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" No one has ever escaped from Stalag 17 ... reason being ... there's a spy in the barracks"

-- Synopsis: Billy Wilder's adaptation of the Broadway wartime drama hit which is based on a German prison camp during W.W.II starring William Holden as the cynical, antisocial hustler Sargent J.J. Sefton who becomes wrongly accused of being the spy ... by, well you guessed it, the spy himself. Shows a fictional life of POW's trials and tribulations as they try to survive and keep sane amongst the Germans POW Camp. This film deals with the lighter side (comedy) to the more dramatic (jealousy, death, betrayal.) It became the basis for the popular TV sitcom Hogan's Heroes in the 1960's.

* This is not a dance film, but does have a very fun swing dance scene as the POW's start swing dancing with each other in the barracks as they try to reminisce being home with their loved ones during Christmas and ones fondness for Betty Grable. Overall a very good film with or without the dance scene. 1953 Oscar: William Holden, Best Actor Award.


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Date: Language: Availability:
1953 English [DVD | VHS | Collectors ED]
Studio: Format: Genre: 
Paramount Pictures Technicolor WWII, Drama, POW
Runtime: Country Made: Director:
120 minutes USA Billy Wilder
Featured Dancer Featured Dance Films Dance Rating
N/A Swing / Jitterbug Dance Fair
Known Dancers Choreographers Actors / Actresses
Bob Strauss Ernest Lazlo (Choreographer) Bob Strauss (Stanislas Kasava)
Harvey Lembeck   Don Taylor (Lt. Dunbar)
Robert Shawley   Gil Stratton (Cookie)
    Harvey Lembeck (Harry Shapiro)
    Michael Moore (Manfredi)
    Neville Brand (Duke)
    Otto Priminger (Col. Von Scherbach)
    Richard Erdman (Hoffy)
    Peter Baldwin (Johnson)
    Peter Graves (Price)
    Robert Shawley (" kid" Peterson)
    Robert Shawley (Blondie Peterson)
    Robinson Stone (Joey)
    Sig Ruman (Sgt. Schultz)
    William Holden (Sargent Sefton)
Dances performed in this Film  Films special dance interest
Swing Dance/ Jitterbug n/a Non-Gay POW Swing Dance
Music Titles in Film Bands / Musicians / Singers Sheet Music Covers
n/a n/a n/a
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Cast Recordings / Soundtracks 
Buck Privates n/a n/a
Four Jills and A Jeep    
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Private Buckaroo    
Stage Door Canteen    
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