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Running Wild (aka: The Girl in the Cage)
" The Stark Brutal Truth About Today's Lost Generation!"

-- Synopsis: Ralph Barclay (William Campbell) is a young rookie cop who goes underCover"as a teenage rebel to bust up Ken Osanger's (Keenan Wynn) teen car-thief ring run by juvenile delinquents who uses a gas station as a front for his nefarious purposes. During his exploits he saves Leta Novak (Kathleen Case) from being raped by Osanger and wins over the voluptuous Irma Bean (Mamie Van Doren) who was the girlfriend of teenage gang leader Scotty Cluett (Jan Merlin.)

* There is some Jitterbug dancing and singing throughout this film. Van Doren also does a little Swinging herself. Gil and Nicki Brady are featured Swing Dancers along with Lennie Smith and Lou Southern.

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1955Universal Pictures Abner Biberman
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Runtime:Country Made:Language:Color:
81 minutes USA English Black and White
Genre:Featured Dancer Featured DanceDance Rating
Gil and Nicki BradyJitterbug Very Good
Known DancersChoreographersActors / Actresses
Gil and Nicki Brady Joseph Gershenson (musical director)Chris Randall (Arkie Nodecker)
Lennie Smith Grayce Mills (Osanger's mother) 
Lou Southern Jan Merlin (Scotty Cluett) 
  John Saxon (Vince Pomeroy)  
  Kathleen Case (Leta Novak)  
  Keenan Wynn (Ken Osanger)
  Mamie Van Doren (Irma Bean)
  Michael Fox (Delmar Graves)
  Otto Waldis (Leta's father)
  Richard Castle (Herbie)
  Sumner Williams (Monty)
  Walter Coy (Lt. Ed Newpole)
  Will J. White (State trooper)
  William Campbell (Ralph Barclay)

Dances performed in this film    Special Dance Interest
Jitterbug n/a n/a Jitterbug
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n/a Bill Haley and The Comets (on SNDTRK) n/a

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n/a n/a Blackboard Jungle n/a
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    Untamed Youth  

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