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Living It Up!


     As Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis vehicles go, this is one of the better offerings, it's basically a reworking of the 1937 William Wellman picture "Nothing Sacred". In this film, a reporter for the New York Chronicle convinces her editor to let her do a series of articles on Homer Flagg (Lewis,) a young man from New Mexico who is believed to be dying as a result of radioactive poisoning. Before she arrives out west, Homer learns from his doctor that the diagnosis was a mistake and he's

perfectly healthy. That doesn't stop them from accepting Wally's offer of an all- expenses paid trip to  New York. As usual Jerry acts the goof whilst Dean sings and swaggers around acting cool and debonair but this film they add one  sequence ... a jitterbug contest that is very entertaining with many local Southern California West Coast Swing dance legends. This... just good wholesome music and dance for the whole family.

     Jack Carey and his then wife Loraine Edwards dance in this scene (he's on the right side of clip ... in the brown sweater) along with many others such as Pat Eggars, Lolly Wise, Freda Angela, Lennie Smith, Lou Southern and more. The dancing is very good and entertaining.

Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot

More Film Information below





7/23/1954 York & Paramount Pictures Corp. Norman Taurog DVD | VHS | Blu-Ray


Country Made:



95 minutes USA English In Technicolor | Mono


Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

  Dean Collins West Coast Swing / Hollywood Style Excellent

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

Bess Flowers Nick Castle Dean Martin (Steve Harris)
Danny Donahoe   Jerry Lewis (Homer Flagg)
Dean Collins w/ Jewel   Sherri North (Jitterbug Champion)
Freda Angela Wyckoff w/ Danny   Janet Leigh (Wally Cook)
Gil Hernandez (Swing)   Edward Arnold (as The Mayor)
Gretchen Houser   Fred Clark (Oliver Stone)
Jack Carey & Loraine Edwards   Sammy White (as a Waiter)
Jerry Lewis w/ Sheree   Sid Tomack (M.C.)
Jewel McGowen w/ Dean   Sig Ruman (Dr. Egelhofer)
Lennie Smith and Helen   Richard Loo (Dr. Lee)
Lawrence " Lolly" Wise   Raymond Greenleaf (as the Conductor)
Lou Southern (Swing)   Walter Baldwin (Isaiah Jackson)
Pat Eggars (Havenhill) w/ Sheila   Fay Roope (as a Man)
Roy Damron   Brick Sullivan (as a Cop)
Sheila O'Hare w/ Pat    
Sheree North w/ Jerry    
Tommy Silvis    

Dances performed in this film

Special Dance Interest

Acrobatic Dance n/a n/a Jitterbug
Jitterbug     Teen Canteen
Vintage West Coast Swing     Vintage West Coast Swing

Some Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Posters / Lobby Cards

Ev'ry Street's a Boulevard in Old New York Dean Martin n/a
How Do You Speak to an Angel? Jerry Lewis    
Money Burns a Hole in My Pocket (Martin)      
That's What I Like (Martin)      

Various "Living It Up" Posters
Living It Up Poster Living It Up Poster Living It Up poster Living It Up poster
Living It Up poster Living It Up poster

Stage versions of the film

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Sheet Music Covers

Hazel Flagg n/a 1937 - Nothing Sacred n/a

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Letter to the Editor James H. Street 1953 ? -


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