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Bubbles Darlene - Life Magazine Cover as "Vikina"
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Stage Name

Real Name

Bubbles DarleneVirginia Lachinia
aka: The Dancer That Shocked Havana | Vikina | Sheri Darlene

          Descendants of Polish and Irish families, Bubbles started her career as a busty platinum blond at Chicago's Rialto Theatre and studied dance and used the Mambo Music, Voodoo and Mambo Dance for some of her SIZZILING acts and was known as Sheri Darlene. Bubbles did not wear Burlesque pasties during her act and was totally tan. Harold Minsky hailed her as "America's Most Exciting Body" and actually named her "Bubbles" himself.

   Bubbles was said to have performed some of the best rhythmic dancing seen on the Burlesque strip circuit. Her muscular undulations were spectacular and left amazed audience as well as herself exhausted. She explained her performances as never having to wear pasties and was an exotic Burlesque dancer, who specialized in a sizzling strip tease version of the mambo and said "I don't feel embarrassed in the nude," .... It's art as far as I'm concerned–just so long as you don't have to associate with men."

   Unlike so many showgirls, Bubbles had no illusions of theatrical success. She enjoyed exotic dancing and said: "I'm probably the only girl in the business who hasn't any dramatic ambitions. Most girls want to be actresses. Not me. I just want to keep doing what I'm doing now." Bubbles was voted one of the "Ten Best Undressed Women of America" by newspaperman Damon Runyon, Jr.

   While performing in Cuba, attendance was said to be low where she was performing so Bubbles as a publicity stunt, decided to

walk down a main thoroughfare dressed only in black panties, no top and a transparent raincoat which shocked many and got her a lot of press attention thus she would be billed as "The Dancer That Shocked Havana." She was arrested of course, and received a whopping $200 fine for indecent exposure and inciting a riot.


Birth Place

Birth Date



Minneapolis, MN d.2007Divorced 5'3" | 37"23"35" | Blonde

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Balletn/a La Enganadora (the Deciever)
Haitian Voodoo  
Strip Tease (Striptease)      
Tap Dance      

Night Clubs



Minsky's Rialto Theater (Chicago)n/a
Hotel Sevilla BiltmoreTown Hall Burlesk Theatre (Ohio)* 
Silver Slipper    



n/a8/1952 - Titter - America's Merriest Magazine (Vol 9 #1)
 5/1955 - Modern Man Magazine
 1957 - Cabaret Magazine
 10/1957 - Man to Man Magazine
 7/1958 - Hit Show Magazine
 Photo Modeling Booklet - Featuring: BUBBLES DARLENE

bubbles bubbles bubbles Bubbles Darlene

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