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Burlesque Group Dance History Index List (Pictured: British Blonde Burlesque Troupe Poster) Listings
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Burlesque Dance Groups!

Streetswings Burlesque Groups, Troupes and Teams History Archives index lists. This page lists Burlesque dancers performing in groups with each other from 1880's and up alphabetically. Warning, Some pics are on the Risqué side!!!. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet, or try the Non Burlesque Group dancers listings link below.
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Photo Group Name Choreographer Information Dancers Type Era
Pics 6 Brucettes n/a Chicago Spot Casino n/a Follies Chorus 1942
Pics 6 Uncover Girls n/a Beretania Theatre, HI. n/a Burlesque Chorus 1950's
Pics 8 Abdallah Girls n/a Gayety Montreal/Allen Gilbert Chorus n/a Burlesque Chorus 1942
Pics 9 Venus Beauties, the Aline Slayton ? Strip-O-Rama 1953 Aline Slayton Burlesque Troupe 1953
Pics 13 Sadie Girls* Anna Held aka Anna Held Girls | The Little Dutchess n/a Showgirls | Ziegfeld 1901
Pics 14 Marion Robinson Girls Marion Robinson n/a n/a Sepia dancers 1942's
Pics 16 Dorothy Bellettes Dorothy Bell | Gus Flagg Gayety Theatre | aka: Dottie Bellettes Burlesque Troupe 1947's
Pics 16 Dottie Bellettes Dorothy Bell Gayety Theatre | n/a Burlesque Troupe 1947's
Pics 16 Nicklettes Buddy Nickel Baltimore | Gayety Theatre n/a Burlesque Troupe | Chorus 1940's
Pics Alfreeda Walerettes Rose Hoffman (Captain) Jazques, Waterbury Connecticut Francis Hoffman | Mary Larkir | Judy Stevens | Margie Gaye | Frankie Fairbanks | Barbara Kane | Ginger & Lynn Miller | Jean Creelman | Kitty Leberson | Margaret Salas | Josephine Sapositi | Betty Colette Burlesque Troupe | Chorus 1942
Pics Anna Held Girls Anna Held aka: 13 Sadie Girls n/a Showgirls | Ziegfeld 1907
Pics Beef Trust Billy Watson n/a n/a Burlesque Troupe 1890's
Pics Billboard Dancers, the n/a n/a Joannie and Marie Burlesque Duo 1960
Pics Chez Paree Adorables Mike Fritzel | Joey Jacobson Chez Paree Nightclub (Chicago) | 8 girl Dance group June Taylor | Bernice Decker | Billy Reed | Lorraine Levoir | Jay Lucas | Vivian Parker | Doris Browner Burlesque Troupe | Chorus 1931
Pics Cozy Corner Girls Billy 'Beef Trust' Watson Burlesque Girls n/a Burlesque Troupe 1930's
Pics Dancing Hardells n/a Burlesque Girls Team | Rivoli (Seattle) n/a Burlesque Troupe 1946
Pics Darettes, the Dixie Dare Chez Paree | Broken Dollar (Pueblo, CO.) Dixie Dare | Vikki Vannette Burlesque Troupe 1953's
Pics Dixon Girls, the Dixon Orpheum Theatre n/a Burlesque Troupe | Chorus 1932
Pics Evelyn Taylor and Her Golden Girls Evelyn Taylor Baltimore, MD. Gayety Theatre Burlesque Troupe | Chorus 1940's
Pics Gaiety Girls n/a Capitol Theatre (PA) n/a Burlesque Troupe | Chorus | Tiller type 1936
Pics Glamorous Amazons, the n/a n/a n/a Burlesque Troupe 1950's
Pics Gypsy Rose Lee Girl Show Dottie Denke (Mrs. Lynch Mgr.) Travelled the Hirst Circuit n/a Burlesque Troupe 1949's
Pics Hollywood Glamourettes n/a Hollywood Theatre n/a Burlesque Troupe 1950's
Pics Ida Rose Dancers Ida Rose ? Casino Theatre (PA.) n/a Burlesque Troupe 1944
Pics Jackalettes | the Jackie Richards Danced in Valerie Parks "Bottoms Up" at the Palace Theatre* n/a Burlesque Troupe 1943
Pics Jonel Dancers, the Jonel Durant Philadelphia | PA Betty 'Allie' Clark | Bettye 'Sammy' Kearse | Charlotte 'Charley' Lilly | Vera 'Dolly' Faust Burlesque Troupe 1940's?
Pics Knee High Girls n/a Capitol Theatre (PA) n/a Burlesque Troupe | Chorus | Tiller type 1936
Pics Kramer's Midgets n/a Empress (MI) n/a Burlesque Troupe 1942's
Pics Lee Henderson Dancers Lee Henderson Latin Casino n/a n/a 1949
Pics Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes (1860's) Lydia Thompson n/a n/a Burlesque Troupe 1860'S
Pics Muriel Asche Girls Muriel Asche Gayety Theatre n/a Burlesque Troupe 1940's
Pics Night Hawks Hazel Miller Orpheum (PA) n/a Burlesque Troupe 1932
Pics Rose Buds of '55 Rose La Rose n/a n/a Burlesque Troupe 1955
Pics Red Rhythm Girls n/a Capitol Theare (PA) | Red Rhythm CO. n/a Burlesque Chorus 1936
Pics Royal American Beauties Gypsy Rose Lee n/a n/a Burlesque Troupe 1950's
Pics Silver Bells, the n/a Cotton Club n/a Sepia Burlesque Troupe 1938
Pics Six Vannettes, the n/a 2 O'Clock Club n/a Tap Burlesque Troupe 1930's
Pics Swingettes, the Rene Darst Paradise Beach Hotel n/a Burlesque Troupe 1944's
Pics Zaftig British Blondes Zaftig ? n/a n/a Burlesque Troupe 1860's
Pics Ziegfeld Girls Ziegfeld n/a See Ziegfeld Page Burlesque Troupe | Tiller 1920's
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