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Untamed Youth Cover
Untamed Youth
" Youth Turned 'Rock-N-Roll' Wild and the 'Punishment' Farm that Makes Them Wilder!"

-- Synopsis: Sisters Jane (Van Doren) and Penny are arrested for hitchhiking on their way to Los Angeles when they stop for a quick skinny dip in a rural town. They are convicted and sent to a Cotton and Potato farm singing, dancing and picking cotton for thirty days instead of Jail. The Farm owner is in cahoots with the judge and sheriff and tries to take liberties with some of the ladies, especially Jane. The film sounds like a depressing Jail/ Prison drama but is actually the opposite. Most of the film is upbeat and fun and the only thing " untamed" is the Rock and Roll and of course the voluptuous MAMIE.

* Consist of about 25 local Hollywood California swing dancers. Gil and Nikki Brady (Gil wears hat & glasses, Nikki short black hair.) Lou Southern is also featured dancing, Frieda Angela Wyckoff also dances. There are a few scenes in this film dancing the Rock and Roll, aka: Jitterbug, aka: Classic West Coast Swing in this film. Two swing dance males dance together and switch leads in the Cotton Picking scene. Later in the Recreation Hall they do some good 7 to 8 minute Jitterbug dancing and romping around via the dance to the song " Oobala Baby" sung by Mamie Van Doren.

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1957n/aHoward W. Koch[DVD | VHS | Try Here]
Runtime:Country Made:Language:Color:
80 minutes USA English Black and White
Genre:Featured Dancer Featured DanceDance Rating
DramaGil and Nikki BradyJitterbug Very Good
Known DancersChoreographersActors / Actresses
Frieda Angela Wyckoff Joe LanzaAlex Montoya
Gil and Nikki Brady Don Burnett
Hollywood Rock-N-Rollers, the Eddie Cochran
Joe Lanza Glenn Dixon
Lou Southern Jeanne Carmen
Mamie Van Doren Jered Barclay
  John Russell
  Lori Nelson
  Lurene Tuttle
  Mamie Van Doren
  Robert Foulk
  Valerie Reynolds
  Wayne Taylor
  Yvonne Lime

Dances performed in this film    Special Dance Interest
Jitterbug n/a n/a Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll     West Coast Swing
West Coast Swing      
Some Music Titles in Film Bands / Musicians / Singers Posters / Lobby Cards
Cottonpicker Mamie Van Doren Untamed Youth
Go, Go Calypso      
Oobala Baby (Van Doren)      
Rolling Stone (Van Doren)      

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n/a n/a Blackboard Jungle n/a

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