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Stage Name

Real Name

Amalia Aguilar, aka: Rhumba Amalia

Amalia Isabel Rodriguez Carriera
Amalia Aguilar: the Woman of Fire  |   Amalia Aguilar: the Atomic Bomb

Amalia was born in Cuba to a very loving and supportive family who encouraged her and her sister to perform. This lead to a duo sister act called the Aguilar Sisters (aka: Las hermanos Aguilar.) On arriving in Panama, Amalia's sister Cecilia fell in love and got married. This lead to Amalia going solo.

   Amalia partnered with Julio Richards and became well known in Mexico City and got to meet many people in show Business. One evening whilst performing at Mexico City's Waikiki nightclub, the American impresario Edward Perkins visited the show. He was impressed enough to offer Amalia a contract to undertake a tour in the USA, performing a Burlesque stage adaptation of the movie musical "A Night in Havana," with the "Lecuona Cuban Boys." It was here she got the moniker as "Amalia Aguilar: Woman of Fire and Amalia Aguilar: Atomic Bomb.

    In 1946 she broke into movies, playing the part of a glamorous rumba dancer. This led to many more movies with Amalia playing star roles, mostly dancing but some singing and some dramatic roles such as "Que Rico Mambo" plus many others. She gained many fans and became a star within the Mexican cinema... "Mambo" plus many others. She gained many fans and became a star within the Mexican cinema. Later, in 1955 she married Dr. Raul Bedoya and soon after quit show business to raise a family.
Amalia Aguilar
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   After Amalia's husband died in 1962, she returned to her family to raise her children. After her children grew, she briefly returned to Show Business. Now fully retired, she does do Appearances, Lectures, Fund Raisers, etc.

    Amalia was not a stripper,  altho she performed her act at times in some Burlesque houses and Folies, it was her dancing the Latin dances that made her the attraction. Her style was based on a clothed show girl, usually Latin solo dancing using the Rhumba, Mambo and Cha-Charhythms, using feathers and /or clothing to accentuate her movements at times.

Birth Place

Birth Date




Matanzas, Cuba 7/3/1928 Dr. Raul Bedoya (1955-1962) Daphne Bedoya n/a
      Raul Bedoya  
        Jorge Bedoya  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet The Aguilar Sisters" ("Las Hermanas Aguilar") a duet Antonio Aguilar Album - AY! AMALIA
Belly Dance Piruli (Amalia & Piruli) Mexico Lindo
Burlesque Rumba Julio (Richards) & Amalia (1945) Sabrosura
Erotic Rumba / Mambo    
Mambo (afro-cuban)    

Burlesque Night Clubs

Burlesque Theaters


La Cabana Marti Theatre 1947 - A Night in Havana
Cabaret Tropicana of Havana 1930's - Matanza's Sauto Theatre 1981 - Peru yo te traigo un son
Hotel Nacional (Havana, Cuba) 1947 - Million Dollar Theatre Los Angeles 1982 - Salsa caliente '82
Cadena Azul 1981 - Segura Theatre (Lima, Peru)  
Cabaret Florida (Panama)    
Teatro Lyrico (Mexico w/ Julio)    
Sans Sousi cabaret (Mexico city w/ Julio 1945)    
WAIKIKI Nightclub (Mexico City)    

Burlesque Films


1945 - Pervertida [VHS] 1974 - El Artesano - Amalia Aguilar Vidart De Segui
1947 - A Night at the Folies [- VHS -]  
1948 - Calabacitas tiernas (Ay que rechulas piernas!) [DVD]  
1948 - Conozco a los dos  
1948 - Dicen que soy mujeriego [DVD  
1948 - En cada puerto un amor  
1949 - El colmillo de buda (En diente del dragon)

Video Links

1949 - El gran campeon (Eterno campeon) [DVD] 1) Amalia and Perez Prado
1949 - La vida en broma 2) Amalia Aguilar en ¡Ay, que bonitas piernas!
1949 - Novia a la medida 3) Amalia Aguilar - Mis tres viudas Alegres
1950 - Al Son del Mambo [DVD] 4) Aguilar - La Rumba Tiene Morumba
1950 - Amor Perdido  
1950 - Ritmo del Caribe  
1951 - Delirio Tropical [- VHS -]  
1951 - Los Huespedes de la Marquesa (aka: Que Rico Mambo)  
1952 - Dineros del Diablos  
1952 - Las Interesadas [DVD]  
1952 - Las Tres Alegres Comadres [DVD]  
1952 - Qué rico el mambo  
1953 - Las Cariñosas [DVD  
1953 - Mis Tres Viudas Alegres [DVD]
1955 - Los platillos voladores  
1955 - Musica en la noche  
1955 - Las viudas del cha-cha-cha  
Grindhouse Follies #27  

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