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Page B: Vintage Burlesque Dancer History Index List B (Pictured: Babette Bardot 1955) Listings
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Burlesque Dancers Index: B

Streetswings Burlesque (Ecdysiast) Dancers History Archives index lists B. This page lists 'Legendary' to 'Not So famous' Burlesque dancers and Strippers from the past (mainly pre-70's) that start with the Letter B. Warning, Some pics are on the Risqué side!!!. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet, or try the normal dancers listings link below.
  Also See: Non-Burlesque dancers listings: 'B'

(Click 'Table Headers' below to Sort) ... "These women are fairly good looking (mostly,) the dialogue -- well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place!"
Photo Last Name First Name Birth Place Information Measurments Dance Type Dates
Pics Baby Angel USA aka: The Chest Appeal Girl 48"25"36" Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
Pics Bacon Faith Los Angeles, CA. Created the Fan Dance that made Sally Rand famous n/a Fan Dance | (clip) 7/19/1910-9/26/1956
Pics Badalian Lillian USA Spanish Type n/a Spanish dance | Burlesque 1930's
Pics Baer Honey n/a $ Teaserama DVD 1955 Silver Blonde Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Baker Joséphine St. Louis, MO. aka: Black Venus, Black Pearl, Creole Goddess, Josephine | Realname: Freda McDonald Carson n/a Various | Topless | Burlesque | Actress | Dancer | Singer 6/3/1906-4/12/1975
Pics Bambi n/a USA not Bambi Jones n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics Bara Theda n/a ... See Page n/a Actress | Burlesque 7/29/1885-4/7/1955
Pics Bardot Babette Sweden Mondo Topless. I | Marquis de Sade 44"24"38" | Tall Woman | Platinum Blonde Burlesque | Stripper b.1940
Pics Bari Lana n/a Billed: The One Woman Heatwave | Palace Burlesk Red Hair Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
Pics Barr Candy Edna, TX. aka: Carol Barr | Real: Juanita Slusher | El Rancho | Las Vegas | Jack Ruby's Carousel 37"22"33" Burlesque | Showgirl 7/6/1935-
Pics Barton Dixie USA Red Headed Riot | Test Tube Babies | Tops In Burlesque Red Hair Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
Pics Bea Sweet USA aka: was Lil Betty Randal, became sweet Bea 1955 | Married: Jerry Paulos n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Bee Honey USA aka: Honey Bee Keller | 1940 Step Lively Girls 42"26"37" Burlesque | Stripper 1940's ?
Pics Beech Barbara USA n/a n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics Bell Ronnie USA aka: Miss Twin Liberty Bells 50"22"37" Burlesque | Striptease b.1946?
Pics Bell Bonnie USA Billed as: "Appropriately Attired" n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics Bell Tinker USA and her Sins of Cleopatra | Also used a Snake n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics Bell Virginia Montrose, CA. aka: "Ding-Dong" Bell | The Amazing 48 | 1961 Scanty Panties Red Hair | 5'2" | 48"24"36" Burlesque | Striptease 8/14/1934-7/18/2010
Pics Belle Jo n/a Billed as: The Perpetual Motion Girl n/a Burlesque | Striptease 1955's
Pics Bennett Darlene n/a Twin Sister to Dawn Bennett | Olga's Girls (1964) | 'Music to Strip By' (1965) n/a Burlesque | Strip | Film 1960's
Pics Bey Roubea n/a Grindhouse Follies #27 n/a Risqué | Slave | Arab Dance 1940's
Pics Blair Betty n/a n/a 36"24"36" n/a n/a
Pics Blair Virginia Chicago aka: Dagmar n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
Pics Blondell Mae USA ABC's of Love | Baghdad after Midnight | Buxom Beautease | Grindhouse Follies: FRS n/a Stripper 1950's
Pics Bloom Tyra Mona USA? n/a Black Hair Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Body Irma, The Prospect Park, NJ. Realname: Mary Elizabeth Goodneighbor | Billed as: The Incomparable, The One and Only, The Greatest since Gypsy Rose Lee | Strip-a-rama (1963) 5'10" | 43"24"30" Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Body Lottie (the) Syracuse, NY. Real: Lottie Clairborne | Trained at Katherine Dunhams School | n/a Burlesque | Stripper n/a
Pics Bon Bon Gina Cuba Originally a Rumba dancer n/a Burlesque | Stripper | Actress | Rumba 12/1947-
Pics Bond Peggy n/a aka: Miss Dynamite, Peg-O-My-Heart Girl | Billed as: The Intriguing Personality of Peggy Bond | Married: yes, Divorced 1952 n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1940s
Pics Bonnamy Bon USA n/a n/a Burlesque | Stripper n/a
Pics Booth Lally USA Ernie's: Greenwich Village n/a Rhumba 1940's
Pics Bouchea Georgette n/a Self made exotic flash light dance n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1949's
Pics Boyer Raven USA aka: Stacie Randell and Reina Bonoyer | 1948: Strip Tease College Girls: as Jean n/a Model | Burlesque Actress 1940's
Pics Boyia Bonnie Brooklyn, Michigan aka: Bonnie Boya | Realname: Bonnie G. Boyer | Billed as: Bewitching. Bedazzaling | A Talker/Dancer n/a Burlesque | Stripper | Carnivals | Talker 12/15/1923-1998
Pics Bradshaw Joanie n/a n/a 38"23"36" | Brown Eyes | 115 lbs | Burlesque, Actress 1950's
Pics Briggs Betty n/a aka: Zebra Girl n/a Showgirl | Model | Burlesque | Actress d.2000
Pics Brigette Linda Winnsboro, Louisiana aka: the Cupid Doll, the Kissing Bandit | Billed: "America's Most Beautiful Exotic" | Realname: Georgia Lambert | Married: Joe Trosclair (Her 1st marriage was at age 13,) 2 Sons | 500 Club | Sho Bar 4'11" Platinum Blonde Burlesque | Stripper | Dance of a Lover's Dream 1939-4/9/2004
Pics Brisbane Betty USA Billed: Black Diamond and White Heat 5' 5" | 112 lbs. | Shake dancer Burlesque 1950's
Pics Briston Ginger USA Married: J.E. Jones: journalist daily news | Colony Club dancer (San Fernando Valley, Ca.) n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1951's
(clip) Britton Ginger n/a Souls in Pawn (1940) | House of Shame | The Shameless Sex n/a Burlesque | Stripper 1960's
Pics Britton Sherry New Brunswick, NJ. aka: The Sweetheart of 52nd Street, The Great Britto, Stripeasaurus Sex | Realname: Edith Britton | Married: Robert A. Gross Brown Hair | 5'-3" | 18" waist Burlesque | Stripper 7/24/1924-4/1/2008
Pics Brosmer Betty Pasadena, CA. Married: Joe Wieder.
39"19"36" Burlesque / Pin-Up Girl | Model | Author b.8/2/1935
Pics Brown Billie Jeanne USA $ Autobiography. n/a Burlesque | Stripper n/a
Pics Brown Donna USA aka: Donna "Busty" Brown | Lusty Busty Brown n/a Burlesque | Stripper n/a
Pics Brown Mae n/a Billed as: The Mae West of Burlesque | Capitol Theatre (PA) n/a n/a 1936
Pics Brownell Patti n/a Rode off-rode Motorcycles | Went to Chico State College during day | Parents were Adagio dancers Blue Eyes | Blonde Burlesque | Stripper 1947's
Pics Bruce Bobbie USA n/a n/a Burlesque 1940's
Pics Bruce M'Linda USA? Billed: Manhattan Mood Model Sandy Blonde Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Bryan Julie Albany, N.Y. married: Jack Martin (1945) | Ziegfeld Follies of 1936 | A Very Sexy Dancer 5'-10" | 140 lbs | Gray/Blue eyes | Golden Blonde | Burlesque | Stripper | Ziegfeld Girl 1940's
(clip) Bryce Alyce USA Jungle Drums n/a Burlesque 1930's
Pics Bubbles Baby USA? Town Hall 5'2" | Blue Eyes | 47"23"35" Burlesque | Stripper 1950's
Pics Bubbles Darlene Minneapolis, MN aka: Vikina | Sheri Darlene | Real: Virginia Lachinia 37" Bust Mambo | Burlesque | Stripper 1940's
Pics Burns Boots USA 606 Club Dancer n/a Burlesque 1939
Pics Butler Ethlyn n/a Became a Fortune Teller, Inherited $75k and retired dancing n/a Burlesque | Stripper | Shake | Quiver 1940's