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        Many of these dancers danced on the Vaudeville stage when Vaudeville's history was transforming into Burlesque, as well as dancing in many regular nightclubs which had fabulous stage shows featuring the talent and many times the skin of these famous Hoochy Coochy dancers. Some fabulous dancers found the easy money and cheap fame of the risque side of burlesque very appealing with many changing the way we think, dress and act today.

         This Free List is SORTABLE (Java enabled) by clicking on a column's header: (Trailer, Title, Type, Date, Vid.) Dates refer to video title. Note: Altho these videos are on the tame side, these videos are not suitable for minors as some Videos are on the border-line Adult/risque side (rated-R), so caution is advised, you may want to child block these pages (.../histburl/).

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50,000 BC (Before Clothing)(Dbl.Ft: When Women Played Ding Dong) Kim Pope, Uta Erickson, Antonio Sabato, Aldo Giuffrè 1971 DVD -
A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine (Dbl.Ft: Brick Dollhouse + Trailers) Stacey Walker 1966 DVD -
A Sweet Sickness Margaret Zalud, Sharon Wells, Walker, Wallace, Carol Channing (bitpart) 1966 DVD -?
A Wink and A Smile Miss Indigo Blue, The Shanghai Pearl 2008 DVD -
ABC's Of Love Bebe Hughes, Blaza Glory, Jill Adams, Shirley Jean Rickert, Mae Blondell 1953 - PAL?
All-Star's of Burlesque Evelyn West, Betty Rowland, Hilary Dawn and 18 others 1940's DVD -
Alley Tramp (Dbl.Ft: Over 18 ... and Ready + Trailers) Mary McRea, Larry Martinelli, Margo Stevens, Michelle LeGrande, Gary M. Fox 1969 DVD -
Amazing Transplant, the (+ Shorts and Trailers) Linda Sothern, João Fernandes, Olive Denneccio, Sandy Eden (film by Doris Wishman) 1970 DVD -
Aroused (bundled DVD) Fleurette Carter, Janine Lenon, Joanna Mills 1966 DVD -
Art of Burlesque, the Alice Hunter 1968 - -
Art of Exotic-Dancing for Women Instructional 2001 DVD -
B-Girl Rhapsody Lili St. Cyr, Chili Pepper, Crystal Starr, Frenchy LeVon, Ginger Duval, Nona Carver 1950 - -
Bad Girls Do Cry (3 Video Bundle) - 1954 DVD -
Bad Girls Go To Hell + Bennett Sisters, Gigi Darlene, Marlene Starr, 1966 DVD VHS
Baghdad After Midnight Dimples Morgan, Brandy Jones, Doree, Genji Young, Mae Blondell, Vaida 1954 - -
Ball-of-Fire (aka: 'Professor & the Burlesque Queen') Barbara Stanwyck 1941 DVD -
Bare Box/Bundle, The. (SWV - 5 Films & various Trailers) Blaze Starr, Chesty Morgan 2004 DVD -
Beautiful, the Bloody and the Bare + (Dbl. Feature) Adela St. Johns, Debra Page, Mai Dey, Marlene Denes 1960s DVD -
Bedroom-Fantasy (also: Love Moods) Lili St. Cyr, 1953 - -
Behind Locked Doors + (Dbl. Feature) Andrea Beatrice, Christina Piroska, Eve Reeves, Joyce Danner 1960s DVD -
Bell, Bare And Beautiful Virginia Bell, Sunny Dare, Joy Hodges, Sandra Sinclair 1963 - -
Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixen Kitten Natividad 1979 DVD VHS
Best of Burlesque 1 + Ann Pennington, Sally Rand, Lili St. Cyr, Mae Blondell, Tempest Storm, Marshall & Beetlepuss, Bella Starr, Belasco Belles, Deenah, Dorothy Darling, Dorothy Sloan, Ilona, Bibi & Paula, Valda, Vanya 1991 DVD VHS
Best of Burlesque 2 + (Tomb) Lili St. Cyr, Inez Claire, Deenah, Dixie Evans, Cat Girl and Spider, Lorraine Lane, Natoma & Mr. Frederick, Deena Newell, Bella Starr, Tempest Storm 2002 DVD -
Betty Page: in Bondage Betty Page 1950s DVD -
Betty Page: Uncovered Betty Page 1997 DVD -
Big Boobs and bathing beauties Madge Kirby 1918 - -
Big Bust!, the Tempest Storm 1960s DVD -
Blaze Starr Goes Nudist + Joan Bamford, Allison Louis Downe, Dolores Norris, Sandra Sinclair, Blaze Starr, Jo Walls 1960 DVD -
Bondage Queen Betty Page, Brown, Betty Cushman, Davis, Lili Dawn, Elaine Della, Chris Dimes, Delores DuVaughn, Tina Farrar, Roz Greenwood, Mary Anne Harris, Shelly Leigh, Lynn, Shirley Maitland, Lois Merridan, Alice Mitchell, Barbara Pauline, Renee, Russell, Joan Rydel, Shirley Thompson, Georgia Whitfield, Joanie Wilson 1998 DVD -
Brick Dollhouse, the (Dbl.Ft: A Taste Of Honey + Trailers) Peggy Ann, Lee Corey, Joyanna, Tina Vienna, Wallace 1966 DVD -
Bump and Grind: The Story of Burlesque (Warning - this Video is in PAL format, you need a PAL player to view it.) 2011 PAL -
Behind the Burly Q- The Story of Burlesque in America Alan Alda, Dixie Evans, Tempest Storm, Margie Hart, Kitty West 2010 DVD -
Burlesque (animation) No Info. Available 1932 - -
Burlesque Susan Cabrera, Angélica Chain, Lucy Gallardo, Famie Kaufman, Princess Lea, Jeannette Mass, Lyn May, Alma Muriel 1980 - -?
Burlesque (Motion Picture) Cher, Christina Aquilara Burlesque Musical 2011 DVD BLU
Burlesque-Cake-walk Americus Four Vaudeville (LOC) 1897 - -
Burlesque in-Harlem (Black Exploitation Film) D'Orsey, Princess. Gertrude Banks. + Others (G Rated) 1936 DVD -
Burlesque in-Hawaii Val De Val, Margie Ehrhardt, Grace Hathaway, Susan Marshall, Angeline Miller, Kuulei Monez, Dorthea Novak, Robin Savoy, Seraphine Solis, Jeannae Starr, Diane Walker 1953 - -
Burlesque Massacre (Motion Picture) Horror Flick with lots of T&A! 2011 DVD
Burlesque on Carmen (a Comedy) Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance 1915 DVD -
Buxom Beautease Blaze Starr, Tempest Storm, Mae Blondell, Lili St. Cyr, Dorian Dennis, Eve Adams, Evonne, Rita Grable, Patti Paget, Barbara Pauline, Trudy Wayne 1956 - -
Can-Can, the No Info. Available 1898 - -
Can-Can Follies, the Carmelita, Cleo Nova (Peggy Sarno), Corky McDonald, Syra the Swiss Doll, Wilma Westcott 1954 - -?
Casanova in Burlesque June Havoc, Joe E. Brown 1943 - -
Classic Nudie Cutie Films V1 Sissy Roscoe, Suzy plus others 1960s DVD -
Classic Nudie Cutie Films V2 Mickey Jines, idyll of Lani 2007 DVD -
Classic Nudie Cutie Films V3 Evelyn West, Sally Rand 1930s DVD -
Classic Nudie Cutie Films V4 Virginia Bell, Sherrie Knight ? DVD -
Classic Nudie Cutie Films V5 Virginia Bell, Mechelle Angelo, Cherrie Knight, Lee Germaine, Georgia Holden 1940s DVD -
Classic Nudie Cutie Films V6 Le Germaine, Michelle Angelo, Jane Reynolds, Lillian Parker ? DVD -
Coney Island: American Experience Documentary 1993 - VHS
Cool It Baby (Tri.Ft: Mini Skirt Love, Venus in Furs) Beverly Baum, C.M. Champion, Susan Charge, Christine Cybelle, Barbara Ellen 1993 DVD -
Country Cuzzins (Dbl.Ft: Midnight Plowboy, + Bonus Shorts) Rene Bond, Zena Foster, Debbie Osborne, Princess Pamela, Ellen Stephens, 1970 DVD VHS
Country Hooker (DblFt. Sweet Georgia) Sandy Dempsey, Rene Bond, Maria Arnold 1970s DVD -
Crypt of Dark Secrets (Dbl.Ft: Naked Witch) Maureen Ridley, Ronald Tanet, Herbert G. Jahncke, Wayne Mack, Butch Benit 1961 DVD -
Damaged Goods (VD Film, Dbl. Ft: Hard Road + Various Trailers) Dolores Faith, Connie Nelson, Charlotte Stewart, 1970 DVD -
Dance, Girl Dance (Film) Lucille Ball 1940 DVD VHS
Dance of All Veils No Info. Available 1911 - -
Dance of the Desire (on Dancing-Dolls From Burlesque) Toni Alessandrini, Monique Parent, Jennifer Thomas, Rachel Whaley, 1996 - -
Dancing-Girls-of-Bali (on Dancing-Dolls From Burlesque) Info. Not available 1996 - -
Deadly Weapons Blaze Starr, Chesty Morgan, Denise Purseli, 1970 DVD -
Death Dance of the Virgins (on Dancing- Dolls From Burlesque) - 1996 VHS -
Diary of a Nudist Joan Bamford, Brigette Bernard, Dolores Carlos, Davee Decker, Gloria Flowers, Phyllis & SandraHoek, June Marko, Una Diehl 1958 DVD -
Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque Various aspects of the new wave of Burlesque. Various performers. 2011 DVD -
Dirty Mind of Young Sally + (Dbl.Ft: Teenage Bride) Sharon Kelly, Angela Carnon, Sandy Dempsey, Robin Whittling 1960s DVD -
Double Agent-73 Chesty Morgan 1974 DVD -
Dream-Follies/Dreamland Capers Honey Bruce Friedman, Sally Marr, Timothy Farrell, Lenny Bruce, Bernie Jones, 1958 DVD -
Extra Weird Sampler (100 Movie Trailers galore!) Trailers 2003 DVD -
Fire in a Burlesque Theatre No Info. Available 1904 - VHS
Flesh and Lace (Dbl.Ft: Passion in Hot Hollows + Trailers) Pat Deverse, Heather Hall, Tammy Latour, Alice Linville, Jan Nash, Cleo Nova (in Trailer only), June Roberts, Marlene Starr, Judy Young 1969 DVD -
Flesh Trilogy (Touch, Curse & Kiss)+ No Info. Available 1967 DVD -
French-Can-Can (A Jean Renoir (une comédie musicale) film 1954 - VHS
French Follies Val De Val, Mary Ades, Joanne Bridge, Dorothy Durke, Ruby Lee, Hermie Rose, 1951 - -
French Peep Show Tempest Storm 1950 - -
From Show-Girl to Burlesque Queen No Info. Available 1903 - LOC
Gertie the Grapefruit Girl and Friends Virginia Bell 1969 - -
Girl In Trouble (3 Film Bundle) Tammy Clarke, Bettina Johnson, Neiomi Salitech 1963 DVD -
Girl On The Run Rosemary Petit 1953 - -
Goldilocks and the Three Bares (DblFt. Sinderella and the Golden Bra + Trailers and Shorts) Dolores Carlos, Sandy Devine, Alison Louis Downe, Elaine Exotique, Ginger Hall, Carol June Kimball, Joey Maxim, Marcia Monet, Judy Parsons, Maria Stinger, Toni Toomey 1964 DVD -
Good Ole Naughty Days, the dir. by Michel Reilhac, (film won a a cannes film festival award.) 1920's DVD -
Gypsy Natalie Wood, Roxanne Arlen, Morgan Brittney, Betty Bruce, Ann Jillian, Rosalind Russell, Jean Wiles 1962 DVD -
Hard Road, the (on "Damaged Goods") - 1970 DVD -
Help Wanted Female (Bundled DVD) Dianne Michaels, Inga Olsen, Lucky Winn 1968 DVD -
Here Comes Trouble No Info. Available 1936 - -
Hollywood-and-the-Strippers Lili St. Cyr 1994 - VHS
Hollywood-Peep-Show No Info. Available 1950 - -
Honky-Tonk-Burlesque Renee De Milo, Jack Little, Marlowe 1953 - -
Horse and Buggy Era (Burlesque Clips) No Info. Available 1904 DVD VHS
How to Strip for your Husband Instructional 1998 - VHS
I Mobster - Life Of a Gangster Lili St. Cyr, Lita Milan, Jerry Sothern, Yvette Vickers 1958 - VHS
I Remember Candy Samples Candy Samples (Dir. Napali) 1970's DVD -
I Remember Virginia Bell Virginia Bell, 1950's DVD -
Indecent Desires + (Dbl.Ft: My Brother's Wife + Trailers) Sharon Kent, Darlene Bennett, Jackie Richards, Lee Taylor, Doris Wishman, Joni & June Roberts 1960s DVD -
International-Burlesque Betty Rowland, Deena, Inez Claire, Michelle, Blonde Oriental Dancer 1950 - -
It's Burlesque (Traces Burlesque History, Made for TV) Documentary 2001 - VHS
Judy's Little NO-NO Zorita Ava, Elisha Ingram, Marlene, Miss Fascination, Mora (Bahama Mama), Joe E. Rose, 1969 - -
Jungle Siren Ann Corio, Evelyn Wahl, James Adamson 1942 - VHS
King of Burlesque Alice Faye, Dixie Dunbar, Fats Waller, Mona Barrie 1935 - -
Kiss Me Baby Lili St. Cyr ?, Colleen, Debbie Ray, Gina, Joy Rider, Midnight, Taffy O Neil, Pat Flannery 1957 - PAL
Kitten with a-Whip Ann Margaret, John Forsythe, Peter Brown, Patricia Barry 1964 DVD -
Lady in Question, the Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, Evelyn Keyes 1940 - -
Lady of Burlesque Barbara Stanwyck 1943 - -
Lap-Dancing No Information Available 1995 - -
Lariats and Six-shooters Virginia Bell, Ann Lee, Gloria Joy 1931 - -
Learn The Art of Vintage Burlesque 2010 DVD -
Less'n-of-the-Strap (Film Short on Bundled 'Aroused' Vid) No Information Available 1960s DVD -
Lili's Wedding Night Lili St. Cyr, Leon De Voe, Loretta Miller, Patty Waggin, Vera Richkova 1952 - -
Love Moods Lili St. Cyr 1952 - -
Lullaby of Bareland Virginia Bell, Dolores Carlos, Ann Howe 1964 - -
Merry Maids of the Gay Way Zabouda, Doreen Cannon, Taffy Terrell, Cherri Lee 1954 -DVD VHS
Mesa of Lost Women (Sci-Fi Burlesque) Jackie Coogan, Richard Travis, Allan Nixon, Lyle Talbot 1952 - -
Midnight Plowboy (Dbl.Ft: Country Cuzzins, + Bonus Shorts) Christie Anna, Debbie Osborne, Linda McCrae, Nan Cee 1970 DVD VHS
Mini Skirt Love (Tri.Ft: Cool It Baby, Venus in Furs) Susan Charge, Christine Cybelle, Barbara Ellen, Beverly Baum, C.M. Champion, 1993 DVD -
Miss Burlesque USA No Information Available 1990 - VHS
Mondo Topless (Russ Meyer's) Babette Bardot, Pat Barrington, Sin Lenee, Darlene Grey, Diane Young 1966 DVD VHS
Monster and the Stripper, The Danica Ray, Diane Jordan, Diane Marshall, Donna Raye, Georgette Dante, June Russell (Belly Dancer), Kathy Clifton, Lynne Fontaine, Marilyn Gallo, Patty Kelly, Paula Leeman, Peggy Ann Price, Sonja Massey, Winona Warde 1966 DVD VHS
Mundo depravados (Dbl.Ft: The Love Cult + Trailers) Tempest Storm, Bunny Ware 1967 DVD -
My Brothers Wife + (Dbl.Ft: Indecent Desires + Trailers) Darlene Bennett, Dawn Bennett, June Roberts, Susan Stewart (Dir. Doris Wishman) 1966 DVD -
My Tale Is Hot (Dbl.Ft: Joys of Jezebel + Trailers) Candy Barr, Bea Reddy, Ima Ghoul, Sue Pagano, Bonnie Cooper, Dixie Donovan, Alice Friedland, Angela Graves, Christine Murray, LaLa Vazquez 1964 DVD -
My Wild Irish-Rose Film Lily Christine, Igor Dega, Pierre Andre, Lou Wills Jr., Lillian Russell 1947 DVD -
Naked and the Dead Lili St. Cyr 1958 - VHS
Naked Fury Bennett Sisters (Darlene and Dawn) 1966 - -
Naked Venus (Dbl.Ft: Diary of a Nudist + Extra's & Trailers) Arianne Ulmer, Doris Shriver, Patricia Conelle, Sherrie Elms, Yvonne 1958 DVD -
Naked Witch (Dbl.Ft: Crypt of Dark Secrets) Maureen Ridley, (directed by Larry Buchanan) 1961 DVD -
Naughty-Dallas (Jack Ruby's) Jada, Kim Athas, Peggy Steele (Actually filmed at Ruby's Club) 1964 - VHS
Naughty New-Orleans Allouette Sheila Lane, Julian Car La, Julianna, Montmartre Kitty, Pork Chops Kidney Stew, Stormy Rita Parker 1962 DVD VHS
Naughty New-York Zorita, Glamorous Amazons (Soft Shoe Routine), Kay Saunders, Linda Lombard, Lonnie Young, Vivian Morgan (Mambo Rock Routine) 1959 - -
Naughty Nudes Darlene, Jenn, Lamont, Priscilla, Swenson 1964 -
Night-at-the-Follies, a Evelyn West (The Hubba Bubba Girl), Rene Andree, Pat O'Shea, Margie Roy 1953 - -
Night-in-Hollywood, a Tempest Storm, Dorothy Ates, Misty Ayers, Mae Blondell, Jean Carroll, Leon Deveo, Jeanne Saunders, Wilma Wescott 1953 - -
Notorious Betty Page (Documentary film.) Gretchen Mol, Betty Page 2005 DVD -
Nudes, Inc. Bennett Sisters, Gigi Darlene 1964 -
Nude on the Moon Evelyn Burke, Doc Sevrinson, Joyce Brooks, Joyce Geary, Lacey Kelly, Marietta, Shelby Livingston 1962 DVD VHS
Nude Scrapbook Bennett Sisters, Darlene Bennett, Rita Bennett, Robyn Hilton 1964 DVD -
Olga's Dance Hall Girls Hattie Felder, Linda Boyce, Lucy Eldridge, Mary Victoria 1966 DVD -
Olga's Girls Ann Pepper, Audrey Campbell (as Olga), Ava Denning, Cynthia Grey, Darlene Bennett, Dolly Simmons, Denning, Jane Hill, June Vega, Rickey Bell, Rita Barri, Laloni 1964 DVD VHS
Olga's House of Shame + Angel Aintree, Audrey Campbell (as Olga), Ava Danning, Connie Oliver, Ella Daphne, Jackie Miller, Josel, Susan Small 1964 DVD -
Olga's Massage Parlor Judy Young, Renee Bennett 1965 - -
Orgy of the Dead Arlene Spooner, Barbara Nordan, Bunny Glaser, Coleen O'Brien, Dene Starnes, Fawn Silver, Loralai Hart, Louis Ojena, Mickey Jines, Nadejda Dobrev, Renee De Beau, Stephanie Jones, Texas Starr 1965 DVD VHS
Oriental Vanities Val De Val 19- - -
Original Showgirls, the No Information Available 1966 - -
Over 18 ... and Ready (Dbl.Ft: Alley Tramp + Trailers) Margo Stevens, Michelle LeGrande, Mary McRea, Larry Martinelli, Gary M. Fox 1969 DVD -
Paris-After-Midnight Tempest Storm (an early appearance), Flo Ash, Harry Keaton, Iris Alien, Ken Clarke, Lenny Grayson, Mary Andes, Reis and Roulette Trio, Tandaleye, Timothy Farrell 1951 - -
Paris-Ooh La-La Pamela Holhouse, Roberto Talamo, Dick Randall 1963 - -
Paris-Topless Tempest Storm 1966 - -
Pearl of Baghdad Tempest Storm 1940s - -
Peek-a-Boo, French Jennie Lee, Sherry Winters, Suzette, Venus, The Yum Yum Girl, Virginia Valentine 1953 - PAL
Peek Snatchers (Bullfights, Belly, Flamenco, Snake dances) Penny Damore, Judy Kelly, Carol Raye. 1965 - -?
Pigkeeper's Daughter (Dbl.FT: Sassy Sue) Terry Gibson, Patty Smith (Peggy Church), 1975 DVD -
Pin Up Queen + (Betty's Hat Dance, Betty has a speaking role. 1951 - 1956,) Betty Page, Tempest Storm 1951 DVD -
Playboy- Strip, Sexy Showgirls & Dirty Dancers Playboy Dancers and partners 1995 DVD -
Playboy - The Story of X Candy Barr, Others 1998 DVD -
Portrait of a Showgirl Leslie Ann Warren, Rita Moreno, 1982 DVD -
Premium Cuts: Sinsational Strippers + (Trailers) Ray sisters, Alex Ray, Mackenzie, Mason Marconi, Shea Lynn, Daylene and Eden 2003 DVD -
Ramrodder, the (Dbl.Ft: Revenge of the Virgins + Extra's & Trailers) Catherine Share, Jim Gentry, Julia Blackburn, Kathy Williams, Marsha Jordan (Note: Bobby Beausoleil and Catherine Share of the Manson Family are in this movie - part filmed at Spahn Ranch) 1969 DVD -
Reel Classics No. 2: V#18 Virginia Bell, Bee, Brakeman, Brown, Cassidy, Middleton, Paula Page, Reynolds, Stein, West, Whiz 1989 - -
Reel Classics No. 4: V #28 Virginia Bell, Tempest Storm, Bartow, Brazil, Brown, Burnett, Higgins, Lee, Monique, Ni, Paula Page, Palmer, Reynolds, Shere, Stevens, Taylor 1990 - -
Rent-A-Girl (on 'Aroused' Bundle) Barbara Wood, Carol Dianne, Elizabeth Walker, June Roberts, Margareta Lindblom, Teresa Morgano 1965 DVD -
Retr0-Stag Party: Busty Stars of the 60's Uschi Digard, Kitten Natividad, Tempest Storm, Virginia Bell, 1960's DVD -
Retr0-Stag Party 2: Busty Stars Of The 60's Kitten Natividad,, Gerri Reeves, Roberta Peydon, Virginia Bell, 1960's DVD -
Retr0-Stag Party: All Color Spectacular Eve Meyer, Candy Samples, Uschi Digard, Lillian Parker, Michelle Angelo 1960's DVD -
Revenge of the Virgins (Dbl.Ft: The Ramrodder + Extra's & Trailers) Betty Shay, Jewell Morgan, Jodean Russo, Nona Carver, Pat O'Connell, Ramona Rogers 1969 DVD -
Road Strip Lexy, Teri 2003 DVD -
Roger Corman's Cult Classics: The Nurses Collection Candy Stripe Nurses, Private Duty Nurses, Night Call Nurses, Young Nurses (Candice Rialson, Katherine Cannon) 2012 DVD -
Runaway Girl, the Lili St. Cyr, Suzi Carnell, June Jocelyn, Jock Mahoney, Laurie Mitchell, 1962 - -
Sarong Girl Ann Corio 1943 - -
Sassy Sue (Dbl.FT: Pigkeeper's Daughter) Sharon Kelly 1975 DVD -
Sex-Madness (Dbl Ft. Reefer Madness. aka: Human Wreckage) Rose Tapley, Stanley Barton, Linda Lee Hill Vivian McGill 1938 DVD -
Smart Alec Candy Barr 1951 - PAL
Schlock! The Secret History of American Movies Documentary 2001 DVD -
Shock-O-Rama (Not the Horror Film) Candy Barr, Tempest Storm, Lili St. Clair, Taffy, Sari, Diane, Retlaw Elah, The Mystery Girl, Mrs. Tommy Manville, The Playmates, 1955 - -
Showgirls Elizabeth Berkley, Gaybis, St. Romaine 1995 DVD VHS
Sin In The Suburbs (Dbl Ft: The Swap and How They Make It) Olga Campbell, Dyanne "Ilsa" Thorne (Lahna Monroe), Marla Ellis, Alice Linwell 1960s DVD -
Sinderella and the Golden Bra (DblFt. Goldilocks And The Three Bares + Trailers and Shorts) Donna Anderson, Annette Austin, Althea Currier, Beverly Frankel, Jackie DeWitt, Joan Lemmo, June Faith, Katherine Cornwell, Lise Carole, Patricia Mayfield, Suzanne Sybele 1964 DVD -
Sleazy Stags from Dad's Secret Stash (2 discs, 5 movies, and Booklet) Tina Russell, Shaun Costello 1960s DVD -
Son Of Sinbad Nejla Ates (belly dance,) Lili St. Cyr, Kalantan, Sally Forest 1955 - -?
Southern Comforts (Dbl Ft: Tobacco Roody + Trailers & Shorts and Music) Judy Angel, Wendy Winders 1971 DVD -
Street of a Thousand Pleasures (DblFt: Way Out Topless) Sandy Jackson, Margo Mars, Nancy Young, Terry Benford, Garth Ruger, 1967 DVD -
Strip, Strip Hooray Blaza Glory, Tempest Storm, Wilma Wescott, Princess Livingston, Marie Voe, Iva Pratt 1967 -
Stripper, the Gypsy Rose Lee, Joanne Woodward 1965 SU VHS
Stripper Janette Boyd, Sara Costa, Kimberly Holcomb, Loree Menton, Lisa Suarez 1986 - VHS
StripOrama (also sometimes available on bundled Laser Disc, ALSO Ending is missing from film) Georgia Sothern, Betty Page, Jennie Lee, Lili St. Cyr, Mandy Kay, Nola Lee, Pat Lombard, Doris MacKenzie, Marinette and Andre, The Venus Beauties, Anne Slayton, Betty Tunell 1953 - -?
StripOrama Vol.1 Tempest Storm, Sally Rand, Scarlett Knight - - -
StripOrama Vol.2 Betty Page, Candy Barr, - - -
StripOrama Vol.3 Betty Page, Jennie Lee, Sheree North, Tempest Storm, - - -
Striptease Demi Moore 1996 DVD VHS
Striptease Girl Tempest Storm, Bridges, Briggs, Flannery, Rene, 1952 -
Strip-Tease Nico 1962 DVD -
Strip Tease - The Greatest Exotic Dancers Bettie Page, Gypsy Rose Lee, Josephine Baker, Lili St. Cyr, Little Egypt, Sally Rand, Sheree North, Tempest Storm, Betty Rowland, Cherry Knight, Dixie Evans, Genii Young, Kalantan, Marie Voe, Myrna Dean, Naoma Silverheels, Patti Waggin, Rose La Rose, Rosita Royce, plus many more 2004 DVD -
Sultans Daughter, the Ann Corio 1944 - -
Swamp Woman Ann Corio 1954 DVD -
Sweet Georgia (DblFt. Country Hooker + Trailers) Marsha Jordan, Ric Lutze 1970s DVD -
Takin it All Off Kitten Nativdad, Candy Evans 1987 - VHS
Teaserama (DblFt: Varietease) Baer, Betty Page, Chris LaChris, Vickie Lane (Female Impersonator), Cherrie Knight, Tempest Storm, Twinnie Wallens, Trudy Wayne 1950s DVD VHS
Teenage Bride, (Dbl.Ft: Dirty Mind of Young Sally) Sharon Kelly 1970 DVD -
Those Who Hunt Elves - Ready, Set, Strip! Animated - DVD -
Tiger and the Pussycat Ann-Margret, Eleanor Parker, Fiorenzo Fiorentini, Antonella Steni, Vittorio Gassman 1967 DVD VHS
Tit Queens of the Past V.6 Uschi Digard, Candy Samples, Michelle Angelo, Starr Murphy, Cherry Bomb 1960's DVD -
Tit Queens of the Past V.7 Virginia Bell, Michelle Angelo, Linda West, Shawn Deveraux, Sherrie Knight 1960's DVD -
Tobacco Roody (Dbl.Ft: Southern Comforts + Trailers and Short & Music) Wendy Winders, Judy Angel, Jack Richesin, Jacob Often, John Tull, (directed by Bethel Buckalew) 1971 DVD -
Too Hot to Handle Betty Rowland, Dixie Barton, Miss Lee Barry (also on the Best of Burlesque vhs) 1950 DVD -
Two Bells for Virginia (on the Vintage Erotica (Burlesque Edition) Vol. 2 disc) Virginia Bell 1960's DVD -
Two Girls For a Madman / Mr. Mari's Girls / Tortured Girls 1960's DVD -
Two Guys from Milwaukee Lily Christine 1946 - -
Two Guys From Tex. Lily Christine 1948 - -
Varietease Lili St. Cyr, Betty Page, Franklin, Chris LaChris, Lane, Lynn, Winnie Wallens 1954 DVD -
Vegas-Nights Blaze Blondell, Elvira Pagan, Hillary Dawn, Rita Ravell 1954 - VHS
Venus In Furs (Tri.Ft: Cool It Baby, Mini Skirt Love) Christine Cybelle, Susan Charge, Barbara Ellen, Beverly Baum, C.M. Champion, (directed by Joseph Marzano) 1993 DVD -
Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 (18 short films, Photo Galleries, etc) No Information Available 1920 1920 DVD -
Vintage Erotica Anno 1930 (short films, Photo Galleries, etc) No Information Available 1930 1930 DVD -
Vintage Erotica Anno 1940 (short films, Photo Galleries, Spanking, Lesbian etc) No Information Available 1940 1940 DVD -
Vintage Erotica Anno 1950 (15 short films, Photo Galleries etc) No Information Available 1950 1950 DVD -
Vintage Erotica Anno 1960 (short films, Series of Vintage Erotica Films etc) No Information Available 1960 1960 DVD -
Vintage Erotica (Burlesque Edition) Vol. 2 Sandra Storm, Virginia Belle, Scarlett Knight 2008 DVD -
Way Out Topless (DblFt: Street of a Thousand Pleasure) Margo Mars , Sandy Jackson, Nancy Young, Terry Benford, Garth Ruger, 1967 DVD -
What Price Burlesque No Information Available 1929 - -
When Women Played Ding-Dong Uta Erickson, Kim Pope, Antonio Sabato, Aldo Giuffrè 1971 DVD -
Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield (+ Trailers and Shorts) Jayne Mansfield, Robert Jason, Fernand Aubrey, Monte Duro, Lino Enner 1968 DVD -

Striptease with Demi Moore - DVD
Blaze Starr Goes Nudist [DVD]
Varietease featuring Betty Page and Lili St. Cyr
Show Girls
The Beautiful, The Bloody along With Behind Closed Doors Double Feature
Lady Burlesque
Jayne Mansfield
House Of Savage
Sinderella and Goldilocks
Damaged Goods and Hard Road DVD
Portrait of a Showgirl, Tony Curtis, Rita Moreno [DVD]
Street Corner DVD cover
Indecent Desires / My Brothers Wife
Aroused / Rent A Girl / Help Wanted Female / Leeson of the Strap
Girl In Trouble: Bundle / Bad Girls do Cry plus more
Double Agent 73 features Chesty Morgan

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