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(Some Are So Bad There Good!)
Old-Skool Burlesque, Campy, Cheesy DVD's

The What, Where, Who, When of Burlesque film noir DVD's? ... (mainly pre-70's DVD's:) Vintage Burlesque Dancers Videos Data: About, Themed, Motion Pictures, Shorts, Documentaries, Biographies or portrayed Lists. ... ENJOY!

Behind the Burley Q DVD: Probably the best Vintage Burlesque Documentary out there today Vintage Strippers From Yesterday DVD V. 1 Teaserama DVD: One of the most popular Vintage Burlesque DVD's in the world a 'Double Feature': Shanty Tramp and Common Law Wife DVD. Two fun and campy Short films Burlesque: A DVD Documentary Best of Burlesque: over 4 hours and 100 acts! the Notorious Betty Page DVD Burlesque Star: Satans Angel (Angel Walker), 'Queen of the Fire Tassels' DVD Strip Strip Hooray: 432 Minutes of 6 Classic Burlesque Stag Films

(Click 'Table Headers' below to Sort) ... "These women are fairly good looking (mostly,) the dialogue -- well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place!"
Video Title Actor 1 Actor 2 Actor 3 Actor 4 Actor 5 Actor 6 Type Minutes Date
A Night In Hollywood'A Night In Hollywood' is Available on this DVD Dorothy Ates Jeanne Saunders Mae Blondel Misty Ayres Rea Walker Tempest Storm Burlesque 62 Min. 1953
A Sweet Sickness'A Sweet Sickness' is Available on this DVD' Marguerite Zalud Sharon Wells Vicki Carbe Yuki Tani Raul & Revelations ---- Drama 55 Min. 1968
ABC's Of Love'ABC's of Love' is Available on this DVD Blaza Glory Bebe Hughes Helen Lewis Jill Adams Mae Blondel Shirley J. Rickert Burlesque 74 Min. 1953
All Stars Of Burlesque'All Stars Of Burlesque' is Available on this DVD Betty Rowland Evelyn West Hilary Dawn ---- ---- +18 More Burlesque 42 Min. 1940's
Applause'Applause' Featured on this DVD Estelle Valentine Claire Rose Helen Morgan Joan Peers June Taylor Lotta Burnell Burlesque 80 Min. 1929
B-Girl Rhapsody''B-Girl Rhapsody' is Available on this DVD (Video's Poster Shown) Chili Pepper Crystal Starr Frenchy La Von Ginger Duvall Lily Ayers Nona Carver Burlesque 77 Min. 1952
Bad Girls Go To Hell'Bad Girls Go To Hell' is Available on this DVD Darlene Bennett Dawn Bennett Gertrude Cross Gigi Darlene Marlene Starr ---- Drama 65 Min. 1965
Bagdad After Midnight Brandy Jones Dimples Morgan Doree Mitzi Doenee Genji Young Vaida Burlesque 00 Min. 1954
Ball Of Fire'Ball Of Fire' is Available on this DVD Barbara Stanwyck Geraldine Fissette Mildred Morris Helen Seamon ---- ---- Comedy 111 Min. 1941
Bedroom Fantasy'Bedroom Fantasy' aka: 'Love Moods' is Available on this DVD (Poster Shown) Lili St. Cyr Solo ---- ---- ---- ---- Burlesque 00 Min. 1951
Behind The Burley-QBehind the Burley Q is Available on this DVD Blaze Starr Dixie Evans Lili St. Cyr Margie Hart Sherry Britton Tempest Storm Documentary 98 Min. 1930's-40's
Bell, Bare and Beautiful'Bell, Bare and Beautiful' is Available on this DVD (Poster Shown) Virginia Bell Sunny Dare Joyce Hodges ---- ---- +18 More Burlesque 64 Min. 1963
Best of BurlesqueBest of Burlesque Bella Starr Dixie Evans Inez Claire Lili St. Cyr Lorraine Lane Tempest Storm Burlesque 420 Min. 1950's
Big Bust, theThe Big Bust is Available on this DVD (as a special feature) Tempest Storm ---- ---- ---- ---- Film Short Burlesque ??? Min. 1950's
Blaze Starr Goes Nudist'Blaze Starr Goes Nudist' is Available on this DVD Allison L. Downe Blaze Starr Ginger Meadows Joan Bamford Mary Jo Walls Sandra Sinclair Romance 75 Min. 1962
Bump and GrindBump and Grind is Available on this DVD Faith Bacon Georgia Sothern Gypsy Rose Lee Lili St. Cyr Sally Rand +Others Documentary 78 Min. 1953
BurlesqueBurlesque is Available on this DVD Alma Muriel Angelica Chain Jannette Mass Lucy Gallardo Lyn May Princessa Lea Burlesque 105 Min. 1980
BurlesqueBURLESQUE Is Available on this Multi-Format Blue-Ray-DVD Cher Christina Aquilara Jayme Savage Julianne Hough Kristen Bell Sonya Rome Burlesque 119 Min. 2010
Burlesque DocumentaryBURLESQUE: A DVD Documentary Is Available on this DVD Betty Page Rose La Rose Sally Rand Tempest Storm n/a n/a Documentary 122 Min. 1963
Burlesque-Cake-walk Americus Four ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- Silent short 1897
Burlesque In HarlemBURLESQUE In Harlem Is Available on this DVD Gertrude 'Baby' Banks Gloria Howard Renee D'Orsay Tarza Young Taylorettes, the Vivian Harris Race Film 45 Mins? 1949
Burlesque In Hawaii Val de Val Angeline Miller Dorthea Novak Jeannae Starr Diane Walker Robin Savoy Burlesque ??? Mins. 19??
Buxom BeauteaseBuxom Beautease  Is Available on this DVD Blaze Starr Dorian Denis Lili St. Cyr Rita Grable Tempest Storm Trudy Wayne Burlesque ??? Mins. 1956
Can-Can Follies*Can Can Follies Is sometimes Available on this VHS Carmelita Cleo Nova Corky McDonald Syra Swiss Doll Stacy Farrell Wilma Westcott Burlesque 61 Mins. 1954
Casanova In Burlesque*Casanova In Burlesque Is sometimes Available on this Page Beverly Reedy Dorothy Stevens Geraldine Farnum June Havoc Lucille Byron Margia Dean Burlesque 74 Mins. 1944
Cinderella's Love Lesson Lili St. Cyr ---- ---- ---- ---- Short Burlesque 8:15 Mins. 1964?
Classic Nudie Cutie Flims V.1 Sissy Roscoe Suzie ---- ---- ---- +Others Burlesque 60 Mins. 1940's
Classic Nudie Cutie Flims V.2 Mickey Jines Suzie ---- ---- ---- +Others Burlesque 60 Mins. 1960's?
Nudie Cutie: Classics V.3Nudie Cuties Classics Vol. 3 DVD Evelyn West Sally Rand ---- ---- ---- +12 More Burlesque 60 Mins. 1940's
Classics Nudie Cutie: V.5Nudie Cuties Classics Vol. 5 DVD Georgia Holden Sally Rand Lee Germaine Sherry Knight Michelle Angelo Virginia Bell Burlesque 60 Mins. 1940's?
Classic Nudie Cutie Flims V.6 Jane Reynolds Lee Germaine Lillian Parker Jane Reynolds ---- +Others Burlesque 60 Mins. 1960's?
Doll FaceDoll Face is Available on this Page Carmen Miranda Juanita Cole Marcia Sweet Patsi Mahar Valerie Traxler Vivian Blaine Burlesque 100 Mins. 1945
Dream FolliesDream Follies (with Lenny and Honey Bruce, Sally Marr) is Available on this Page Deenah Prince Jean Carroll Rusty Amber Tirana Stacy Farrell Strivena Burlesque 61 Min. 1954
Dreamland CapersDreamLand Capers is Available on this Page Miss Justa Dream Valetta Venus the Body Satalyte Lady Midnight Justa Dream Burlesque 135 Min. 1958
Everybody's GirlEverybody's Girl is featured on the 'Strip Strip Hooray V.1 DVD' (8 Girls total and 3 male comic acts, 1 vocalist) Alberta Charmaine Gay Dawn Levalon Mary Andes Sylvia, Diana Burlesque 83 Min. 1950
Fairy TalesFairy Tales DVD Angela Aames Anne Gaybis Brenda Fogarty Linnea Quigley Melinda Utal Nai Bonet Fantasy 76 Min. 1978
Flesh and LaceFlesh and Lace DVD Judy Young June Roberts Marlene Starr ---- ---- ---- Burlesque 135 Min. 1965
Forbidden Cinema V.4 Annette Bonnie J. Hendre Ilona Inga Zarby Sally Rand Sheree North Burlesque 58 Min. 1930's-40's
Forbidden Cinema V.5 Beautiful Dawn Betty Rowland Bunny Spencer Ecstasy in Platinum Lady Lolligag Sunny Knight Burlesque 60 Min. 1930's-50's
Forbidden Cinema V.6 Belle's Bed Time Janet's Lingerie Lola's Umbrella Mitzi Topless Polly Peels Sinthia Stockings Burlesque 60 Min. 1930's-50's
French FolliesFrench Follies is on 'Strip, Strip Hooray' DVD (Poster shown) Crystal Starr Jennie Lee Joanne Bridges Mary Andes Ruby Lee Val de Val Burlesque 68 Min. 1951
French Peep Show Crystal Starr Lilly LaMont Marie Voe Shalimar Tangerine Yvonne DeCenzie Burlesque 6 Min. 1949
From ShowGirl to Burlesque Qn. Unknown Lib. of Congress ---- ---- ---- ---- Burlesque 1 Min. 1903
Girls Scrapbook Bennett Sisters Darlene Bennett Dawn Bennett Gigi Darlene Rita Bennett Robyn Hilton Burlesque 65 Mins. 1964
Gertie The Grapefruit Girl'Gertie the Grapefruit Girl' is Available on this DVD Virginia Bell ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- Burlesque 64 Min. 1953
Girl On The RunGirl On The Run DVD Edith King Marlow Renee De Milo Rosemary Pettit ---- ---- Burlesque 6:09 Min. 1953
Gypsy (Natalie Wood)Gypsy featuring Natalie Wood DVD Ann Jillian Betty Bruce Morgan Brittney Natalie Wood Roxanne Arlen Rosalind Russell Biography 8:15 Mins. 1962
I MobsterI Mobster DVD Lili St. Cyr Jerry Sothern Lita Milan Yvette Vickers ---- ---- Burlesque 81 Min. 1953
International Burlesque Betty Rowland Blonde Oriental Dancer Deena Inez Claire Michelle ---- Burlesque ?? Min. 1950
Joys of JezebelThe Joys of Jezebel DVD Bonnie Cooper Dixie Donovan Feleshia Manning La La Luanne Roberts Sherise Roland Fantasy 75 Min. 1974
Judy's Little No-No Elisa Ingram Marlene Zorita ---- ---- ---- Drama 84 Min. 1969
Jungle Sirenthe 'Jungle Siren' DVD Ann Corio Evelyn Wahl Greco the Chimp ---- ---- ---- Adventure 68 Min. 1942
King Of BurlesqueKing Of Burlesque DVD Ann Corio Alice Faye Dixie Dunbar Fats Waller Paxton Sisters Margie McKay Burlesque 90 Min. 1936
Kiss Me BabyKiss Me Baby DVD Ann Corio Debby Ray Gina Lili St. Cyr? Midnight Taffy O'Neil Comedy 140 Min. 1957
Lady of BurlesqueLady of Burlesque DVD Barbara Stanwyck Gloria Dickson Iris Adrian Marion Martin Maxine Leslie Victoria Faust Drama 102 Min. 1943
Learn the Art of BurlesqueLearn the Art of Burlesque is Available on this DVD Miriam Nelson Silvia Plankl ---- ---- ---- ---- Instruct 120 Min. 2010
Lili's Wedding Night Lili St. Cyr Leon De Voe Loretta Miller Patti Waggins Vera Rickova ---- Burlesque ?? Min. 1952
Love Moods'Lili St Cyr's Love Moods' is Available on this DVD (Poster Shown) Lili St. Cyr Solo ---- ---- ---- (Fandor) Burlesque 6 Min. 1951
Lullabye of Bareland Anita Adams Anne Howe Barbara Curtis Dawn Meredith Joy Hodges Virginia Bell Burlesque 57 Min. 1964
Lure Of The IslandsLure Of The Islands is Available on this DVD Gale Storm Kahala Bray Margie Hart Moita Mayo Namure Nordman Odetta Bray Adventure 61 Min. 1942
Merry Maids of the Gay WayMerry Maids of the Gay Way is Available on this DVD Cherri Lee Diane De Layne Doreen Cannon Rhea Walker Taffy Terrell Zabouda Burlesque 73 Min. 1954
Midnight FrolicsMidnight Frolics is Available on this DVDAleene (Kalantan) Annette Warren Boo LaVon Mickey Ginger Jones Shirley Heart Sunny Knight Burlesque 56 Min. 1949
Mondo DepravadosMondo Depravados is Available on this DVD Bunny Ware Dee Dee Sheldon Dolores Carlos Marcy Blayne Tempest Storm Tracy Carroll Burlesque 73 Min. 1967
Mondo ToplessMondo Topless DVD Babette Bardot Darlene Grey Denise Du Vall Gigi La Touche Trina Lamar Yvette Le Grand Burlesque 73 Min. 1954
My Tale Is HotMy Tale Is Hot is available on this DVD (Features Candy Barr). Filmed in Living 'SKIN-A-SCOPE'! Bea Reddy Candy Barr Carol Baughman Dixie Donovan LaLa Vazquez Lotta Partz Fantasy 60 Min. 1964
My Wild Irish RoseMy Wild Irish Rose DVD Arlene Dahl Igor Dega Lili Christine Pierre Andre Ruby Dandridge Three Dunhills Musical 101 Min. 1947
Naked And The DeadNaked and the Dead DVD Barbara Nichols Lili St. Cyr Liz Renay Lydia Goya Taffy O'Neil Val Hidey Action 131 Min. 1958
Naughty Dallas Jada Kim Athas Marilyn Pope Peggy Steele ---- ---- Burlesque 72 Min. 1964
Naughty New Orleans Allouette LeBlanc Collette d'Ray Jean Carroll Monmartre Kitty Rita Parker Sheila Burlesque 87 Min. 1954
Naughty New York Dixie Lee Kay Saunders Linda Lombard Marie Bradley Vivian Morgan Zorita Burlesque 54 Min. 1959
Naughty Nudes '64Naughty Nudes '64 DVD Darlene Bennett GiGi Darlene Jackie Lamont Jean Nadja Swensen Priscilla Burlesque 60 Min. 1964
Night At The FolliesNight At The Follies is Available on this DVD Amalia Aquilar Evelyn West Margie Roye Mitzi Michel Pat O'Shea Renee Andre Burlesque 64 Min. 1947
Notorious Betty Pagethe Notorious Betty Page DVD Alicia Sable Ashley Terrill Chris Bauer Gretchen Mol Lili Taylor Molly Moore Biography 90 Mins. 2005
Nude On The MoonNude On The Moon DVD Evelyn Burke Joyce Brooks Joyce M. Geary Lacey Kelly Marietta Shelby Livingston Fantasy 83 Mins. 1961
Nudes Inc. Darlene Bennett Dawn Bennett Gigi Darlene ---- ---- +5 Others Burlesque 65 Mins. 1964
Oriental Vanities Val de Val Angeline Miller Dorthea Novak Jeannae Starr Diane Walker Robin Savoy Burlesque ??? Mins. 19??
Paris After Midnight Flo Ash Iris Allen Mary Andes Reiss & Roulette Tandalye Tempest Storm Burlesque 83 Mins. 1951
Paris Topless Tempest Storm No Info ---- ---- ---- + Others Burlesque 87 Mins. 1966
Pearl Of Bagdad Tempest Storm No Info ---- ---- ---- ---- Burlesque ?? Mins. 1940's
Peek-A-Boo 1Peek-A-Boo DVD (at the Hollywood Theatre, San Diego, Ca.) Patti Waggins Marlana Sherry Winters Suzette Venus Virginia Valentine Burlesque ?? Min. 1953
Peek-A-Boo 2 Ballets de Colette Brosset Ballets de Loïe Fuller Bluebell Girls Colette Brosset Liliane Autran Roma Burlesque 95 Min. 1954
Peek Snatchers Illona Judy Kelly Penny Damore Princess Ming Chu Toni Karole Val Valjean Burlesque 72 Mins. 1965
Pin-Up Queen: Betty Page Betty Page Tempest Storm ---- ---- ---- ---- Burlesque 97 Min. 1951-56
Runaway Girl Dusty Enders Lili St. Cyr Lisa Pons Sandra Phelps Shary Marshall Suzi Carnell Crime 62 Mins. 1965
Queen Of BurlesqueQueen Of Burlesque DVD Evelyn Ankers Rose La Rose Jacqueline Dalya Alice Fleming ---- ---- Burlesque 70 Min. 1946
Satans Angel: Fire TasselsBurlesque Star: Satans Angel (Angel Walker), 'Queen of the Fire Tassels' DVD Angel Walker Dixie Evans Kitten Natividad Michelle L'Amour Vic Crotwell n/a Biography 72 Min. 2013
Shanty TrampShanty Tramp and Common Law Wife (Dbl. Feature) DVD Eleanor Vaill Jean Hanna Lee Ann Otto Schlessinger n/a n/a Drama 69 Min. 1967
Shock-O-Rama Miss Lana Miss Mystery Renee Candy Sari Taffy St. Clair Tempest Storm Documentary ?? Min. 1955
Smart Alec Smart Alec (Historic Video) PAL Format DVD Candy Barr Mercy Haystead Annette D. Simmonds ---- ---- Pal Format Drama 78 Min. 1951
Son Of SinbadSon Of Sinbad DVD Joi Lansing Kalantan Kim Novak Lili St. Cyr Nejla Ates Pat D'Arcy Belly Dance 88 Mins. 1955
Strip-O-RamaStrip-O-Rama DVD (also includes: Mandy Kay, Nola Lee, Pat Lombard, Doris MacKenzie, Marinette and Andre, Anne Slayton, Betty Tunell) Betty Page Georgia Sothern Jennie Lee Lili St. Cyr Rosita Royce Venus Beauties Burlesque 78 Min. 1953
Strip, Strip HoorayStrip Strip Hooray V.1 DVD (6 films with many dancers: 'A-B-C'S OF LOVE' | 'A NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD' | 'B GIRL RHAPSODY' | 'EVERYBODY'S GIRL' | 'FRENCH FOLLIES' | 'MIDNIGHT FROLICS') Gay Dawn Shirley J. Rickert Jennie Lee Val de Val Blaza Glory Mae Blondel Burlesque 432 Mins. 1950's-60's
Stripper and the Spider GirlStripper and the Spider Girl (available as a short on 'the Horrors of Spider Island' DVD) Unknown ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- Burlesque 4 Min. 1966
StripteaseStriptease' DVD (also has Sheree North) Betty Page Gypsy Rose Lee Josephine Baker Lili St. Cyr Little Egypt Sally Rand Striptease 96 Min. 1962
StripteaseStriptease' DVD Demi Moore Christi Bauerle Daphne Duplaix Pandora Peaks PaSean Wilson Rena Riffel Drama 115 Min. 1996
Striptease Girl Betty Briggs Helen Rene Joan Bridges Pat Flannery Tempest Storm ---- Burlesque 6:09 Min. 1953
Striptease GoddessStriptease Goddess is on this DVD Misty Ayres Solo ---- ---- ---- ---- Burlesque 6:09 Min. 1953
Striptease GreatestStriptease: The Greatest Exotic Dancers of All Time' DVD (17 legendary dancers on this disc from Little Egypt to Dixie Evans) Betty Page Blaze Starr Genii Young Lili St. Cyr Tura Satana Sally Rand Documentary 96 Min. 1893-50's
Sultan's Daughter Ann Corio Irene Ryan --- --- --- + Others Musical 64 Min. 1943
Sunset Strip V.2Sunset Strip V.2 DVD Betty Howard Kalantan Lotus Wing Misty Ayres Sandra Storm Tempest Storm Burlesque 64 Min. 1950
Swamp Woman Ann Corio Jack La Rue Mary Hull Lois Austin Jay Novello ---- Adventure 68 Min. 1941
TeaseramaTeaserama DVD: One of the most popular Vintage Burlesque DVD's in the world Betty Page Cherrie Knight Chris La Chris Tempest Storm Trudy Wayne Vickie Lynn Stage Show 66 Min. 1955
Tempest Storm CollectionTempest Storm Collection on DVD Tempest Storm Betty Page Various ---- ---- +Others Burlesque 60 Mins. 1950's
This Nude WorldThis Nude World on DVD Leo Donnelly Various Various Various Various +Others Nudist 55 Min. 1932
Tijuana After MidnightTijuana After Midnight on DVD Bobbie Bruce Deenah Prince Libby Jones Misty Ayres Mitzi Doenee Rita Ravelle Burlesque 104 Min. 1953
To Hot Too HandleTo Hot Too Handle on DVD Dixie Evans Patti Waggins Novita Melodee Lane Jean Carter ---- Burlesque 58 Min. 1950
Two Guys from MilwaukeeTwo Guys from Milwaukee on DVD Lili Christine Doris Fulton Humphrey Bogart Janis Paige Joan Leslie Lauren Bacall Burlesque 90 Mins. 1946
Two Guys from TexasTwo Guys from Texas on DVD Lili Christine Dorothy Malone Eileen Howe Joy Barlow Petra Silva Philharmonica Trio Musical 86 Mins. 1948
UnashamedUnashamed: 'A Romance' DVD Rae Kidd Lucille Shearer Emily Todd Various ---- ---- Nudist 60 Min. 1938
Vintage Erotica V.2 Sandra Storm Scarlett Knight Virginia Bell ---- ---- + Others Burlesque 90 Mins. 1950's
Vintage Nudes V.1 Am I Too Big? Artist and Model Blk Lingerie Dance Bullet Bras & Beehives Grapefruit Girl Shipwrecked Burlesque 60 Mins. 1950's-60's
Vintage Strippers V.1 Various n/a n/a n/a n/a + Others Burlesque 70 Mins. 1950's-60's
Walk the Angry Beach Rue McClanahan Joanne Stewart ---- ---- ---- ---- Stripper 79 Mins. 1962
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter Candy Barr Barbara Eden Georgia Carr Jayne Mansfield Joan Blondell Lili Gentle Comedy 92 Mins. 1957