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Page C: Vintage Burlesque Dancer History Index List C (Pictured: Ann Corio) Listings
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Burlesque Dancers Index: C

Streetswings Burlesque (Ecdysiast) Dancers History Archives index lists C. This page lists 'Legendary' to 'Not So famous' Burlesque dancers and Strippers from the past (mainly pre-70's) that start with the Letter C. Warning, Some pics are on the Risqué side!!!. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet, or try the normal dancers listings link below.
  Also See: Non-Burlesque dancers listings: 'C'

(Click 'Table Headers' below to Sort) ... "These women are fairly good looking (mostly,) the dialogue -- well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place!"
Photo Last Name First Name Birth Place Information Measurments Dance Type Dates
Pics Cairns Lillian USA Showgirl n/a Burlesque | Showgirl 1930's
Pics Camille n/a n/a n/a 6' | 39"26"39" Burlesque | Stripper 1950's?
Pics Carina Gina USA n/a n/a Devil Dance 1934
(clip) Carlotta n/a USA aka: A Hot Tamale from South of the Border | Film: Viva la May-Hee-Co! n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
Pics Caprice n/a USA Billed: Cavorting Caprice 39" Bust Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Carmela n/a Washington, D.C aka: Carmila, The Darling of Strip, Carmela the Torrid Twister, the Sophia Loren of Burlesque | Realname: Torregrossa n/a Burlesque | Stripper d.1/11/2008
Pics Carmen Jeannie Paragould | AR aka: The Queen of B Movies | The E! True Hollywood Story (1998) | Striporama (1953) n/a Actress | Stripper 1950's
Pics Carmen Nanette n/a Part of 'Asian Cuties Troupe' n/a Burlesque | Stripper


Pics Carmella n/a n/a Realname: Carmella Rickman Brunette Burlesque | Stripper


Pics Carroll Beverly n/a 1958 Frolic Mag 36"24"34" Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Carroll Jean Toledo, OH Realname: Mary Henrici | Married: Bob Carney | Dream Follies (1954) | Naughty New Orleans (1954) | Varieties on Parade | French Follies (1951) | Colony Club n/a Burlesque | Stripper 5/4/1916-7/6/1990
Pics Carter Jean n/a aka: Imogene Lee n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1951's
Pics Carter Tiffany Corvallis Realname: Teresa Sanford | Originally a Go-Go dancer: at Pink Pussycat | Miss Nude Universe 1975 n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1965's
Pics Carver Nona n/a B-Girl Rhapsody (1950) n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Casabdra n/a n/a aka: Cass Mayo | Wrote poetry book 'Twas Ever Thus' n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1949's
Pics Cassidy Cup Cake New Jersey Realname: Alice Cassidy | 1961: Lux Theater dances (1st nude) | The Roxy 48"22"38" Burlesque | Stripper 1960's
Pics Castile Taffy USA n/a n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Castle Dana n/a n/a 35"21"35" Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
Pics Caudell Andrea USA n/a n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1960's
Pics Chagnon Rosa Mack USA aka: Baby Dumplin' | (Tassel Twirler front and rear) (A Large Girl) Burlesque 1950's
Pics Chandler Rene n/a aka: Champagne of Burlesque n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1970's
Pics Charda Nita USA n/a n/a Burlesque 1950's?
Pics Charzan n/a n/a Billed as: The Fire Dancer, The Orchid Girl | 500 club n/a Burlesque | Stripper | Fire Dance 1952's
Pics Chase April USA aka: Glamorous April Chase, Roxy's all time Favorite n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Chello n/a n/a Billed: The Latin Bombshell n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Cheret Claire France Eyeful Mag. 4/1949 5'1" | 35"25"36" Model b.1930
Pics Cherry Wild Florida? aka: Torchy n/a Burlesque | Stripper | Oriental and Afro- Cuban dance 1940's
Pics Chest Hope USA Miss Nude Michigan n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1970's?
Pics Cheyanne n/a USA 1948: Strip Tease College Girls n/a n/a 1940's
Pics Chi Chi n/a Cuba? Billed: 'The Havana Exotic', The Cuban Bombshell | Sho-Bar n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Chimai Princess France n/a n/a Burlesque 1910's
Pics Chiyo Princess n/a Known for her "Zomba" dance | Asian n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
Pics Christie Donna USA aka: Dawn Christy, The Rock and Roll Girl 35"24"36" Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Christine Lilly "Cat" Dunkirl | NY aka: The Cat Girl & ZA ZA | Realname: Martha Theresa Pompender 37C"22"35" | 5'7" Burlesque | Stripper 1924-1/1965
Pics Christine Tina n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pics Cillin Penny USA aka: "French Capsule Of Dynamite", "She's Good For What Ails You!" n/a Burlesque 1950's
(clip) Clair Inez USA 1950: International Burlesque n/a Burlesque 1950's
Pics Clair, St June USA aka: The Honey with the Gold Spun Hair | Sister: Helen Colby n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
Pics Clair, St Shawna USA aka: Dixie Dae, Ginger Woods | Realname: Jane Woods n/a Burlesque | Stripper d.1970's
Pics Colby Helen MA Realname: Helen Ford | Sister to June St. Clair n/a Burlesque | Stripper n/a
Pics Cole Katie USA aka: Vickie Kennedy | Striparama Mag. n/a Burlesque 1960's
Pics Coleman Cookie USA Realname: Senia Solomonoff n/a Burlesque 1950's
Pics Collette Betty USA Billed as: The All American Girl n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1942's
Pics Collins Brandy USA? aka: The Intoxicating Brandy Collins n/a Burlesque 1950's
Pics Comet the, USA billed: "Leaving Her Tail Behind" n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics Conchita n/a Mexico? Realname: Connie Gayle | Billed: 'The Mexican Spitfire', 'The Delightfully Wicked' n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1954's
Pics Conrad June USA Follies Bergere? n/a Burlesque 1916
Pics Conrad Marion n/a Lido Club Paris n/a Cabaret | Burlesque 1959
Pics Constant Connie USA n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pics Cooper Cookie USA n/a n/a Burlesque 1956
Pics Cooper Lorraine USA n/a n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics Cord Mary USA aka: Cordella (cloaked identity) | Gayety Theatre (Baltimore) n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1941's
Pics Corday Mara Santa Monica, CA. Realname: Marilyn Watts 36"23.5"35" Actress | Burlesque b.1/3/1930
Pics Corey Helen USA Sister to Mona Corey n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Corey Mona USA Sister to Helen Corey n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Corio Ann Hartford | Connecticut aka: Sultan's Daughter | Realname: Ann Cicoria | Married: Michael P. Iannucci | Call of the Jungle | Jungle Siren | Sleep It Off | Swamp Girl | Swamp Woman | Sarong Girl | This Was Burlesque | White Cargo | Minsky's | Florentine Gardens Auburn Hair | Green Eyes Burlesque | Strip 11/29/1914-3/1/1999
Pics Cortez Rita Philadelphia Strates Carnivals | Minsky's n/a Burlesque | Strip 1940's
Pics Cosgrove Della n/a Danced various 'exotic' dances and others n/a Burlesque | Stripper | Fire Dance | Flamenco | Belly dance | Hula | Voodoo 1950's
n/a Cosimo Shansi (Marna) n/a Married Name: Marna Albanese | Red Raven Club | Married: Cosimo (Mimi) Albanese n/a Burlesque | Exotic 1952's
Pics Costello Donna USA n/a n/a Burlesque | Strip 1950's
Pics Covette Ricki Onaway | Alberta aka: Irene Jewel | Billed: "Worlds Tallest Exotic Dancer" 6'8" | 39"25"37" Burlesque | Stripper b.1933
Pics Covine n/a n/a Billed as: 'The Queen of the Quiver' n/a Burlesque | Shake | Quiver dancer 1953's
Pics Craft Valerie USA Married: Earl Kitover | Miss Nude America 1972 | billed: Superstar of Burlesque | Highest paid stripper personality in America * 37"22"37" Burlesque | Stripper 1970's
Pics Crystal n/a USA (I Think this is Crystal Starr) n/a n/a n/a
Pics Curtis Barbara n/a aka: the Proper Bostonian | Married: Al Anger n/a Burlesque | Stripper n/a
Pics Cyn Desiree USA n/a n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's