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Springtime In The Rockies VHS Cover

Springtime In The Rockies


-- Synopsis: A nonsensical Fox musical!. Vicky Lane (Betty Grable) is a beautiful Broadway star who abandons her supposedly cheating partner and boyfriend Dan Christy (John Payne) for a job offer at Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. All manner of complications arise when Vicky meets dance instructor and former partner Victor Prince (Caesar Romero) and Miss Murphy (Carmen Miranda) and the two complicate matters romantically. Betty uses Romero to teach her cheating boyfriend (John Payne) a lesson or two in the art of two-timing, while Payne uses Rosita Murphy (Miranda) to do the same.

* Charlotte Greenwood does her hilarious high-kicking dance. Miranda does her usual singing and dancing. Betty Grable does some of her best onscreen dancing with Romero. Dean Collins and Jewel McGowen can be seen in the group dance number doing the samba and then some swing-outs with the cast.

DVD Version also features: DVD is a double feature including " Riders of Whistling Pines"

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Cesar Romero and Betty Grable Swing Dancing width=
Dean Collins and Jewel McGowen width=
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Springtime in the Rockies width=
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Springtime In The Rockies width=
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Date: Language: Availability:
1942 English [DVD | VHS]
Studio: Format: Genre: 
20th. Century Fox Technicolor Musical, Romance
Runtime: Country Made: Director:
91 minutes USA Irving Cummings
Featured Dancer Featured Dance Films Dance Rating
Dean Collins Samba / Lindy / Jitterbug Very Good
Known Dancers Choreographers Actors / Actresses
Bess Flowers Hermes Pan (Choreographer) Bando Da Lua (Themselves)
Betty Grable Alfred Newman (Musical Dir.) Bess Flowers (Mrs. Jeepers)
Carmen Miranda   Betty Grable (Vicky Lane)
Cesar Romero   Billy Wayne (Asst. Stage Manager)
Charlotte Greenwood   Carmen Miranda (Rosita Murphy)
Dean Collins   Cesar Romero (Victor Price)
Jewel McGowen   Charlotte Greenwood (Phoebe Gray)
    Chick Chandler (Stage Manager)
    Dick Elliott (Mr. Jeepers)
    Edward Everett Horton (McTavish)
    Frank Orth (Bickle)
    Harry Hayden (Brown)
    Iron Eyes Cody (White Cloud)
    Jackie Gleason (Commissioner)
    John Payne (Dan Christy)
    Trudy Marshall (Marilyn)
Dances performed in this Film  Films special dance interest
Lindy / Jitterbug n/a Greenwoods High Kicks
Samba   Grable and Romero Doing Jitterbug
    Collins and McGowen Swing Dance
Music Titles in Film Bands / Musicians / Singers Sheet Music Covers
Chattanooga Choo Choo Betty Grable n/a
Ciribiribin Carmen Miranda  
I Had The Craziest Dream Harry James & Orchestra  
I Like To Be Loved By You Helen Forrest  
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