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Page L: Vintage Burlesque Dancer History Index List L (Pictured: Stripper Crystal La Vegas) Listings
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Burlesque Dancers Index: L

Streetswings Burlesque (Ecdysiast) Dancers History Archives index lists L. This page lists 'Legendary' to 'Not So famous' Burlesque dancers and Strippers from the past (mainly pre-70's) that start with the Letter L. Warning, Some pics are on the Risqué side!!!. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet, or try the normal dancers listings link below.
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(Click 'Table Headers' below to Sort) ... "These women are fairly good looking (mostly,) the dialogue -- well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place!"
Photo Last Name First Name Birth Place Information Measurments Dance Type Dates
Pics La Bouef Helen n/a Realname: Sheri Lynn n/a Burlesque | Model 1957's
Pics Labrech Cherry USA aka: Wild Cherry n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1940's?
Pics La Chris Chris n/a $ Teaserama 1955. n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics La Fever Viva n/a retired in 1980's n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1970's
Pics La Forte Carmen USA 11/1941: It Magazine n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics La Homa Princess USA Realname: Lohoma Willingham | Billed: Beautiful Chickasaw Chi Park Burlesque | Old Howard Theatre (12/1951) | Erotic Indian Dancer Pics Burlesque | Stripper d.1966
Pics La Mache Flame USA Tassel Twirler n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics LaMont Lily USA Billed: The Alaskan Heat Wave, Lady Bountiful | Lost film | French Peep Show | Yesterday's Sunset | Hollywood Madness (radio) | Married: George Tirebiter n/a Burlesque | Stripper | Prositute 1940's
Pics La Rose See Page n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pics La Roso n/a USA? Was sued by Rose La Rose over name n/a Burlesque | Shake dancer 1940's
Pics La Sarena n/a n/a aka: The Fire Goddess, The Aqua Goddess n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics La Savona n/a Czechoslovakia Int'l Dancing Star of the Modern Scheherazade n/a Burlesque | Stripper | Actress 1950's
Pics La Tour Adele USA aka: Latour | Sho-Bar n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics La Tour Tonga USA Billed: Bronze Bomber | Paradise club 37" Hips and Bust Black Burlesque | Shake Dancer 1950's
Pics La Val Del USA? n/a Black Hair Burlesque | Stripper 1950's?
Pics La Vegas Crystal n/a Real Name: Chris Snow n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1960's
Pics La Verne Fran New Orleans, LA. Aloha Club | Originally a bra model n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1960's
Pics La Wanda Princess USA? Billed: Bronze Goddess of Fire | Sepia Burlesque star n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Lake Baby USA n/a n/a Burlesque | Stripper | model 1940's
Pics Lake Daphne Buffalo, NY. aka: Marshmallow Girl, Jezebelle | Billed: Miss Elegance | The Body Beautiful 39"27"38" Burlesque | Strip 1960's
Pics Lamont Ann USA? aka: the Devil Lady n/a Burlesque | Strip 1950's
Pics Lane Bambi USA aka: Esther, Skippy, The Newark Streaker | Tassel Twirler | Streaked in NY, was arrested 1974 | Granny a Go-Go n/a Burlesque | Stripper n/a
Pics Lane Beverly USA aka: The Most Daring Girl in Burlesque | Gayety Theatre n/a n/a 1940's
Pics Lane Joy USA African-American Dancer n/a Burlesque n/a
Pics Lane Rusty USA aka: Paula Lynd | Rusty Lane and her Stars on Parade | Billed as: Exciting and Enchanting, The Flaming Dutchess of Disrobe | Youngstown Park Theater n/a Burlesque | Striptease 1940's
Pics Lane Sally USA aka: Sally Majestic n/a Burlesque | Striptease 1950's
Pics Lane Sheila USA aka: Allouette Sheila Lane | Naughty New Orleans. n/a Stripper 1950's
Pics Lansing Joi Salt Lake City, UT. aka: Miss Hollywood | Realname: Joyce Wasmansdorff 39"23"35" Actress | B-Movie | Burlesque Model | Singer 4/26/1928-8/7/1972
Pics Larah n/a USA n/a n/a Burlesque n/a
Pics Larson Darlene USA Appeared in Minsky's Burlesque Follies n/a Burlesque | Strip-Tease 1960's
Pics LaValle Ardeth USA Realname: Ardeth LaValle | Father: Russell Lavalle (Burley promoter) n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1946's
Pics LaVon Frenchy n/a B-Girl Rhapsody (1950) n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Laye Rhonda n/a n/a Platinum Blonde Burlesque | Stripper 1970's
Pics Lea Tammy Dallas, TX? Jack Ruby's club Blonde Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics LeLand Delores n/a Married: Kirk Brown (died 1953, age 54) n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1953's
Pics Leblanc Allouette Montana aka: Tassel Twirler, the | 1954 Naughty New Orleans n/a Burlesque | Stripper b. 1932
Pics Lee Agatha USA Roxy n/a n/a
Pics Lee Chelina USA n/a n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Lee Gypsy Rose Seattle, WA Realname: Rose Louise Hovick | The Stripper (1963) | Babes in Baghdad (1952) |Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937) 5'10" | 37"23"36" | 132 lbs Burlesque | Stripper | Actress | Author 2/9/1914-4/26/1970
Pics Lee Heaven USA aka: The Devilish Angel Of Burlesque n/a Burlesque 1970's
Pics Lee Imogene n/a aka: Jean Carter n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1951's
Pics Lee Jenny (Jennie) Kansas City | Missouri aka: Miss 44 and Plenty More | The Bazoom Girl. Realname: Virginia Lee Hicks | m: Danny Wanick (1949) and Charlie Arroyo | (Jan and Dean: 'Jennie Lee' song) | Founded 'Exotic Dancers League' in 1955. 5'9" | 42"28"38" Burlesque | Stripper 9/23/1928-3/24/1990
Pics Lee Ling USA Realname: Dreen Lee (née) | King Col'es Show Bar | Used many costumes Black Hair Burlesque | Stripper | Asian 1950's
Pics Lee Loraine n/a n/a n/a Burlesque | Stripper b.1921
Pics Lee Margie USA Retired 1942 after marriage | Married: Mac Mayershon n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1942's
Pics Lee Sharon n/a n/a 5'-3" | 35"23"35" Burlesque | Stripper 1950s?
Pics Lee Stormy USA n/a Black Hair Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Lee Tender n/a aka: Statuesque Venus, the n/a Burlesque 1950's
Pics Leigh Bambi n/a n/a n/a Burlesque 1960's
Pics LeMont Ann USA aka: Devil Lady | Used black veiled skirt Black Hair Burlesque | Stripper n/a
Pics Leonard Ada USA Quit Burlesque for USO Shows in 1941 | Became band leader 1942 n/a Burlesque | Stripper | USO | Band Leader 1942's
Pics Leslie Candy n/a Married: Ray Church (divorced '46) n/a Burlesque 1946's
Pics Lewis Diane n/a n/a n/a Burlesque | Minsky's 1960's
Pics Lilly (no first name) Norfolk, VA. Realname: Icel Conden | Started burlesque 1951 as Chorus Girl at Follies Burlesque in Los Angeles | Had own Revue 5'9" | Blonde | 36"25"36" Burlesque | Stripper 1954's
Pics Lilly Tiger n/a The Playpen (1967) | Day of a Stripper (1964) n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Lindo Celita n/a aka: Heavenly Thing!, the n/a Burlesque 1950's
Pics Ling (Fu or Foo?) Ah n/a aka: China Ling | Chinatown: San Francisco n/a Burlesque 1950's
Pics Ling Mai San Francisco, CA. ? Billed: China's Most Beautiful Girl, 'The girl who combines the wisdom of The East with the wiggles of The West' | Esquire Theatre | China Dolls group (Pittsburgh Press 1/28/1945) n/a Burlesque | Stripper b.1925
Pics Ling Ting Port Washington, N.Y. aka: Comet | Pasadena Playhouse (CA) | Hudson Union City | Billboard Mag 12/19/1953 n/a Burlesque | Stripper | Spanish dances 1953
Pics LaVonna Annabelle Pittsburgh aka: Annabelle DuKane | Realname: Annabell Logan | Sister to Josephine = died 1948 n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1945's
Pics Lolita n/a n/a Billed as: Goddess of Fire | The Most Remarkable Charms of Lolita n/a Fire Dancer | Burlesque | Stripper 1940's ?
Pics Lombardi Diana n/a aka: Dynamic Diana | Billed as: Copper Tornado 39" Bust | 5'-9" Burlesque | Shake dancer 1950's
Pics Loraine Ina USA Performed: The Virgins Dream dance | Liberty (Davenport, Iowa) n/a Burlesque | Striptease 1940's
Pics Lorelei n/a n/a aka: Girl In The Oyster Shell, the n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics Louise Tana n/a Married: Mr. Burtman 5'6" | 36"23"35" Burlesque 1950's
Pics Louise Tina USA TV: Giligan's Island | God's Little Acre 38"25"36" | Red Hair Burlesque Model | Actress 1960's
Pics Lovett Helen USA n/a n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics Lu Vetta n/a n/a Married: Jay Thomas | Club Charming (Cairo, Il) | Federal Gardens | the Grand n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1955's
Pics Lulu Baby n/a n/a n/a Burlesque 1960's
Pics Luna n/a n/a aka: Goddess of the Spirit World. n/a Burlesque 1940's?
Pics Luna Marilyn n/a n/a 5'-4" Burlesque | Stripper | Hula dancer 1950's
Pics Lynn Aja USA Miss Nude Midwest. n/a Burlesque 1960's
Pics Lynn Leslie n/a had a degree from Univ. of Chicago n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Lynn Little USA Realname: Karen Bennet Carlin | Ruby's Carousel Club n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1963
(clip) Lynn Vicki USA 1955: Teaserama | Female Impersonator n/a Burlesque 1955
Pics Lynne Kitty n/a aka: Kat Girl, the n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1960's