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Ann Corio aka the Sarong Girl Photo
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Stage Name

Real Name

Ann Corio

Ann Cicoria
'the Sultan's Daughter' | 'Sarong Girl' | 'Queen of the Footlight Parade'

        One of 12 children of Italian immigrants from Naples who settled in Hartford, Conn. She made her first stage appearence at the age of 8 and later became one of the highest saleried artist in the theatre world at the time. After her father died at age 16, she found that she could make more money at Burlesque as a stripper than the dancing she was already doing. She eventually become the Auburn-haired, green-eyed queen of burlesque. Ann Corio didn't use any tricks in her performances. She was billed as 'the Sultan's Daughter' and the 'Sarong Girl' mainly due to her two feature films.

    She is said to be mainly self-trained as a dancer and at age 15 she started in the chorus of a Minsky burlesque show in New York and within a year became a headliner as a top Strip-tease artist.

    By 1940, Corio decided to embark in the legitimate theatre and starred in many stage plays. George Batcheller brought Ann to the silver screen in "Swamp Woman" in 1941. Altho her film career was plagued by low budget films, her acting proved to be very good. Ann passed in 1999 at the Englewood Hospital in Englewood, N.J.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Hartford, Ct.11/29/1914-3/16/1999 Michale P. Iannucci (3rd) Auburn Hair, Green Eyes
   Bob Williams (1944) 

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Balletn/a1962 - Ann Corio Presents: How to Strip for Your Husband(CD)
Erotic 1942 - Jungle Siren - (Song of the Jungle)
Strip Tease  




Capitol Theatre, the Brattle Theatre (Cambridge Mass. | Rain) 19451965 - This Was Burlesque
Casino Theatre, the Casino East Theater 1981 - Here It Is Burlesque!
Flatbush Theatre, the Gaiety Theater (Washington) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Globe, the Hudson Theater (Union City) Girls From Joyland
  Kenley Playhouse (Mass.) It's A Wise Child
  Princess Theater (1981) Lysistrata (1942)
  Playhouse on the Mall Once More With Feeling
    Personal Appearence (at the Ring)
    Primrose Path, the
    Rain (as Sadie Thompson) 1945
    Sailor Beware
    Sleep It Off
    The Barker
    Those Endearing Young Charms
  White Cargo



1941 - Swamp Woman [DVD] 1943 - Sarong Girl Poster
1941 - White Huntress [DVD | Instant Download] 
1942 - Jungle Siren [DVD]


1943 - Sarong Girl [Instant Download]1937 - Picture Review - Ann Corio on cover
1944 - Call of the Jungle9/3/1943 - Yank Magazine
1944 - The Sultan's Daughter9/23/1943 - Yank Magazine
Will Success Spoil Rock HunterAnn Corio: This was Burlesque [Kindle Book]


3/9/1999 - N.Y. Times Obituary
1965 - The Trials of O'Brien (Dead End on Flugel Street) as Rosie 
1969 - Girl Talk 
1969 - The Tonight Show 
1970 - The Mike Douglas Show 
1979 - Here It Is, Burlesque! 
HBO - This Was Burlesque 

Various Ann Corio Pics
Ann Corio Ann Corio Ann Corio Ann Corio Ann Corio
Ann CorioAnn CorioAnn CorioAnn CorioAnn Corio
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