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Malcolm X (aka: X)


-- Synopsis:
      A biopic of Malcolm X, the controversial and influential Black Nationalist leader. Denzel Washington plays one of the most misunderstood figures in American history. From Malcolm's early days to the stark despair of prison, from his life-changing conversion to Islam to his emergence as a dynamic political leader. There is a lot of archive footage of many people in this film, from Malcolm himself to John Kennedy, Janet Jackson, Joe Louis and many more. Nominated for 2 Oscars, 9 wins & 4 nominations.

* Features:
      Many local New York Ballroom, Lindy and West Coast Swing Dancers converged for the Roseland dance hall scene such as Sonny Allen, Ryan Francois, Norma Miller, Dawn Hampton, Debra Elkins, Eddie Sanabria and John Festa. Some good dancing can be seen on film. Much Music and song by Billie Holiday, Erskine Hawkins, Aretha Franklin, 'Panama' Francis, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Benny Goodman, Chick Webb, Arrested Development and many more.

Screenshot Not AvailableScreenshot Not AvailableScreenshot Not AvailableScreenshot Not Available

    More Film Information below





1992 Warner Brothers Spike Lee


Country Made:



202 minutes USA English Black and White


Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

Biuography / Drama
n/a the Jitterbug Very Good

Known Dancers in the Film

Actors / Actresses

Anthony Dewitt John Elejaide Al Freeman Jr. (Elijah Muhammad)
Bernard Marsh John Parks Albert Hall (Baines)
Byron Easley Judine Hawkins Richard Angela Bassett (Betty Shabazz)   
Charles Young Keith Lewis Delroy Lindo (West Indian Archie) 
Cheryl Burr Keith Thomas Denzel Washington (Malcolm X) 
Cisco Drayton Ken Leigh Rogers Ernest Thomas (Sidney)
Cynthia Thomas Laurie Ann Gibson James McDaniel (Brother Earl)
Dawn Hampton Leslie Dockery Jean-Claude La Marre (Benjamin)
Debbie Williams Leslie Segar  Jodie Farber (Jackie Kennedy)
Debra Elkins Lynn Sterling Kate Vernon (Sophia)
Delphine T. Mantz Michelle Robinson Lonette McKee (Louise Little)
Dereque Whithurs Monique Harcum Matt Dillon (DJ at the Harlem 'Y' Dance)
Eartha Robinson Norma Miller Renton Kirk (DJ at the Harlem " Y"Dance)
Eddie Shellman Phillip Gilmore Ricky Gordon (Lionel Hampton)
Eddie Sanabria Raymond Harris Sonny Jim Gaines (Cholly)
El Tahara Ibrahim Robert H. Fowler III Spike Lee (Shorty)
Frances Morgan Ryan Francois Steve Reed (John F. Kennedy)
Gina Ellis Sharon Brooks Theresa Randle (Laura)
Greg Poland Sharon Ferguson Tommy Hollis (Earl Little)
Greta Martin Sonny Allen  
Jauquette Green Traci Robinson  
Jerome Jamal Hardeman Vanessa Benton  
John Festa Wendy King  

Dances performed in this film

Choerographers etc.

Special Dance Interest

the Jitterbug Amelia Mimi Walker (dance production assistant) the Jitterbug
  Benjamin Moore (dance production assistant)  
  Chazz Young (dance assistant)  
  Debbie Williams (dance assistant)  
  Derrick Duncanson (dance production assistant)  
  Frankie Manning (dance consultant)  
  Neisha Folkes-Lé Melle (Assistant Choreographer)  
  Otis Sallid (Choreographer)  
  Raymond E. Mapps (dance coordinator)  

Some Music Titles in Film

Bands | Musicians | Singers

Posters | Lobby Cards

Alabama Arrested Development $ Malcolm X Poster
Arabesque Cookie Boys Choir of Harlem, the $ Malcolm X Poster
Azure Branford Marsalis  
Big Stuff Diane Barere (Cello)  
Chew, Chew, Chew Joseph Bongiorno (Bass)  
Don't Cry, Baby Kenny Barron (Piano)  
Drop Me Off in Harlem Larissa Blitz (Violin)  
Flying Home Linda Blacken (French Horn)  
Hamp's Boogie Woogie Michel Baklouk (Bass)  
Revolution Osman Armstrong  
Roll 'em Pete 'Panama' Francis  
Someday We'll All Be Free Paula Bing (Flute)  
Stairway to the Stars Sandra Billingslea (Violin)  
That Lucky Old Sun, Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day Terence Blanchard (Trumpet)  
Undecided Virgil Blackwell (Clarinet)  
  ... and more  

Stage versions of the film

Cast Recordings | Soundtracks

Similar Films

Sheet Music Covers

n/a $ Soundtrack $ Malcolm X: His Own Story n/a
    $ The Real Malcolm X  

Books Available on this film ...



Date Published


$ The Autobiography of Malcolm X Alex Haley 1987 Ballantine Books


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