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Burlesque, Stripper, Adult Film and Musician: Candy Kane
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Stage Name

Real Name

Candye Kane, Candy Kanen/a

        Candye says she had a rough life growing up in E. Los Angeles, CA. as a child. As she entered adult life she became a 16 year old single welfare mother. At first she was a Phone Sex operator and later was persuaded to and entered the Burlesque world of striptease. She says that "It empowered me, it made me feel sexy, it made me feel desirable" proving busty fat chicks can be sexy as hell, later she was even voted the decade's most popular big-bust model. She would eventually pose for over 500 Adult magazines and even become a columnist for Gent Magazine for two years (called Candye's Corner).

    Candye is not one for doing what everyone else does. She says that "I danced to Joe Liggins and the Honey Drippers, Wynonnie Harris, and early Ray Price at a time when other strippers danced to Donna Summer and Disco tunes... I wore a cowboy hat and used six shooter squirt guns to squirt milk on my ample bosom and the audience as well... I would lick the milk off." She is quite the entertainer. :)

    Later she would do few Adult Films with such Adult stars as Lotta Top, Kitten Natividad, and Christy Canyon to name a few, all the while using the money to support her then fledgling musical career (Candye Kane's Rawhide, Haywire) and her

family. Candye always wanted to be a singer even at a young age, left the Burlesque world for a larger stage and started to sing and play the piano. Candye is also an active "sex activist,"speaking at sex positive events.

    Originally people only used their eyes with Candye, but now use their ears as well. She's proud of her big beautiful bod but because of her large size and the turmoil the larger record producers would put her thru to lose weight she says, she found the Blues to be much more suited to her style of singing and see's herself more of a Bessie Smith, Alberta Hunter etc. type blues singer... and we agree, she great!. Candye's a great road to success story now however and wins awards such as the "California Music Award for Best Swing/Cabaret Artist."

    As of this writing she has recorded eight CD's total for labels like Rounder, Antones, Sire/London and Discovery. Her current musical act is an entertaining mix of risque, showbiz, and swing. During a brief Lindy Hop revival during the mid 1990's, Candye did a swingin' CD called Swango (we here at love Swing Dancin' and have danced to her music a lot, especially her West Coast Swing stuff). These days she tours all over the world with her band, called "The Swinging Armadillos" and plays the piano as her sultry, seductive voice belts out the tunes. Candye says she does not pose nude actively anymore but from time to time she does a few select modeling roles.

    A stage play about Kane's life debuted at San Diego's Diversionary Theater in January 2009, directed by Javier Velasco. The play is called The Toughest Girl Alive and is based on Kane's memoir about her turbulent life. Candye says "I'm proud to be included on your great site!!," and we are proud to have a success story like hers here as well.


Birth Place

Birth Date



Ventura, CA.11/13/1961-Thomas Yearsley (Divorced)54"x38"x48" | size 20
  (has 2 Sons)Black Hair

Dance Types


Free Preview - amazon download

Candy's Music Titles


Burlesque...Over 500 Adult MagazinesListen to free sample2011 - Big Fat Mama's Are Back In StyleMP3
Lindy Hop1982 - Juggs Adult Magazine (Cover)Listen to free sample2011 - Cry Me A RiverMP3
Strip Tease2/1982 - Gem Adult MagazineListen to free sample2011 - Dance Hall GirlsMP3
Swing Dance8/1984 - Gem Adult MagazineListen to free sample2011 - Everybody's Gonna Love SomebodyMP3
 11/1984 - Gem Adult MagazineListen to free sample2011 - Masterbation BluesMP3
 5/1985 - Fling Adult MagazineListen to free sample2011 - Walkin', Talkin' Haunted HouseMP3
 12/1987 - Gem Adult MagazineListen to free sample2009 - Hey, Toughen Up!MP3
 1997 - Voluptuous Adult MagazineListen to free sample2009 - I'm A Bad, Bad GirlMP3


1998 - BlueSuedeNews (#46)Listen to free sample2007 - Crazy Little ThingMP3
Roxy Theatre Poster (with Candy)8/2000 - Pulse MagazineListen to free sample2007 - Fine Brown FrameMP3
1998 - Candye Kane - SWANGO CD Promo Poster2/2002 - Penthouse Adult MagazineListen to free sample2006 - Whole Lotta LoveMP3
Belly Up Tavern Poster (by Scrojo)Plumper's Adult MagazineListen to free sample2000 - Get Happy!MP3
  Listen to free sample2000 - Let's Commit AdulteryMP3
  Listen to free sample2000 - Who Walks In When I Walk OutMP3
  Listen to free sample1995 - Easy Money (Excellent WCS Song)MP3
  Listen to free sample1994 - No, I Ain't Gonna Let You GoMP3
  Candye Kane -- The Toughest Girl Alive

Night Clubs



Body Shop (CA)Beersel Blues & Rock Festival (Belgium)Donny and Marie Show
Cafe Boogaloo (CA)Exhibitionism For the ShyDreamland (PBS Special)
Calypso Cafe (CA)Hooker's BallSexbytes (HBO)
Hotel Street (Hawaii)Mitchell Brothers Theatre (1983)Penn & Teller Sin City Spectacular
The Continental (TX)Notodden Blues Festival in NorwayQueer As Folk (Showtime)
The Roadhouse (GRM)Triple Threat Theatre (Show World Canter (NYC)Rose Anne Show
The Rhythm Room (AZ)Waterfront Blues FestivalThe Chris Isaak Show (HBO)
The Tea House The Gong Show
   The Ted Mack Amateur Hour



1983 - Big Busty 3 (and #5)1985 - A Town South of Bakersfield Pt. II
1983 - Huge Bras 21986 - Burlesque Swing
1984 - Big Busty 51994 - Home Cookin' [CD]
1984 - Candy Girls 41994 - Rock for Choice
1984 - I Want It All1995 - Knockout [CD]
1985 - 2 Tons of Fun1995 - Texas Rocks
1985 - Big Melons 51997 - Diva la Grande [CD]
1985 - Huge Bras 41998 - Ohne Filter (DVD)
1986 - Best of Big Busty1998 - Swango [CD]
1986 - Between My Breasts 31999 - 30 Essential Women of the Blues
1986 - Big Busty 142000 - Any Womans Blues
1986 - Big Busty 172000 - Hard Headed Woman
1986 - Bouncin' in the U.S.A.2000 - Toughest Girl Alive [CD]
1987 - Legends of Lust 2: Christy Canyon2003 - Whole Lotta Love [CD]
1987 - Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout Fat Chicks2004 - Best of Doo Wop
1988 - Bra Breakers Vol. 12005 - White Trash Girl [CD]
1989 - I Want It All2007 - Guitar'd and Feathered
1992 - Candye Kane2008 - Rich Mans War Compilation
1994 - Blue Vanities 2212008 - Blues Caravan (w/ Wilde & Coleman)
1995 - Best of Breasts 32009 - Superhero
1995 - Blue Vanities S-5792011 - Sister Vagabond
1995 - Candy's BackHouse Of Blues: Best of Swing Part II
1996 - I Want It All 
1998 - Boobsville Cabaret 
2000 - Between My Breasts 3 
2001 - Best of Big Busty [DVD] 
2003 - In Concert [DVD] 
Blood Diner (as an extra) 
Oral Erotica 6 ... out-of-control oral mayhem! 
The Girl Next Door 
Everything That Rises 
Watermelon Babes [DVD] 
Candye can be reached for booking at: (easy tiger, this is for Music/Band bookings only!)
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