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Models Page: Vintage Burlesque Models History Index List (Pictured: Miss Dorothy Dandridge) Listings
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Burlesque Index List: Models

Streetswings Burlesque Models History Archives index lists. This page lists 'Legendary' to 'Not So famous' Burlesque Models from the past (mainly pre-70's) Information. Many Burlesque dancers also did modeling and are listed on seperate pages. Warning, Some pics are on the Risqué side!!!. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet, or try the normal dancers listings link below.
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(Click 'Table Headers' below to Sort) ... "These women are fairly good looking (mostly,) the dialogue -- well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place!"
Photo Last Name First Name Birth Place Information Measurments Dates
Pics Adams Julie USA b.1930 Redhead 1951's
Pics Banzet Josette Paris, France Fired from the $64,000 challenge TV Show as too sexy | Grew Up in Morocco, came to USA in 1951 38"-23"-36" | Blonde 1958's
Pics Blake Sunny Philadelphia, PA. n/a Green Eyes | 1951's
Pics Carr Kitty USA n/a 35"-25"-35" | Ankle 8, Calf 12, Thigh 19 1951's
Pics Cheret Claire n/a Eyeful Magazine 4-1949 35"-25"-36 | 5'11" | Blonde b.1930
Pics Choo Hannah Saigon ? Eurasian Brunette b.1941
Pics Clair Toni Brooklyn, NY n/a 5'3" | Red or Dark Brown hair 1951's
Pics Connor Caroline Los Angeles, CA. n/a 35"-24"-34" | 5'-10" | Brown Eyes/Hair | 120 lbs. B.1931
Pics Cox June Los Angeles, CA. 1938 Life Magazine article 34"-24"-34" | 5'-6-3/4" | Strawberry Blonde Hair | 124 lbs. B.1918
Pics Connors Sandi Florida n/a Brunette 1960's
Pics Dahaime Terry USA 8/1954 Laff Mag. 35"-24"-34" | 5'-6" | 115 lbs. | Taffy Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | b.1930
Pics Deal Jo n/a n/a 35"-25"-35" | Thigh 20" 1951's
Pics Downs Vern n/a n/a 5'-5" | 112 lbs. | Redhead 1950's
Pics Dulje Jean Denise n/a 1952: Frolic Mag. (Vol. 1, No. 5) | Pro Ice Skater 35"-24"-35" | Blonde b.1929
Pics Fair Canda USA n/a 118 lbs. | Blue Eyes 1951's
Pics Fannon Christinne Paris, FR. Moulon Rouge Showirl (france) 40"-25"-37" | 6'11" 1950's
Pics Gabin Gloria USA n/a 37"-24"-35" | Blonde | Blue eyes 1958's
Pics Goodman Barbara n/a n/a 36"-23"-34" | 5'-5" | 120 lbs. 1950's
Pics Grayson Sheila Chicago, IL. Also an Artist n/a B.1945
Pics Hennessy Nikki USA n/a 36"-24"-36" | 5'-5" | 114 lbs. B.1930
Pics Joiner Eleanor Gary, Indiana n/a 34"-24"-38"- 1950's
Pics Kennedy Vicki USA OO7-Goldfinger actress | Model 38"-24"-37" | 5'7" 1960's
Pics Maoli Nani (Lani) Hawaii n/a 38"-22"-35" | 5'-3" b.1939
Pics Marachi Maria USA aka: Spider Woman | Nifties vol 1 #5 magazine-4/1957 34"-20"-35" | 5' Tall | Red Hair | Blue Eyes | Latina 1967
Pics Marlow Kathy Minneapolis Was Model, then actress, Life Magazine 37"-23"-35 B.1938
Pics Martel Christinne Paris, France Miss Universe | Sister: Georgette Martel 34"-23"-35" | Green Eyes | 125 lbs. 1950's
Pics Martel Georgette Paris, France Sister: Christienne Martel (Miss Universe) 34"-23"-35"- 1950's
Pics Martin Ginger Florida n/a 39"-25"-36 | Brunette 1958's
Pics June McCall Los Angeles ? 8/1954 Laff Magazine 36"-24"-35" | 5'-7" | Auburn Hair | Blues Eyes | 125 lbs. b.1935
Pics Moore Cleo USA Radio show, kissing marathon 37"-22"-35" | Platinum Blonde | Blue Eyes b.1930
Pics Page Ann California Sweetheart of Pomona College 38"-23"-36" | 5'-5" | 115 lbs. | Green Eyes 1950's
Pics Page Betty Nashville, TN. Realname: Betty May Page | Married: Billy Neal (1943-47), Armond Walterson (1958-63) 36"-23"-36.5" | 128lbs. | 5'5" | Black Hair | Blue Eyes 4/22/1923-12/11/2008
Pics Paradise Julie (Judy) New York Born Modern Man Mag. 10/1966 39"-22"-36" | Red Hair b.1944
Pics Parker Jan n/a n/a 38" Bust & Hips 1950's
Pics Penn Dondi n/a Van Dercar model 39"-24"-36" | Black Pixie styled Hair 1960's
Pics Raye Mary Anne n/a Sister to Peggy n/a 1950's
Pics Raye Peggy n/a Sister to Mary Anne 120 lbs. | Black Hair 1950's
Pics Raymond June West Coast n/a 34"-24"-35" | 5'-7" | Blonde 1050's
Pics Renard Suzi Chicago n/a n/a 1951's
Pics RoDann Ziva n/a n/a 36"-23"-35" | Green Eyes 1950's
Pics Verdier Caroline Nice, France aka: Le Chat (the cat) 37"-25"-35" | Black Hair | Tall 1940's
Pics Wagner Diane n/a Was an airline hostess, Model | May have done Burlesque 38"-24"-35" | Blonde | 5'4" b.1936
Pics West Marilyn n/a n/a 37"-23"-37" 1950's
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