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Burlesque History Arhives: Main

Streetswing's Burlesque History Archives Main Index Page (Photo of: Dixie Evans)
Legendary Burlesque Queen: Miss Dixie Evans

  Burlesque (aka: Ecdysiast) such a neat word and has so many meanings. It's still as racy as its origins and gets ones mind working in sheer delight at the thought of seeing it!. Burlesque has evolved alot over time and has roots as far back as 364 BC with 'Hannibal', the famous Fabulæ Atellanæ' but really became first known as such in 1387 when Geoffrey Chaucer published the first British burlesque, "The Canterbury Tales," which was a bawdy collection of stories that included "The Wife of Bath." Burlesque is slow to rise until in 1727 when John Gay's "The Beggar's Opera" opens at London's Inn Theater. The beggar's Opera burlesque becomes London's first stage success which would last until 1886. In 1734 Ballet Dancer Marie Camargo raises dancing skirts above the ankle (for better freedom of movement) which raises everyones eyebrows as well!

   By 1830 the Can-CAN is getting rave reviews, and with little success is being banned all over as lewd and immoral. 1861 brings Adah Isaac Menken's ride across the big stage dressed in pink tights and a short tunic which starts a whole new generation of women in stage performances and attention to their clothing a main topic, her routine also had a sort of disrobing which is said starts the first public striptease. In 1866 "the Black Crook" opens which was a big success and a milestone in dance and nudity on stage.

  Burlesque finally arrives in the USA from France via Britain in 1868 with the Hootchy-Cootchy dance & the Can-Can dancers, with one of the first being Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes. Also in 1868 the Folies Bergere opens its doors in France and the rest is, well, history. Burlesque was originally not about stripping but rather musical Comedy, Dance and Song which eventually split and became Vaudeville while Burlesque became more and more a girly show thru time (Vaudeville was basically dead by 1932, because of film.) In 1875 Le Divan Fayouau in the 'Rue des Martyrs' performs a sketch that requires her to remove most of her clothing one piece at a time ... and Striptease is now official.

  The transformation into Risque Burlesque continued onto the early 1900's with the very first runway appearing at the 'Shubert Theater' in 1912 and later a man named "Minsky" installs his first runway which was a huge push. Also, in 1917 a dancer named Carrie Fenway would be the first to reveal herself (her breast) on stage, even if only accidentally and by 1923 Hinda Warsaw is said to be the first American stripper who was publicly announced in 1925 as such. In the early 1930's Josephine Baker becomes the first international topless star.

  By the 1970's Burlesque was no longer as the porn industry completly took over. However, today there is a revival of Burlesque of 'them olden days' (pre 70's) with Comedy, Skits, Costumes, classy-sexy, Make-up, Dated raunchyness, Dance acts, Modern themes, Pasties and some times downright silliness ... These "New Age Burlesque" shows breathe new life and Shenanigans into these "specialists of seduction who were once thought to be long gone and dwelling among the dodo's now seems to be a healthy, thriving community today ... we're glad it is!

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Burlesque Dancers Biographies

Streetswings Burlesque Dancer History Archives
Burlesque Dancers Archives

  If your looking for vintage Burlesque Dancer Information, this is a great place to start. Here you may find info. on who they were, real names, Birthdates, Place of Birth, Stats or Measurements, Eye and Hair color, Height, weight etc. What Films they were in if any, Clubs they danced at, Circuits they travelled. Any special dance acts they performed and much more. All if available that is!

  Below is some of the information that may be available at this time:

  • Birthplaces:
  • Birthdates:
  • Dance Acts: Any Specialties they did.
  • Films: If any they had a role in.
  • General Biography Information
  • Measurements and Stats: (Plus Hair Color etc.)
  • Nightclubs: Where they danced!


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Burlesque Dancers Video Clips

Streetswings Burlesque Dancers Video Clips
Teaserama and Many More

  We've narrowed many down to a quick list so If you have a little time to spend go here and click and watch these one by one. These short subject Video Clips are pretty tame by today's standards but are still great to watch as these ladies had some great dance and non-dance acts as well as just seeing some of the legends in their glory days. Some of the quality is well, You-tube but good enuff!!!

  • No need to hunt thru You-tube: We've grouped 'em all together
  • Sortable Lists: By Title, Type, Date, Dancers etc.
  • Many Dancers: Blaze Starr, Candy Barr, Tempest Storm, Virginia Bell, Gypsy and many more!
  • Take a trip down memory lane: Sit Back, Relax and pass some time!


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Vintage Burlesque On DVD's

Streetswings Burlesque Dancers Film DVD's
Featured DVD: Shanty Tramp!

  These DVD's are pretty tame by today's standards but are still great to watch as these ladies had some great dance and non-dance acts as well as just seeing some of the legends in their glory days. Some of the films however are so bad they are actually fun to watch. You-tube has many of these but the video quality is only plausable at best and I like to have my own DVD video library, and being into dance history ... Burlesque DVD's do make up one fun category of mine.

Dancers Like: Gypsy Rose Lee, Dixie Evans, Zorita, Kalantan, Irma The Body, Virginia Bell, Betty Page, Jenny Lee, Ann Corio, Lili St. Cyr, Blaze Starr, Tempest Storm, Lili Christine, Margie Hart, Patti Waggins, Sally Rand, Nejla Ates and many, many others

  • Many Motion Picture Titles: Gypsy, Striptease, Notorious Betty Page and others.
  • Sortable Lists: By Title, Type, Date, Dancers etc.
  • Many Short Subjects Bundles: Many are hard or difficult to find!
  • Crazy, Campy Fun: Stripper Shenanigans abound in many of these!


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Books About Burlesque

Burlesque and the Art of the Tease by Dita Von Tease
Featured Book by: Dita Von Tease

  • Coming Soon!: We are working on a Book list, check back soon!