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Junior Prom Photo Not Available
(aka: Teenagers at the Junior Prom)
" You'll Get Hep and Keep in Step in... These cats are hip!
... These Kids sure know how to Jitterbug!"

Synopsis: This is NOT the INFORMATION/EDUCATIONAL movie done in the 1940's. This was one of the first "Teen Movies." Starring Freddy Stewart and June Preisser. During the Whitney High School election a snotty rich kids father buys his son's way to

class president. His competition uses music and dance to gain votes to try to beat him .... Guess who wins?. As usual, All cast members were well past high school age and many beyond college age in this film. There is no drinking, smoking, swearing or sex in this film either ... just good wholesome music and dance.

    Lots of Singing and Jitterbug dancing. This scene features Hollywood Style West Coast Swing / Lindy dance legends Dean Collins and Jewel McGowen. Dean Swing dances with four different Ladies in this scene.

Junior Prom 1 Dean and Jewel Junior Prom 2 Junior Prom 3  Dean and June Preston Dean with June Presston

More Film Information below





1946 Monogram Pictures Arthur Dreifuss [DVD | VHS | 16MM]


Country Made:



69 minutes USA English Black and White


Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

Musical / Comedy / Teenager
Dean Collins West Coast Swing / Hollywood Style  Excellent

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

Alice " Scotty" Scott (Swing) Dean Collins (dance director) Belle Mitchell
Dean Collins (Swing) Abe Lyman (musical director)  Charles Evans
Freda Angela Wyckoff (Swing)   Frankie Darro
Gil Hernandez (Swing)   Freddie Stewart
Hal & Betty Takier (Swing)   Hank Henry
Jack Mattis   Harry 'The Hipster' Gibson
Jewel McGowen (Swing)   Jackie Moran
Johnny Archer (Swing)   Judy Clark
June Preston (Preisser) (swing)   Julia McMillan
Lennie Smith (Swing)   June Preisser
Lou Southern (Swing)   Milton Kibbee
Marie Mason (Swing)   Mira McKinney
Maxie Dorf (Swing)   Murray Davis (Cy Saw Sue act)
Mike Russo   Noel Neill
Mike Tremini   Sam Flint
" Mousie"   Warren Mills
Noel Neill (Swing)    
Shirley Edgecomb    
Venna Archer    

Dances performed in this film

Special Dance Interest

Jitterbug n/a n/a Jitterbug
Acrobatic     Teen Canteen

Some Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Posters / Lobby Cards

At the Teen Canteen Abe Lyman n/a
?Handsome Harry the Hipster? Eddie Heywood    
It's Me, Oh Lawd Harry " The Hipster" Gibson and the Airliners    
Keep the Beat Sam Joshua    
Loch Lomond      
My Heart Sings (All of a Sudden)      
Trimball for President      

Stage versions of film

Cast Recordings | Soundtracks

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Sheet Music Covers

n/a n/a Freddie Steps Out (1946) n/a
    Vacation Days (1947)  

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Date Published


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