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Since You Went way DVD Cover
Since You Went Away
" A love story of today's love and laughter"

-- Synopsis: Since You Went Away is an emotional and a real tear jerker WWII tribute film about the American home and it's fears, worries, trials and tribulations on the home front.This 180 minute film follows Anne Hilton's (Claudette Colbert) family's day-to-day life and struggles when her husband is called off to war and leaves behind his wife and a recently engaged daughter Jane Hilton (Jennifer Jones) and younger daughter Bridget (Shirley Temple.) With the husband gone, a bachelor Lieutenant shows Anne some serious attention when he takes up residence as a renter in her home. This film pulls on many heart strings thru-out the movie.

* This is not a dance film but does have a spot of good swing dancing in the airline hanger U.S.O. military dance scene, Agnes Moorehead leads a seemingly un ending conga-line and couples dancing the waltz. Awards: 8 nominations & Won Oscar.


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Since You Went Away
More Film Information below
Date: Language: Availability:
1944 English [DVD | VHS]
Studio: Format: Genre: 
MGM (Anchor Bay) Black and White Drama, War
Runtime: Country Made: Director:
180 minutes USA John Cromwell
Featured Dancer Featured Dance Films Dance Rating
Agnes Moorehead Conga Line Very Good
Known Dancers Choreographers Actors / Actresses
Agnes Moorehead Charles Walters(Dance Director) Agnes Moorehead (Mrs. Hawkins)
Alla Nazimova Louis Forbes (Assoc Mus. Director)  Albert Bassermann (Dr. Golden)
Shirley Temple Alla Nazimova (Zofia Koslowska)
    Claudette Colbert (Mrs. Anne Hilton)
    Craig Stevens (Danny Williams)
    Dorothy Dandridge (Officer's Wife)
    Dorothy Mann
    Gordon Oliver (Marine Officer)
    Guy Madison (Sailor Harold E. Smith)
    Hattie McDaniel (Fidelia the maid)
    Jackie Moran (Johnny Mahoney)
    Jennifer Jones (Jane Deborah Hilton)
    Joseph Cotten (Lieutenant Willett)
    Keenan Wynn (Lieutenant Solomon)
    Lionel Barrymore (Clergyman )
    Lloyd Corrigan (Mr. Mahoney)
    Monty Woolley (Colonel Smollett)
    Robert Walker (Corporal Smollett II)
    Shirley Temple (Bridget 'Brig' Hilton
Dances performed in this Film  Films special dance interest
Conga n/a n/a
Music Titles in Film Bands / Musicians / Singers Sheet Music Covers
America the Beautiful    
Ave Maria n/a n/a
Bridal Chorus    
Caisson Song    
Dipsy Doodle, the    
Happy Birthday to You    
Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo    
I'll Be Home for Christmas    
Jingle Bells    
Kaiser-Walzer (Emperor Waltz) op.437    
O Come, All Ye Faithful    
Rock-a-Bye Baby, Up On a Tree Top    
Shoo-Shoo Baby    
Silent Night, Holy Night    
Since You Went Away    
U.S. Marine Corps Hymn    
You'll Never Know    
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Since You Went Away: Letters to a Soldier from His Wife Margaret Buell Wilder n/a n/a
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