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Page W: Vintage Burlesque Dancer History Index List W (Pictured: Burlesque Stripper Miss Anna May Wong) Listings
Streetswing's Dance History Archives!

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Burlesque Dancers Index: W

Streetswings Burlesque (Ecdysiast) Dancers History Archives index lists W. This page lists 'Legendary' to 'Not So famous' Burlesque dancers and Strippers from the past (mainly pre-70's) that start with the Letter W. Warning, Some pics are on the Risqué side!!!. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet, or try the normal dancers listings link below.
  Also See: Non-Burlesque dancers listings: 'W'

(Click 'Table Headers' below to Sort) ... "These women are fairly good looking (mostly,) the dialogue -- well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place!"
Photo Last Name First Name Birth Place Information Measurments Dance Type Dates
Pics Waggin Patti Southern California ?, USA aka: Patti Bronell | Realname: Patricia Heartwig | Billed: "the co-ed with the educated torso, The Doll with Sex-Oomp, The Boldest Beauty in Burlesque | Married: 2nd. Bill Brownell. 3rd baseball player Don Rudolph 36"-23"-35" | Raven Hair Burlesque | Strip 1926-1992
Pics Wallace Beryl Brooklyn, NY. Realname: Beryl Heischuber n/a Burlesque b.1909
Pics Wallace Tequila Detroit ? Sepia Dancer | Tried to commit suicide by poison after her act | Married: Yes Black Hair Burlesque | Stripper | Shake Dancer b.1934
Pics Wallen Twinnie n/a Varietease (1954), $ Teaserama 1955 Brunette Burlesque | Strip 1950's
Pics WareBunny n/a n/a n/a Burlesque | Strip 1970s?
Pics Wassau Hinda Waterbury, Conn. aka: various spellings: Warsaw, Wassa, Wauson | Billed: 'And Her Hindu Belles' | (May be the first American stripper) | Alvin, Rialto, Capitol Theatres | (There was a Burlesque 'Babe Wassou' - Eltinge theatre 1942) n/a Burlesque | Strip | Shimmy 1925's
Pics Wayne Ginger USA Realname: Estelle Clark | Married: Harold Shapiro (1/14/1945) n/a Burlesque | Strip 1945's
Pics Wayne Trudy n/a $ Teaserama 1955 | Buxom Beautease (1956)Blonde Hair Burlesque 1950's?
Pics Webber Diane USA aka: Marguerite Empey n/a Belly Dancer | Cheesecake Model 1950's
Pics Wells (Welles) Vicki USA Billed: The Most Sculptured Body in the World, The Radiant Red Headed A-Peeler | Rialto, Palace, Empire Burlesque | Said to choreograph a new routine/act for every gig | 1953 Used 4 mirrors in her act | 1955 Oriental Fantasy Red Head Burlesque | Model 1940's
Pics West Evelyn Adair County, Kentucky aka: $50K Treasure Chest, Hubba Bubba Girl | A Night at the Follies (1956), Birth of the Blues (1941) 5'41⁄2" | 391⁄2"-25"-35" Burlesque | Strip B.1/30/1922-11/14/2004
Pics West Kitty Mississippi aka: Evangeline the Oyster Girl | Real Name: Abbie Jewel Slawson | Married: Jerry West (1956) n/a Burlesque | Strip b.6/1930
Pics West Mae Brooklyn, NY Realname: Jane West. (Not a Stripper) 39"-27"-39" Actress | Burlesque b.8/17/1893
PicsWhite Thelma USA n/a n/a n/a 1940's
Picss Whizz Gee USA aka: Gigi Patterson/Martineau | Realname: Mary Glisson | billed: The Grand Slam, The Wow of the West | Star of Seattle's Worlds Fair Follies Revue 56"-28"-38" Burlesque 1950's
Pics Wild Cat Frenchie USA aka: Jexebel n/a Burlesque 1950's
Pics Wild Cherry n/a USA aka: Galatea, the Statue that comes to life, Torchy | Silver Frolics | Bourbon Street n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
Pics Wilde Sonia USA n/a n/a n/a 1960's
Pics Wilkinson June Eastbourne, England aka: 'The Bosom', 'The Body', 'The Moulin Rouge', 'Macumba Love', 'The Rage Within' | Married: Dan Pastorini 43"-22"-36" Burlesque | Cabaret Dancerb.3/27/1940
Pics Williams Grace USA aka: The Flying Saucer Girl n/a n/a 1950's
Pics Williams Joan n/a Married: Frankie Richardson | Danced at Fay's n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1942's
Pics Wilson Imogene USA Ziegfeld Girln/a Burlesque | Stripper 1930's
Pics Wing Loyus Hawaiian/Chinese Married, 4 kids as of 1955 n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1955's
Pics Winters Billy Jo USA n/a n/a n/a 1930's?
Pics Winters Jaime n/a n/a n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1960's?
Pics Winters Sherry USA aka: "The Yum Yum Girl" | Realname: Nadine Maroney | Died of Diabetes (Valhalla Cemetary), one son Michael | Film: Peek-A-Boo n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1928-1953
Pics Wong Anna May Los Angeles, CA. aka: The Dragon Lady | Realname: Wong Liu Tsong | Asian Actress | Dancer | Model Brown Eyes | Brunette | 5'-7" Burlesque | Actress 1/3/1905-2/2/1961
Pics Wong Jadin Marysville, CA. Danced: Forbidden City Nightclub | danced with Charlie See | n/a Burlesque | Strip | Ballet | Ballroom | Moon Dance | Dance of the Moon Goddess 5/24/1913-3/2010
Pics Wong Lana Honk Kong Billed as: 'The Jane Russell of Hong Kong', 'The Chinese Jane Russell'.' | Came to USA 1949 n/a Burlesque | Strip | Drum Dance 1949's
Pics Wood Natalie San Francisco, CA. Realname: Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko (Actress, Not a stripper, played Gypsy in film: 1962) | Married: Robert Wagner (1972-1981) n/a Actress | Played Stripper Role 7/20/1938-11/21/1989
Pics Wow-Wow Miss n/a Billed as: The Girl With Plenty of WOW! 48"-22"-35" Burlesque | Striptease 1940's
Pics Wynette Winsome USA Married: Don Hart (Chicago 1946) n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
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