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Page H: Vintage Burlesque Dancer History Index List H (Pictured: Stripper Pat Amber Halliday) Listings
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Burlesque Dancers Index: H

Streetswings Burlesque (Ecdysiast) Dancers History Archives index lists H. This page lists 'Legendary' to 'Not So famous' Burlesque dancers and Strippers from the past (mainly pre-70's) that start with the Letter H. Warning, Some pics are on the Risqué side!!!. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet, or try the normal dancers listings link below.
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(Click 'Table Headers' below to Sort) ... "These women are fairly good looking (mostly,) the dialogue -- well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place!"
Photo Last Name First Name Birth Place Information Measurments Dance Type Dates
Pics Ha Cha San n/a USA aka: Bernice Tassin n/a Fan Dance | Burlesque 1940's
Pics Halladay Pat Amber USA Coached by Carrie Finnell | (1956 Modern Man Magazine) 5'8"-128lbs. | 36"-25.5"-37" Burlesque 1940's
Pics Hanna Kay USA Billed as: The Lady Katrina Blonde Burlesque 1940's
Pics Hardaway Rose Arkansas Billed: the Sexation of Sugar Hill n/a Burlesque | Striptease | Shake Dancer b.1931
Pics Harlow Honey Manila, Arkansas, USA aka: Hot Honey Harlowe, Mrs. Lenny Bruce, Honey Bruce Friedman | Realname: Harriett Jolliff | Married: Lenny Bruce (comedian), Jeffrey Friedman | autobio: 'Honey: The Life and Loves of Lenny's Shady Lady' | 1 year in Florida State Prison n/a Burlesque | Striptease 8/15/1927-9/12/2005
Pics Harlow June USA aka: The American Beauty | Casino | Niece of Jean Harlow n/a Burlesque | Striptease | Actress 1930's
Pics Harris Rose n/a Danced at 'the Club' (Chicago) Blonde Burlesque | Strip 1950's
Pics Hart Angel USA Married: John Ferraro n/a n/a 1960's
Pics Hart Candy n/a n/a Blonde Burlesque | Striptease 1950's
Pics Hart Margie Edgarton, Missouri Realname: Margaret 'Margie' Hart | Married: John Ferraro | Introduced 'the Panel' n/a Burlesque | Pin-Up 9/28/1913- 1/30/2000
Pics Hari Mata Leeuwarden, Netherlands Real: Margaretha Geertruida Zelle | (Mata-Hari was executed as a spy by the French on 10/15/1917) n/a Siva dance | Belly Dance | Ritual dances | Burlesk | Cabaret | Spy 8/7/1876-10/15/1917
Pics Hayes Shirley n/a aka: Marta Dane? | Billed as: "The Pussycat Doll" | Films (3D) Flame of Islam | Murder in Paris (1953) n/a Burlesque | Risqué Model 1953's
Pics Hazard Sylvia USA Gayety Theatre | The Girl from the Follies | Suicide by gas affixiation at age 20 Blue Eyes | Chestnutt Brown Hair Burlesque | Chorus 1911-3/2/1931
Pics Haze Amber n/a Billed as: 'Your Buxom Companion' n/a Burlesque 1960's
Pics Held Anna Europe Married: Flo Ziegfeld Pics Actress | Burlesque Star 1908
Pics Hellstar n/a USA aka: Daughter of Darkness n/a n/a 1970's
Pics Hemingway Barbara n/a Billed as: Worlds Fattest Stripper n/a Burlesque | Strip 1950's
(clip) Hendrie Bonnie Jean USA Billed: Hasn't She The Most Beautiful [Eyes] n/a Burlesque | Striptease 1930's
Pics Hill Carol USA? n/a Black Hair Burlesque | Striptease 1950's
Pics Hills Beverly USA aka: Beverly Powers 37"24"34" Burlesque | Stripper 1960's
Pics Hills Tiffany USA aka: Stripper with the Million Dollar Legs, Miss Minnesota n/a Stripper 1980's
Pics Holden Georgia USA aka: the 44D Girl, Georgia Kingston | Realname: Georgianna Michalski | Married: Leon Kingston 44"D Burlesque | Stripper | Actress | Choreographer d.1971
Pics Hollis Brenda n/a Realname: Audrey Ernst | Billed: The Golden Girl n/a n/a n/a
Pics Holmann Maxine USA? Dita Glas Blonde Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Honey Bee USA Classic Striptease and Glamour Films vol. 7 Black Hair | 42"-25"-37" Burlesque 1950's?
Pics Howard Betty New York aka: Betty 'Blue Eyes' Howard, The Girl Who Has Everything. | NY State Fair 1958. also danced in Havana 5'5-1⁄2" | 40-25-1⁄2"-37 | Blue Eyes Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Howe Anne USA Beatlettes Go Nudist | Lullabye of Birdland 46"-24"-36" Burlesque | Strip 1950's
Pics Hunter Arlene USA Strip Tease College Girls (1948) | Baghdad After Midnight (1954) | The Art of Burlesque (1968) 38"-24"-35" Burlesque | Striptease 1950's
Hunter Suzanne USA n/a n/a Burlesque | Stripper b.1944
Pics Huntley Jill USA aka: The Dean Of Tease | Casino n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's