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Rock A Bye Baby

-- Synopsis: A Movie star Carla Naples (Marilyn Maxwell), has triplets, but does not want her beloved public to find out. She hired a bumbling TV repairman / ex-boyfriend Clayton Poole (Jerry Lewis) as a babysitter and mother in training, who is also in love with her. Connie Stevens plays Sandy, the perfect girl next door who is head over heels for Jerry and also sister to Carla. Lewis must get married to adopt the triplets so he marries Sandy who now has given birth to quintuplets. Will it all get uncovered by the nosey busy-bodies and from the suspicions of their father Gigi (Salvatore Baccaloni ?). This is a hilarious family movie with a sweet story that's great for all ages.

* There is quite a bit of Song and dance thru-out this film and even some Jitterbug. This film is basically a funnier remake of Miracle at Morgans Creek.

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More Film Information below
1958Vista Vision / Paramount Frank Tashlin
Runtime:Country Made:Language:Color:
103 minutes USA English TechniColor
Genre:Featured Dancer Featured DanceDance Rating
Musical / Comedy / Romance
Lewis and MaxwellJitterbug Good - Fun!
Known DancersChoreographersActors / Actresses
Jerry Lewis Nick Castle (stager: musical numbers)Alex Gerry (Judge Jenkins)
Marilyn Maxwell  Connie Stevens (Sandra Naples)  
  Gary Lewis (Young Clayton) 
  Hans Conried (Mr. Wright)  
  Hope Emerson (Instructor at Clinic)
  Ida Moore (Miss Bessie)  
  Isobel Elsom (Mrs. Van Cleeve)
  James Gleason (Doc Simpkins)
   Jerry Lewis (Clayton Poole)
  Judy Franklin (Young Clara)
  Marilyn Maxwell (Carla Naples)
  Mary Treen (Nurse)
  Reginald Gardiner (Harold Hermann)
  Salvatore Baccaloni (Gigi Naples)

Dances performed in this film    Special Dance Interest
Jitterbug n/a n/a Jitterbug
Some Music Titles in Film Bands / Musicians / Singers Posters / Lobby Cards
Dormi Dormi 'Snub' Pollard n/a
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melodie      

Stage versions of the film

Cast Recording(s) / Soundtracks Similar Films Sheet Music Covers
n/a n/a The Miracle at Morgan's Creek n/a

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