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POT O' GOLD (aka: The Golden Hour)

-- Synopsis: A madcap comedy that meets a classic musical. Jimmy Haskell (Stewart), the owner of a failed music shop, goes to work with his uncle C.J. Haskell, the owner of a health-food factory and a radio show called " The Haskell Happy Hour" . Before he gets there, he befriends an Irish family who happens to be his uncle's worst enemy because of their love for music and in-house band who constantly practices on the roof. Soon, Jimmy finds himself trying to help the band by getting them gigs and trying to reconcile the family with his uncle, an avid music-hater, all while winning the heart of the beautiful Molly McCorckle (Paulette Goddard).

* One scene in the movie includes sixteen Rumba-dancing couples, a twelve-piece rumba band, Horace Heidt's Thirty Musical Knights, and one hundred extras in a magnificent country club setting. Jewel McGowen also appears Swing dancing in the streets. Don't miss this song and dance extravaganza!

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More Film Information below
1941n/aGeorge Marshall
Runtime:Country Made:Language:Color:
86 minutes USA English Black and White
Genre:Featured Dancer Featured DanceDance Rating
Musical / Comedy
16 Rumba DancersRumba Very Good
Known DancersChoreographers, etcetera Actors / Actresses
Jewel McGowen Larry Ceballos (Choreography)Aldrich Bowker (Judge Murray)
 Louis Forbes (musical director)Art Carney
 Harry Jackson (dance cinematography) Burgess Meredith 
  Charles Arnt (Parks)
  Charles Winninger (C.J. Haskell)
  Dick Hogan (Willie McCorkle)
  Donna Wood (Donna McCorkle)
  Edgar Dearing (McGinty)
  Frank Melton (Jasper)
  Henry Roquemore (Samson)
  James Burke (Lieutenant Grady)
  James Flavin (Bud Connolly)
  James Stewart (James H. Haskel)
  Jay Ward (Boy Friend)
  Jed Prouty (Mr. Louderman)
  Larry Cotton (Himself)
  Mary Gordon (Ma McCorkle)
  Mary Ruth (Mary Simmons)
  Nestor Paiva (Guide)
  Paulette Goddard (Molly McCorkle)
  Purnell Pratt (Thompson)
  Stan Worth (Tommy)
  William Gould (Chalmers)

Dances performed in this film    Special Dance Interest
Jitterbug n/a n/a Jitterbug
Rumba     Rumba
Some Music Titles in Film Bands / Musicians / Singers Posters / Lobby Cards
A Knife, a Fork, and a Spoon James Stewart (Sing) n/a
Broadway Caballero Cappy Barras    
Do You Believe in Fairy Tales? Jerry Adler (Harmonica)    
Pete the Piper Horace Heidt's Thirty Musical Knights    
When Johnny Toots His Horn Paulette Goddard    

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