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Pat Paree Burlesque dancer photo

Pat Paree'

Promotional photo of Burlesque dancer: Pat Paree. Billed as: "The Vivacious Pat Paree." Known for her "Dance Of Illusions" and "Mirror Dance." Before Burlesque, Pat was a Broadway Nightclub favorite. Danced at the Paradise in 1935 and Minsky's Hall in Miami in 1936 as a stripper. Became head of the 'Step Lively Girls' in 1941 at the Pittsburgh Casino which besides the girls consisted of Patricia Morgan, Billy Hagan, Sammy Smith, The team of Ross and Ross (dancers), Charles Harris, Pearly Mylie and Stanley Simmonds.

Also performed at the Glorified Follies ('39), the Beast and the Beauty ('40 Troc), Worlds Fair ('40), Drums Club (Florida '42), The Troc (Philly '42), the Zebra (Miami '43), the Great Northern (Chicago '45). New Orleans clubs ('47). She had a long career as a peeler.

Miss Paree is seen here in her dressing room getting ready for the show. She is wearing ankle strap
high heels and a robe.

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