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Swing Fever dance History

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" Dance!, Sing!, It's So JOYUS"
Synopsis: Kay Kyser stars in the Musical Comedy. Lowell Blackford (Kyser) who is an aspiring song writer who has the gift of music but learns all too soon that he is also blessed with what they call the " Evil Eye" , or maybe it's a curse as he becomes a recluse. kyser ventures out to try to sell his songs when he is talked into using his " Hypnotic Eye" to hypnotize a boxer into losing the championship. A little romance, deceit, Boxing, Singing, Dancing all ensue in this film. Harry James and Tommy Dorsey are also in the band. * This film features Jean Veloz, Lenny Smith and Don Gallagher dancing to the song 'One Girl and Two Boys'.
where the guys basically tandem dance and switch back and forth from one to another, passing Jean back and Forth during their swing number. Very vintage West Coast Swing dancing which still looks somewhat like the Jitterbug back in the day. Lena Horne makes an appearance as well as some dancing by the Merrill Abbott Dancers.
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1943 MG.M. Tim Whelan [DVD | VHS | Try Ebayno title width=]


Country Made:



79 Minutes U.S.A. English Black and White


Featured Dancer (s):

Featured Dance:

Dance Rating:

Musical / Comedy/ Dance Jean Phelps-Veloz / Lenny Smith / Don Gallagher Vintage
West Coast Swing
Very Good

Known Dancers:

Choreographers / Directors:

Actors / Actresses:

Donald Gallagher Ernst & Maria Matray Andrew Tombes (Dr. Clyde L. Star)
Jay Eaton   Ava Gardner (sarcastic Receptionist)
Jean Phelps-Veloz   Clyde Fillmore (Mr. Nagen)
Johnny Duncan   Curt Bois (Nick Sirocco)
Lena Horne (Sings)   Harry Babbitt (Harry Babbitt, Vocalist)
Lenny Smith   Jack Roper (Sledgehammer Carson)
Merrill Abbott Dancers   Kay Kyser (Lowell Blackford)
    Lena Horne (as Lena Horne)
    Lou Nova (Kid Mandell)
    Mantan Moreland (Woody, Nick's Valet)
    Marilyn Maxwell (Ginger Gray)
    Max 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom (Rags)
    Morris Ankrum (Dan Conlon)
    Nat Pendleton ('Killer' Kennedy)
    Pamela Blake (Lois, Nagen's Secretary)
    Sully Mason (Sully Mason)
    William Gargan ('Waltzy' Malone)

Known Dances done in Film:

Special Dance Interest:

Similar Films:

Vintage West Coast Swing   Vintage West Coast Swing n/a
    Merrill Abbott Dancers  

Music Titles In Film:

Bands / Musicians / Singers:

Sheet Music Covers:

One Girl & Two Boys * < -- Kay Kyser Band n/a
Your So Indifferent < -- Lena Horne  
Mississippi Dream Boat < -- Sully Mason & Marilyn Maxwell

Film Posters:

I Planted A Rose Harry James (Trumpeter) $ Swing Fever Poster (Framed)
  Tommy Dorsey (Trombonist)  
  James Rosy" McHargue

Soundtracks Available:

  Virginia Rees * n/a

Stage Versions of Film:

Stage Versions Date:

Cast Recordings:

n/a n/a n/a

Books / Magazines on this film:

Title: Author: Date: Publisher:
n/a - - -

Other / Notes:


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