an/a Dirty Blonde/ Red | 5' 7" | Long Legs
     39"-25"-37" | 140 lbs.

Dance Types


Music Titles Used

Ballet Daphne Lake and her Exotic RevueBalling the Jack
Belly Dance Blues to Strip By
Strip Tease  Bumps & Grinds
Fire Dance Fire

Dance routines


For Strippers Only
Fire routine 49th St. Playhouse (NY City) Green Onions
Jezebelle routine Casino (Pittsburgh) Lament
Marshmellow routine Camera phone (Pittsburgh, PA) Ma Nah Ma Nah
  Follies (Chicago, IL) Nappy Head
  Follies (Pensacola, FL) Something in the Way She Moves
  Gulf Follies (St. Pete, FL) Summertime
  Roxie (Cleveland, OH) The Stripper
  Victory (Toronto, Canada) Walkin' & Strippin'

Night Clubs

Aquarium Bar (Monessen, PA)Lobster Trap, the (Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada)
Argo's Lounge (Pittston, PA)Merry Land
Belviu Restaurant (Endicott, NY)Nick Gleno's Patio Lounge (Birmingham, AL)
Body Shop, the (GA)Normandy Lounge (Boston, MA)
C'Est Bon Club (Charlotte, NC)Old Mill (St. John's Newfoundland, Canada)
Cave, the (Macon, GA)PJ Lounge (Pittston, PA)
Cellar, the (Albany, GA)Rainbow Room (Nashville, TN)
Dino's Lounge (Pittston, PA)Safari Club (Dayton, OH)
Edison Hotel (Pittsburg, PA)Simiele's 700 Club (Syracuse, NY)
Encore Club (Rochester, NY)Stage Door (Buffalo, NY)
Flyers ClubVillage Squire, the (Fredonia, NY)
Kandy Bar (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 
Le Marquis Club 



No Films, Radio or TV known to exist4/1972 - Breezy, Laugh Riot

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