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Juke Joint

"The Joint is Jumpin'!, The Jive is Jivvin'!, The Jam is Jammin'! "

-- Synopsis:
The story of two con-men who end up in a small Midwestern town and pose as Hollywood big shots. They bamboozle their way into a boardinghouse and wind up helping the daughter of the landlady. Mom (Inez Newell) arrives at Juke Joint Johnnie's to find various members of the family misbehaving. Filmed in Queen City (Dallas,) Texas.

* Features:
The main dance scene features the late Savoy Ballroom dancers the " Jitterbug

Johnnies" which consisted of May and Ace and Kit and Kat doing some unusual " Stop Time" (slow motion)Lindy hop / the Jitterbug. At the end of the long scene the night club casts join in on the dance floor and swing away.

Juke Joint 1 Juke Joint 2 Juke Joint 3 Juke Joint 4

More Film Information below





1947 Slack / Xenon Spencer Williams DVD | VHS


Country Made:



68 minutes USA English Black and White


Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

Harlem Musical
Jitterbug Johnnies Lindy hop / the Jitterbug Good

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

Duncan's Beauty Showgirls  George Randolf (musical director) Albert Smith ('High Life' Harris)
Jitterbug Johnnies *   Clifford Beamon (Jackson, the bartender)
May and Ace *   Dauphine Moore (Barbara 'Honey Dew' Holiday)
Kit and Kat *   Don Gilbert (Master of Ceremonies)
    Frances McHugh (Waitress)
    Howard Galloway ('Juke Joint' Johnny)
    Inez Newell (Louella 'Mama Lou' Holiday)
    July Jones ('Cornbread' Green)
    Katherine Moore (Florida Holiday)
    Leonard Duncan (Samuel 'Papa Sam' Holiday)
    Melody Duncan (Melody Holiday)
    Spencer Williams (Bad News Johnson)
    Tilford Patterson (Jefferson Lee)

Dances performed in this film

Special Dance Interest

the Jitterbug n/a n/a the Jitterbug

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n/a Red Calhoun and Orchestra n/a

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